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A band who doesn’t sing, a guitarist who cooks and a crowdfunding campaign. Not your everyday combination, but enough to peak your interest in this unique little pair of tickets we’re dishing out, just email your details.

City Soirée has teamed up with instrumental band We Set Sail and Kraken Rum for a rather unique evening of dinner and a show. But this is not just some ordinary meal with music. Guitarist, frontman and chef Marné Gelderbloem will be cooking guests to the wonderful Brewhoo Diner in Woodstock a 3 course dinner which will be served by the band themselves, followed by a little performance to wash it all down. Guests will be welcomed by a fresh Kraken Spiced Rum cocktail and to top it all off, everyone will also receive previously unreleased music from We Set Sail’s forthcoming album “Something about the Moon“.

City Soirée recently launched their new Troubadour tool, specifically developed to crowdfund live events. This means that fans can pledge to ensure that the event happens; as soon as the target is reached for the number of pledges needed, the event is confirmed. If the target isn’t reached then everyone gets refunded and the event is cancelled. This is a first for the South African music industry and puts the control in the hands of the people who love the music the most.

Pledge at http://www.citysoiree.co.za/events/we-set-sail/ before 11 October.


Pledging closes: 11 October 2013

Pledge amount: R180

Date of event: 16 October 2013

Time: 19:00

Venue: Brewhoo Diner (150 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town)

Terms and conditions apply. Competition closes 1pm Monday 14th October.

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