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Flamjangled Tea Party

Let’s get Flamjangled!


So we have some free, sparkly tickets to give away to this weekend’s Flamjangled Tea Party. There are two ways to enter. Either hit us up here with something interesting to look at, or enter on the Mahala Facebook Page by commenting on the Flamjangled Competition link and getting as many friends as possible to like your comment. Simple enough?!

Flamjangled Tea Party

♧ ♥ ♤ ♣ The Flamjangled Tea Party ♧ ♥ ♤ ♣

is a festival, outdoors, eclectic, humorous, glittering, freaky, funky, jiving, up-beat, jazzy, swinging, sizzling, folksy, rock n rolling, wonderful, gentle, relaxing, silly, naughty and great.

Themed spaces, dress-up, great music, top food, fine cocktails, oversized art, suprising performances, ridiculous games and daft competitions are the order of the day.

The Flamjangled Line Up

Go to www.teaparty.co.za for more info.

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  1. Daniel Sher says:

    Sigh. Bye bye Honours qualification.

    Hello to the Tea Party! 🙂

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  2. Rio says:

    By ” hit us up here with something interesting to look at” did you mean pictures of boobs? I ain’t got any of those..

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  3. Slick Nick says:

    I would kill a sausage to go to this party!!!

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  4. Slick Nick says:

    but sadly, i have no money, no job and 3 kids! can you help?

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  5. sean says:

    here’s something interesting for you to look at while you decide how many tickets to give me in return for this information 😉

    check out this website. its a company that takes pictures of various alcoholic beverages under a microscope and sells them as art pieces. they look amazing


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  6. hannah massey says:

    hey ! so how to I go about collecting my ticket????

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