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Rock For Good

Rock for Good


So apparently punks and metal heads care. And so do we, so instead of giving you something, we’re asking you to pay to go to this gig on Saturday 09 January 2010 at The Winston in Durban at 7pm. And if you bring stuff for the animals, like cat or dog food, you get R10 off the R20 cover charge. Artists Against Animal Abuse was founded to raise awareness and funds for The Tango Trust.

Awesome line up is… The Car Boot Vendors, The Finger, The Mind Bullets, Bad Murphy, Fruit n Veggies and South Coast Skwattas.

Kupcakes for Kitties will be selling vegan cupcakes, and Skintrade Tattoos and Iron Fist will be running giveaways. Hosting sporadically is stand-up Glen Bo with guest spot from Bob Perfect (finalist – best of KZN Comedy 2009)

Proceeds go to AAAA (The Tango Trust), Hillside Haven & Second Chance.

For further information contact AAAA here.

Check out the Facebook group here.

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