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Hide And Sheep Giveaway


So Hide And Sheep are giving away some t-shirts on Mahala this week and here’s what we want you to do: Check out the Hide And Sheep page on Facebook, tag Hide And Sheep on Mahala and tell us why you want a free  tee. Simple!

Stand a chance to win a Hide and Sheep T-shirt!

Hide and Sheep print hand-drawn designs on our shirts- designs chosen by you! Hide and Sheep is an interactive t-shirt brand which gives you a chance to choose what gets produced. Go onto their Facebook page and “like” your favourite designs. If enough people like a design, that is the one that will be made next, it’s that easy!

We only make a limited number of a design, with no re-runs, so that your shirt keeps its sense of cool.

Shirts at the moment are selling for a killer price of R150 – go onto our Facebook page to order one.

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  1. Jules says:

    These tshirts are stunnning!

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  2. Kisha says:

    Love this concept an big up to you for the support!

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  3. Carla Cristina Viana says:

    Generous Mahala has just organised a Hide and Sheep promo. I would have FUN and get my creative juices flowing, by simply choosing a hand drawn design on one of their T-Shirts as chosen by US. Why do I wanna win cause it is the coolest T-Shirt concept this side of town.
    (LLL LAUGH LIVE & above all LOVE)
    ps giving all our trade secrets away you beaut, LOVE it when you give recognition to originality !!!

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