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Soweto Up+Rising


This Saturday the BLK JKS are performing in Soweto with a few of their friends and of course we’ve got tickets to hand out. To score a double ticket to the event, all you have to do is tell us why you want to be there. Most worthy answers will win. Post your answer on our FB page and tag Mahala. Eeeeeeeasy!

Soweto UP+Rising 2012

The past few weeks will be remembered as a downward spiral of social unrest and division in our nations’ history. Old wounds were opened by callous remarks and much debate has occurred around race on social networks and media outlets in the run-up to the commemoration of the 36th anniversary of the 1976 Soweto Youth Up-rising.

As it was 36 years ago, where we go next can be determined by the youth of today. To this end we have conceptualised the “Soweto UP+Rising” event, to create an environment for social cohesion.

The performers were chosen with the goal in mind that they can bring together a cross-section of racial and cultural groups in a social environment; that will remind us all that the differences between us are by far outnumbered by our similarities.

The venue chosen is of historical reference, being the first night club opened in Soweto. Established in 1971 The Pelican in Orlando (in the same neighbourhood of the historical march we’re commemorating) was a night time haunt for those who chose to socialise across racial lines in the times of Apartheid.

And on June 16 2012 it will once again serve as host to those who choose to remember that their race need not determine their limitations.

Live bands and dj’s. BLK JKS, Impande Core, Battle Cock (PO box from Kwani Experience, and lead singer of “BLACK Pimping Jesus), Moonchild, Siya Shezi (Deep Soweto), Motsatsing (from Uju), Leo Large (dj from Durban), Yanda-C (plays Old Disco/House), House Kats (dj’s from Thesis Soweto)

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  1. Vanessa Rapitsi says:

    hey hey hey Mahala. Besides the fact that I’ll find absolutely any excuse to find myself in Soweto I would love tickets to SOWETO UP+RISING it would be an absolute pleasure feasting my eyes and undeniably crushing over Black Jacks. Did I mention how adorable I think Siya Shezi is and also I’ve never seen Moonchild in action only ever heard about her from my younger sister Denise Neo. so tickets please

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  2. Mbali says:

    I usually spend my June 16 braai-ing in my back yard for my family and as wonderful as that prospect is, I have always wanted to have something better to do. I think that the collection of bands on that poster, coupled with the fact that I think Impande Core’s lead singer is the best crooner of our generation, is infinitely better than watching meat fry on a fire and chopping potatoes for a salad.

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  3. seledu maila says:

    id liked to come thru. Big fan of blk jck and po.

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  4. Pontip says:

    You people hanevt seen how happy these people are! indeed they where meant to be together and i look up to you, its rare to find people who marry in the name of love but August the 22nd i was privileged to witness 2 people who marrried in the name of love. i must say u are blessed to be a blessing to some of us. May the lord keep the happiness within your familly. God bless. Love Marj.

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