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Get Sexy & Win With Durban Rock the Boat


Yo Okes! Check this out, win a VIP cabin to Rock The Boat. Show us your ‘sexy’ and you could be on this year’s Durban Rock The Boat.

If you are “sexy and you know It” then this is your chance to win a VIP cabin on this year’s Durban Rock the Boat departing Dec 9th.

All you need to do is film yourself doing the “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Yeah”, upload it to the Rock the Boat fan page, and share it with your friends to increase your chances of winning!

We have 1 VIP cabin for the best girl and 1 VIP cabin for the best guy so get “Wiggling” now!

Get Ready to Rock the Boat…….

And now that we’ve got your attention… here is your survival guide to the biggest party of the year. See, there’s obvious stuff you need to bring along if you’re gonna thrive during Durban Rock the Boat: Party to Paradise: with FUSIONICE Vodka, sun block, slip-slops… that kind of thing.

But, since this is no ordinary cruise – its more like the hybrid child of a weekend in Ibiza and a hotel in Vegas, you’ll need a few out-of-the ordinary extras if you’re gonna make the most of it!

Party endurance!
Its three solid days of partying. By day, and by night, this Boat truly rocks! Between the three nightclubs, ten bars, and top dance acts like Locnville, Hedkandi, Liquideep, Euphonik, Zebra & Giraffe, The Arrows and many more, you’re gonna be rocking day and night, non-stop. You may wanna start warming up and practicing your booty-shake right now. Just sayin’…

A cabin!
Well, you can’t actually bring a cabin on board, obviously. But you will need one. And time and availability are both running out. Best you hop over to www.rocktheboat.co.za and book yours immediately. If you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out,) you should be terrified right now. This is the most unmissable of all things you should be worried about missing this year.

There are only a few cabin-options available. No excuses, party people. Get on it before it’s too late! We’ll miss you terribly if miss your shot…

Your libido!
Look, we’re not suggesting that Durban Rock the Boat: Party to Paradise with FUSIONICE Vodka is some kind of free-for-all, or anything. We’re all for old-fashioned manners and respect, make no mistake. But we’ve Rocked the Boat a few times now, and suffice it to say, there must be something in the water!

Maybe it’s just the combination of loads of sexy people, beachwear, glorious seas, nightclubs, premium liquor, the finest DJs and rock bands in all the Land, and being far away from your area code – well, from any area code, really – but our friends tend to get their flirt on, let’s put it that way!

Let’s just say, there’s a reason our good friends at Durex are on board for these parties. So as long as you play it safe, you should work on your spading techniques in preparation!

A sexy wardrobe!
It’s a bit like Camps Bay in December -only, without the traffic, freezing water or blustering wind. Not just any bikini will do. Boardies neither, for that matter. And you’re gonna need a few options, too. It’s a long weekend, keep in mind. Although, it never really feels long enough, does it? If you’ve never been, ask someone who has.

By night, The Boat turns into a nightclub-strip to rival any city, anywhere. Three awesomely kitted out clubs that thump until the wee hours, and no less than ten bars will be fully stocked to rock your world! You’ll wanna have some good shoes, and your Friday-night best on hand, too. A little black number (or three) will not go amiss!

Good vibes!
Pack a smile, a massive bag of hugs and some extra “friendly” for this one. You’ll need all of ‘em! It’s three days of partying, dancing, flirting, making new friends, seeing old ones and celebrating the beauty of life and the joys of a solid bassline!

We’ll see you at the docks in Durbs on December 9th! Check out www.RockTheBoat.co.za for more on the massive entertainment line-up, cabin options, the layout of our glorious cruise-liner The MSC Sinfonia, We cannot wait! Book your cabins, and start preparing, friends! It’s going to rock! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Details
MSC Sinfonia departs from Durban harbour on Dec 9th 2011, returning on Dec 12th.For the full entertainment line-up, and all the ticketing and cabin details visit www.rocktheboat.co.za

* Cabin prices above exclude the mandatory port, baggage handling and insurance costs of R444 per passenger.
* There is a mandatory service fee of R150 per passenger covers the gratuity charges onboard.

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