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Hey winners… we managed to snag 6 x 6 month long Simfy Africa subscriptions to hand out for free gratis and Mahala! In case you don’t know, Simfy is a radical new live music streaming app that gives you access to over 18 million tracks (and counting). Listen online, pull together playlists and save your favourite artists and albums so you can rock ’em online. Simfy is literally like having the entire iTunes library as your record collection. And you, yes you, can scoop a 6 month subscription to check it out and get your grubby little paws on all the music you could ever want!

All you need to do to be one of the six is tune us on our Facebook Page what your first search will be (feel free to add how much you want this with manic, fervent enthusiasm) and tag Simfy in your post. Get moving, we’ll announce the winners by Friday.

Learn more from the PR below:

So you love music?

Then prepare to be wow’ed. Now not only can you catch up but you can also leap frog to the future of music by using an easy and always-accessible music streaming service fully customized for South Africans.

How can I get it?

By signing up for a 14 day (no obligation) free trial today at www.simfyafrica.com. If you like the service you can then choose to subscribe.

So what do you get?

In a nutshell:
– Access to 18 million songs (with an average of 500,000 new songs being added monthly)
– Find all your favourite music and artists, local and international, in seconds
– Stream as much as you like. 24/7. 365 days a year*
– Listen offline through the simfy africa mobile apps
– Create personal playlists to suite every occasion and every mood
– Instantly share your playlists with friends via simfy africa, Facebook, twitter or email
– Discover new music through streaming radio and branded playlists
– Have a totally smooth and portable experience as all your devices sync with each other
– Listen to all this high quality music with no advertising and no interruptions
– Support your favourite artists through a legal streaming service

Where has it come from?

simfy africa is a partnership between the European streaming provider, simfy, and local digital content company eXactmobile. The service therefore brings together superb backend technology and general streaming know how from simfy on top of over a decade’s worth of in-depth experience from eXactmobile of dealing with digital content, local infrastructure and customer support on the ground in South Africa.

Tell me more please

• simfy africa can be accessed on your laptop and on up to 3 mobile devices (including tablets) for only R60 a month.
• The mobile and desktop apps mean you can listen online or offline – saving data charges.
• Phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), PC, Mac, tablet? We support them all.
• You can use the service via your docking station, your car stereo or any Bluetooth speaker connection.
• simfy africa will also be the first streaming service world wide to allow consumers of all the networks to pay via their mobile phone accounts. In addition, you can also pay via credit card, direct debit, EFT and more.

Want to find and enjoy music you have never experienced before? Or how about seeing what your favourite artist’s personal recommendations are? With simfy africa you will be able to find the latest new releases across any genre. Branded playlists from your favourite artists, music magazines and the simfy africa team also mean that the latest releases and hottest music will practically find you. You can listen, download or even share any of these playlists to discover and explore music like never before.

How do I load my music?

We have a dedicated music team who will take you through the licensing process. Browse to http://corporate.simfyafrica.com/index.php/for-content-partners or send an email to music@simfyafrica.com . Our local aggregator, Exactmobile, will digitise the music from CD and load it as soon as contracts are signed. Its that easy. We encourage all South African artists and labels to sign up to the music revolution.

It’s simple. It’s simfy africa. It’s full stream ahead!

Sign up for your simfy africa 14 day free trial here: www.simfyafrica.com

*data charges apply. Check network / service plan.

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