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No No No

No No No


Hey Durban we’re dishing out free tickets to the No No No jol this weekend. To scoop them just drop us an email here and tune us which dance move you’re gonna bust out with.

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  1. malcolm says:

    let’s play spot the reference for this flyer. could it be a leftfield album cover? hmmm… that’s not really reference, that’s a direct crib.

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  2. Andy says:

    Maybe we can get the guys from NoNoNo to comment on that one…

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  3. WTF? says:

    Cribbing indeed – agreed FAIL.

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  4. NONONO!!! says:

    If you’re the artist who created the artwork for Leftfield, or indeed your name is Barnes or Daley, go ahead and send me a lawyers’ letter. If not, suck it. The use of derivative material is found throughout history in art, whether painted, printed or musical. This is no different.

    Suck it.

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  5. Poptart says:

    Booofuckinhooo, I think I’m gunna cry all over my Design Indaba lanyard! The nasty jollers stole the Leftism artwork!

    WTF? Get over yourselves already – these guys have been doing this for years, and you only picked it up now? Critic FAIL

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  6. Shame says:

    Yeah true, shame for those nobs seriously, get a life eh? It’s pretty much the trademark of nonono and always has been..

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  7. Shame says:

    Malcom no shit Sherlock, you a clever boy hey!

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