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Jump Through Hoops of Fire and Win

Jump Through Hoops of Fire and Win!


Mahala’s Big Gig #3 is this Friday 5th of Feb in Durban. Line up includes Isochronous, Fruit n Veggies and Yesterday’s Pupil. We have 2 ridiculous hampers to give away. These include a set of double tickets to the gig, 2 Big Gig T-shirts from Hruki, Cd’s from Yesterday’s Pupil and Isochronous and an Oorlog Frankenstein USB. All you have to do to win this amazing thing is to email us a picture of yourself jumping through a hoop. Anyone jumping through a fiery hoop gets MAHALA lifetime entrance to all future big gigs.

All the details and a map here

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  1. consumer watch says:

    and according to a recent mahala piece, Fruit & Veggies will only be playing if they feel like it on the day.

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  2. Andy says:

    No they’re definitely in… We have some serious dirt on those guys.

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  3. tara says:

    they’re opening the gig.
    this means less chance of alcohol poisoning and breakages onstage.

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  4. Roger Young. says:

    They’re playing. We currently have them locked in a padded room. We lured them in with the promise of free t-shirts and liquor. We’ll release them on the night. But we have straight jackets, these will come off when they are released onto stage. Security will be standing by with cattle prods to make sure no giant krishnas make it into the audience.

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  5. tara says:

    as apposed to closing the gig. which is what happened last night. *allusions to giant krishnas in this space*

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  6. tara says:

    last time (not last night) must proof.

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