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Hola… we got those tickets you want! Just tell us in the comment section below, if you were a sneaker, what kind you’d be and why. We’ll hook you up for STR.CRD.CPT for free, gratis and yes you guessed it MAHALA. We have 10 sets of doubles to give away. So move quick and think original.

Apart from international Sneaker Freaks Bobbito Garcia, Alex Nash and Shu Chef there’s a Skate Jam and you’ll also get to enjoy the musical delights of Funafuji, White Nite, DJ Codax, Black Moss, P-Kuttah, Hipe/Cream/Jaak/Rattex, EJ alongside Saki Tumi, Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love, AKA, Illiterate Skillz, Spoek Mathambo, Beat Bangaz and Sibot.

Gig goes down on Friday night the dope new concourse outside Cape Town’s central train station. You can expect pop-up sneaker stores, fine food, live action, fine food and tasty beverages. Tickets cost R50, unless you one of the creative mofos below.

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  1. Rook says:

    I’d be those new Nash DC sneaks, cos I’m comfortable but can rock a formal ting.

    Hit me up with my tickets at rookjumpsqueen@gmail.com

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  2. Monate says:

    I’d be a Chuck Taylor All Star but I’m not… I’m just not that takkie! Mwa ha ha ha ha!


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  3. Leo says:

    i’d be a pair of adidas shell toes, old school but cool with serious street cred


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  4. Jazza says:

    Nike Air-Force

    Soar above the crowd and set the trend.

    If style is your aim you’ll have no better friend.

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  5. Phumlani Pikoli says:

    nikes cause they are correct. 6.0 all the motherfucking wizzle


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  6. DD says:

    I’d be the Puma speed cat. They are sleek, low and go down well with the ladies. Looks to kill “,)


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  7. QHWIRHA says:

    nikes Air Force bcoz they keep me fresh .

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  8. SaintyBeing says:

    PF Flyer coz am classic like an american classic, too retro for this era and am definitely FLY like a flyer!

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  9. ES says:

    custom Adidas campus in black crocodile skin with candy apple red toe and tongue and custom insoles depicting mad men blowing up a limo packed with clerics eating burgers.
    Cos I’m old school, like subdued opulence with a touch of fuck you flash and nothings as fun as causing chaos and offending people, also I hate all people with money….. till I’ve got money

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  10. Lu says:

    I’d be the neon pink and yellow New Balance that were stolen from my unlocked gym locker.. go figure. I know. Next time keep them on. …sigh

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  11. Lu says:

    I’d be the neon pink and yellow New Balance that were stolen from my unlocked gym locker.. go figure. I know. Next time keep them on. …sigh


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  12. Jazza says:

    my email is junaid_786@live.co.za

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  13. Kay says:

    A pair of Pep Gold Stars….cos i’m the honest man’s fake!

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  14. Palisades says:

    Ancora con sta storia se si pndere come parametro di confronto la grafica, Wii non pu uscire vincente. Ma gi “solo” RE4 con il Wiimote d molta pi soddisfazione di un gioco simile con il semplice pad. Questa storia della Wii2 fa ridere pure quella non si pu sapere nulla di come sar !

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