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Hey dudes. We’re dishing out free, VIP tickets to experimental surf brand RVCA’s South African Artist Network Program launch, which, according to the PR is “an ongoing program which aims to showcase the talent of accomplished as well as unknown artists who inspire our generation and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture”.

In South Africa these artists include Senyol, Freddy Sam, Faith 47, Daniel Ting Chong, Jaco Haasbroek, Dave Chaston, Jade Klara, Jean de Wet, Manuela Gray and Greg Darroll.

The launch event features the screening of Beautiful Losers, a ground-breaking documentary film, featuring influential global hipster artists such as Ed Templeton, Aaron Rose, Barry McGee, ESPO, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Mills, Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine and more.

To score your tix just click to the Mahala Facebook Page, admit you’re a beautiful loser and tag RVCA in your post.

It all goes down at the Labia on Orange, in Cape Town, on Tuesday, 17 May from 6pm.

It’s a guest list only kind of gig and the first 100 guests will also receive a free copy of the international RVCA ANP Quarterly magazine (edited by Ed Templeton and Aaron Rose). Naas!


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