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Felix Laband | DJ Snakehips


Five years after his last public performance Felix Laband is back, armed with a new album and headlining the 21st event of Durban underground electronica mindfuck, NONONO!!!.

Laband will be taking to the stage to perform material from the long-awaited ‘Deaf Safari’ as well as tracks by his favourite artists which are designed to get you ‘deadly, sincere, political, pornographic, and bloodthirstily African’. Supporting acts include avant-garde performer Helge who celebrates 30 years as a DJ, as well as the full NONONO!!! lineup of Leo, Hedmekanik, MixinVixin, Budhu & Udit and guests Roy Peacock (aka DJ Meanboy), Budhu, Yatin Udit, NovaK (AmaDeadly), Mugwad (Seake) and Yoloist.

Wanna snag a pair of tickets? Complete NONONO!!!’s motto:

‘In the name of the Jol, the whole Jol and nothing but the…!’

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