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FREE Kraken Rum



Slide on through the weekend with a juicy bottle of Kraken Rum and your name on the guest list at Party Town in Cape Town.  Tell us why you need a bottle to see you though, and it’s yours, plus one of two pair of tickets to The Dollfins and Black Lung, Saturday 29th June, Carnival Court, from 7pm.

Tickets R40

Roastin’ Records & Angry Africa Records, supported by Red Bull.

Party Town

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  1. Jaime says:

    Why do I need a bottle of Kraken black spiced rum? BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THE STUFF!!!!! Im a HUGE kraken fan! Hell I even have one tattooed on my thigh! pic.twitter.com/jCiBvewVHm Bought a bottle a few months ago and BOY was that a fun night! I want to release the kraken, put a beast in my belly once again and dance my heart out to the dollfins baby!

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  2. Peter says:

    I need a bottle of Kraken, because the wife and I are moving into our new house. We need some celebration juice., or something to get us going again at the gig. This weekend will be a mission and a schlep, but it’s for the greater good!

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  3. heidi says:

    i never win anything.

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  4. Alessandro says:

    The Kraken made me blow all my money last week now i’m one broke fool who still needs to get to into the gig and juice for the night… I will hand out free shots till the bottle is empty and the joy of kraken will be shared with those at the gig. Promise.

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  5. chanel says:

    it’s been a week of exams, internships, serving people food and listening to them complain that their draught isn’t cold enough. i’ve run out of power and food this week and my cat’s run out on me. im getting old and a beer at the end of the day just isn’t cutting it anymore, and im too poor to afford nice wine (the vinegar ive been drinking also doesn’t really do it anymore). with all these responsibilities im still a pirate. through and through. and it’s been a good night when i wake up smelling like rum the next day. and not just any rum…the beast from the deep. the monster that has brought sailors to their doom and put me in my element. there’s only one relaxer…the kraken with four cubes of ice. cause it’s so nice with just ice.

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  6. nikita says:

    Because it has a gigantic octopus on the label. And how frikken cool is that? Plus I would like to get all my friends pirate drunk.

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  7. Bianca van Breda says:

    I need de Kraken because SHOTS ALL ROUND! <pirate with 1 eye accent

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  8. Dani says:

    Well, I’m actually a mermaid and haven’t been united with my Kraken lover for centuries. As you know, Mermaids love sipping on black spiced rum, smoking seaweed and dancing to The Dollfins and co. Please grant me this pleasure!
    Also, why’s the rum gone?

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  9. Jared says:

    Because the kraken has half my shit at the bottom of the ocean in his cave of endless shit!! I want his juices in my mouth!! plus I’m a pirate and I need rum for my tum!!!

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  10. Bianca says:

    Because of this!


    And also, the kraken baby living inside of me needs some kraken milk to survive the winter! It’s dying, Mahala! You don’t want to be responsible for its death, do you?

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  11. Scuan Rott says:

    becuase Kraken makes you fokken mal and I love to get fokken Mal

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  12. Jess Workman says:

    Darkness of the seas
    A spirit quick and deadly
    Release the Kraken

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  13. Ida says:

    Kraken girls have more fun. Oh yes!

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  14. Thesiger says:

    Because I’m about to head to the South China sea in a tramp steamer, with a mutinous crew, a filthy-beaked African Grey and a tattooed circus acrobat; loaded with a cargo of pirate gold, saffron, cutlasses, Ethiopian coffee beans and Steve McQueen’s last motorcycle.
    And we don’t have a drop of decent liquor.

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  15. lisa says:

    @ HEIDI, you sound like you need some cheering up so the bottle of Kraken is yours and we’ll get your name on the guest list, plus one.
    @And Dani…we just gotta send you and a friend too.

    PLEASE EMAIL freebies@mahala.co.za your full names for the door, thanks ladies, enjoy!

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  16. Dani says:

    Mermaid is crossing fingers and tails to see her Kraken tomorrow night. Need to boogie with the human folk too!

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