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Proof has Arrived



If you haven’t heard of Proof Eyewear yet, well you’ve been missing out! Not only have our friends over at Proof SA brought these sexy do-good sunnies to our shores, they have also given us a few pairs to give away over the next few weeks. Let’s get started with one for the ladies. Check out what we’re giving away this week:

Freebie - The Cake

The Cake
-The first female model produced by Proof. Woman’s oversize oval shaped frame. Spring hinges. Polycarbonate lens offers 100% UVA/UVB protection. Stainless steel spring. These babies are valued at R1,600.00. Check them out on the website here.

Here’s how to enter:

-Like ProofSA on Facebook. (Also like Mahala if you haven’t yet)
-Now here’s where you’ve got to get creative, tag ProofSA and Mahala in your status. Share a photo, design a poster, tell you why you deserve this uber cool accessory. But whatever you do, remember to tag ProofSA and Mahala.

The first winner will be chosen on Friday. And don’t worry boys, we’ll get you next week for sure!

Freebie - ProofSA

Proof South Africa launches new eyewear designs

Launched by three brothers in a garage in Idaho, USA and brought to South Africa late last year, Proof recently unveiled four new eyewear designs. Initially made from bamboo, the range has expanded to include three other woods, Ebony, Cherry and Lacewood.

Due to Proof’s popularity since its launch in South Africa, local distributor Alistair Barnes decided to add four new styles (The Provo, The Gato, The Bogus and The Ontario) to the existing range (The Boise, The Bird, The Bud and The Cake). The different wood species and grains in each frame ensure that every pair of shades is unique – no two are alike. In addition, sunglasses can be customized thanks to a few different lens options: four mirrored finishes (fool’s gold, indigo, kush and silver) and polarized or non-polarized in grey, brown and fade.

Proof - Proof has Arrived

Sustainability is key to Proof. According to founder, Brooks Dame, “we strive to look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible”. All wood used is harvested from sustainable sources and even their packaging is eco-friendly. In keeping with this ethos, Proof South Africa will plant a tree for every pair of sunglasses sold, in order to offset the carbon footprint caused by importing the shades from the USA.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a brand built on a solid, simple set of values. The product speaks for itself and that’s why it has been so well received” said Barnes on the success of Proof in South Africa thus far. “A pair of Proofs will be the lightest, full-framed sunglasses you’ve ever owned. All the frames have been treated to protect the wood and they include pring-hinged temples for a great fit, no matter the size of your head.”

Proof - Don't Sleep On Your Dreams

Proof sunglasses can be purchased from Proof South Africa’s Online Store and will be delivered free-of-charge anywhere in South Africa within 48 hours.

For more information about Proof, follow them on Twitter or join their Facebook page.

Email: info@iwantproof.com.za
Website: www.iwantproof.co.za

Proof - Look Good. Do Good

Proof - Sustainable Style

Freebie - Proof has landed

Freebie - Look Good. Do Good.


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  1. lekka. says:

    look good. do good. lekka.

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  2. Amy says:

    Awesome giveaway! They look amazing and the company sounds great!

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  3. jason says:

    SO many international wooden sunglasses popping up in CT how bout featuring a LOCAL brand, i.e Hout Couture; locally made and not marked up ridiculously! These cost $115 in the States which = R920! Why the leap to R1600! Do good?

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  4. bones says:

    jason, ya get your point, but Hout Couture are pretty kak quality- my friend got welts all over her face from wearing them because they are made of plywood, which contains formaldehyde (poison). But ya local is better, like jessiJames (spelling??). And it seems as though all international brands are much more pricey in SA- oakley, apple etc… maybe because of import duties…??

    Thumb up0   Thumb down 0

  5. jason says:

    Hahahaha! Welts on her face!?! Ja good one! I’ve had Hout Couture for months and they awesome. Bru there no import duties on sunglasses, i just googled – hahaha!

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  6. bones says:

    No shit Jason. Google plywood & formaldehyde, people react to that shit. Also, all imports have duties when they come through customs- google that too- Doos.

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  7. jason says:

    WTF ‘bones’ – kuk name by the way. You a pirate? take the chip off your shoulder and lighten yr load. Its not all that bad, we’ll get through the day. Only wooden f-ing sunglasses. Doos.

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  8. Nicole says:

    Awkward argument for everyone reading. Proof vs. HC. Jason (clearly you with HC) and ‘Bones’ (you clearly with Proofsa). Bitch fight! Wooden hipster sunglasses pool getting too crowded? All I see are more trees planted…isn’t that both your marketing gimmicks? Good triumphs evil grreeed.

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  9. bones says:

    haha, think you nailed that one Nicole. Ya I’m also happy that there are more trees being planted… And Jason, all the best dude- HC are local and lekka. And yes I am a pirate, sort of.

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  10. treehugger says:

    Funny era we are lving in…i buy a “sustainable” or “green” procuct and i feel good about myself and think i’m doing something good for the environment. i drive a car and use a shit load of electricity with a massive carbon footprint, which is impossible to offset. i drink bottled water and follow the latest fashion trends, sending what i dont want to the landfills. “Green”, “Sustainable”, “Eco”, “Organic” and “Free-range” are just little meaningless words used as marketing tools to make us feel less guilty about our massive negative impact on the environment.

    (By the way, a sustainable product should be environmentally, socially and economically acceptable. R1600 a pair, not a chance!)

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  11. tickie says:

    Just a question but it seems a little odd that they have called their company proofsa when anyone can import these sunglasses, as far as I am aware there has been no sole distribution awarded for South Africa? Is this the case? Another point, love these glasses and they seem well worth it for the US price but for the South African price I feel my options are so much more varied; oakley, ray ban ect that I would be hard pressed to change to this wooden sunglasses alternative that would most probably have far less longevity. Do these have a warranty?

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  12. Guest says:

    Pretty part of content. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your weblog posts. Any way I will be subscribing for your feeds and even I success you get admission to persistently fast.

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