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SA Acoustic Vol.1

SA Acoustic Vol.1


Hola cheapskates! We’re handing out free copies of the new SA Acoustic compilation album released by Rebel Records, a sub label of the iconic Rhythm Records.

Just email us here and be sure to include your postal address, to score this disc for Mahala.

SA Acoustic Vol.1 Tracklisting.

1. Today – Jesse Clegg
2. Freedom! – New Holland
3. Safe as Houses – aKING
4. Small Room – Karen Zoid
5. I’ll Be There – The Parlotones
6. She Always Gets What She Wants – Prime Circle
7. Great White Bear – Dear Reader
8. Lost In Translation – Beatenberg
9. Heartbeat – Ashtray Electric
10. Orphans – Wrestlerish
11. Devil Do – Pretty Blue Guns
12. Mozambique – Jack Hammer
13. Algehele Kontrole (Acoustic Version) – Van Coke Kartel
14. Die Mense Hier – Dans Dans Lisa
15. Tiny Town – Fokofpolisiekar

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  1. doxology says:

    there is only one decent track on this. 10.

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  2. acoustic anarchy says:

    You know I’d be cool if they called this ‘South African radio rock unplugged’ or something, but as an overview of SA acoustic music it’s a complete and total joke!!!!!

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