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Interpret Durban


Part musical gig, part art exhibition, Interpret Durban invites you to get involved. Interpret the city in your chosen medium and stand a chance to scoop some sick prizes (to be announced just as soon as the ink is dry). Better yet, all proceeds from the t-shirt competition go to our friends at Umthombo.

This year they continue to grow the event with the inclusion of a collaborative song writing competition featuring some of the Durban’s finest acts, as well as an open art category that allows artists to work in more traditional mediums.

The Art competition is condensed 4 categories and themes:
· Video – “A moment, a time, a place” (Open)
· Photography – “What is a Postcard?” (Open)
· Mix Medium “Windows of Durban” (Open)
· And T-shirt Design “Enter Durban” (invite only)

The T-shirt design element was the corner stone of Interpret Durban from its start in 2010, building on that they have decided to up the ante this year and make this particular category an invite only affair and as such will be inviting some of Durban’s freshest, most forward thinking and talented designers to compete. The top 3 design entries will be put onto O’Neill shirts along with the artists name and signature. These shirts will then be sold at the O’Neill concept store as well as independently by the event organisers. As we mentioned in the preamble, proceeds of these shirt sales will be going to Umthombo, a phenomenal organisation who do some kickass work rehabilitating street kids in and around the Durban using high intensity sports such as surfing as part of the rehabilitation process.

Entry forms for each of the three open categories can be found on the Interpret Durban website and submissions close the 25th September at 12h00.

You can follow Interpret Durban on Facebook and Twitter.

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