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Last Sunday Contest - Opening Image

Last Sunday Contest


For the next three months we’re opening our Last Sunday feature up to you guys. In order to provide incentive, the good folks over at Exposure Gallery have given us three Lomography cameras to give away, that’s one per month. All you have to do is submit a Last Sunday photo series (that means more that one photo) to us. The brief is simple, as long as it happened last Sunday and it happened because it was a Sunday. We will post the four best submissions a month and choose a winner from there. And remember Sundays are different for everyone.

Here’s what’s up for the taking:

Last Sunday Content - Action Sampler

1 x Action Sampler Flash

Last Sunday Contest - Sprocket Rocket

1 x Sprocket Rocket

Last Sunday Contest - Spinner 360 Camera

1 x Spinner 360 Camera

Last Sunday Contest - Lomography


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  1. flikkerr says:

    its going down! i want that sprocket rocket!

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  2. Garth Pedersen says:

    That sprocket rocket is very sexy! I love it!

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  3. FACT. says:

    No one in this industry makes much money.

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  4. FACT. says:

    Get a real job, losers.

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  5. FACT. says:

    Two Door Cinema were fucking mighty.

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  6. humbug says:

    When are you announcing winners for february?

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