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Star Wars Geek Swag


Isn’t it time you had your own Jedi Master to guide you in the ways of the Force? Win the Dark Carnival hamper and join the dark side with a Boba Fett Bust Bank, a Darth Vader Lightsaber Torch and a set of fine Star Wars Mini Bobbles. To get your hands on all this incredible Star Wars geek swag just hit us up on Facebook and show us the true power of your dark side. Get your friends to like the crap out of it and don’t forget to tag The Dark Carnival and save some love for Mahala too.

Dark Carnival

And don’t miss Geek Fest on 31 August 2013, brought to you by our weirdo pals at Dark Carnival! And remember, “we find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Competition closes Tuesday 14th May, 12pm.

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