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Rock Out Wif Your Bok Out


In October, Jägermeister brings you the best in SA music at Bohemia in Stellenbosch ROCK OUT WIF YOUR BOK OUT. You can see some of the best bands South Africa has to offer – and all this for absolutely FREE! Just the way we like it.

11 October – Ballistic Blues and No One’s Arc

Ballistic Blues is a young, unique and energetic four-piece blues-rock band which started out late 2009, as an old-school rock band, but soon underwent a natural progression into the blues, and they now write and cover a mixture of blues, rock and funk that can only be described as music with groove and emotion! With a major difference in influences ranging from The Beatles, Deep Purple, all the way to Foster The People and Blues Legends such as Stevie ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, a unique and mature sound and style is born.

No One’s Arc has been providing South African audiences with musical pleasure for almost a decade. Consisting of 6 members, these individuals all hail from different backgrounds and their musical interests span a wide spectrum. The music of No One’s Arc is a fusion of many different styles and genres creating a sound which is uniquely their own. Although inspired by the greats of the international music scene, the band blend their influences with their African roots.

18 October – Ashtray Electric

Fresh after the recent release of their new EP, WTF – local favourites Ashtray Electric returns to Bohemia. They have been leaving their gutsy footprints at venues and festivals nationwide. Their music is laced with engaging melodies and packed with galloping riffs and attitude. Add to that their signature sleazy-slow motion sexiness and you`ll find this an unique package of four musicians that have skillfully made their mark.

25 October – Shortstraw and Zinkplaat

make music. music that sounds like children laughing. Music that sounds like unicorns feeding in a lush, green field. Music that sounds like a rainbow. Music that sounds like puppies being born. Music that sounds like angels playing scrabble. Music that sounds like a married couple fighting through the thin wall of your apartment. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Zinkplaat, die Afrikaanse rock’n roll troebadoere, verbreed voortdurend hul horisonne. Sedert hul begin op die skoolterrein in 2001 en hul aanvanklike ‘plaasrock’ klank het hulle ontwikkel tot die voorlopers op die gebied van oorspronklike rock. Gestroop van die bekendheid en gewildheid, lê die ware hart van Zinkplaat – pittig, ongekunstelde baanbrekers, hoopvolle waarsêers, sielsverrykende poësie, Ubuntu-ideale en ‘n gees wat ‘n hele geslag besiel. Woon ‘n mens een van hulle konserte by, sien jy hoe oud en jonk saam sing en dans en hulself inleef in die treffende klanke en lirieke.

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