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It’s time to give out some more free stuff! Fallen Footwear have launched Tommy Sandoval’s new signature shoe, The Coronado, and they want to give you a few pairs to celebrate.

So here’s the deal: Tell us why you need this shoe in your collection, why you deserve it more than anyone else and why you’re the biggest Fallen fan. Show us that you care and we might just send you a hamper including a Fallen Tee and Tommy’s hot new signature shoe. We’ve got three hampers to give away over the next two weeks so work hard and make sure one of them are yours.

Post your entries on the Mahala Facebook page and remember to tag Fallen Footwear. Peace!

Check out Fallen’s new range at Revolution.

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  1. Fallen Junky says:

    I love Fallen, I’m wearing Fallen sneakers now… my girlfriend has Fallen tattoed on her back, need I say more? send me Fallen gear, I’ll wear it too!

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  2. angel says:

    im a fallen. need this to remind me to get back up.
    send hamper + mahala tee from last competition.

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  3. D(evil) says:

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    send gear………….need an upgrade

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  4. Fallen Junky says:

    I posted 1st, thats gotta count 🙂

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  5. Davey says:


    Why I need this shoe in my collection is firstly, I am a Grahamstown student on a mere budget and been having Fallen on my mind and yearning to get a pair…My current shoes (All Stars) are too tight and a small size. So I’m restricted to slops. Also the yesterday, the 10th was my bday 🙂 Why I’m a Fallen fan is that I really like the concept and design to it…It’s design is simpl, yet it has impact. The clothing is just too comfy. Fallen to me, has a notion of breaking the boundaries, like look at for example Jamie Thomas and his Lap of Faith. Plus they have a great skate team, which I think is amazing…So please, would really love a pair 🙂

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  6. Davey says:

    Oh my word, spell error of note. Can I try again?

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  7. nkuli charles says:

    As a person who strifes to be in the forfront of whats hip and happening in the fashion world. I think fallen is one brands that best suits me. Plus look at the shoes i have.( ) you see even jesus had more swag then me

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  8. Dean - The Fallen skater says:

    So, back in the day, a good 10 years ago, I used to be an avid skater. I really tried my best, but sadly never really succeeded. At Boogaloos I spent hours standing on top of the 4 footer telling myself that I would eventually drop in – but alas, I was too much of a pussy. From that day on I have never skated another day in my life. All that is left to remind me of my failed past is an old, broken pair of Adio’s that are waaaay too small for me, a scratched entry level board (that no-one wants to buy) and a destroyed ego. So maybe then, it’s time to try again! And what better way than to armour myself with some sweet Fallen gear that is bound to boost my confidence on the board (and with the ladies – which may I add has never been quite the same after by humiliating skate-park days).
    So, Mahala and Fallen, please hear my cries! And by the way, a mate of mine has an old pair of ‘Rippers’ which I have been eying for a while, so please save me the humiliation of having to steal them by hooking me up with my very own pair of ‘Cornado’s’! My ego is broken enough as it is!

    Failed & Fallen

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  9. Davey says:

    Pretty pretty please ;(

    G’Town student Davey.

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  10. BEN says:

    Most people always focus on what ur wearing except sneakers,Last month I was walking with my friend on campus in his new fallen sneakers n he kept on asking Me y r people looking at his sneakers instead of his dope shirt,I imidiately looked at his sneakers properly n I saw an ultimate Dope sneaker I’ve never seen any wear.I’m still perplexed of how awesome they felt when I tryed them on,it felt like I was walking on a cotton-wool.Anyway I wish to get a pair just before December if possible,Mahala I’m Hoping to get my feet in them again.Now it’s u who makes my wish come true.Thank you for the competition.

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  11. Dean - The Fallen skater says:

    Please check out my lil artwork I posted on FB.
    And… my apologies for spelling ‘Coronado’ as ‘Cornado’ in my previous post :/

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  12. tamar says:

    i love dem shoes need dem cause i wana go pro an get sponsord even by fallen shoes if dey choose me need dem cus my dcshoes r finished and im tryna find my staple skate shoe so fallen is the one i really really pretty please need them

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  13. cait says:

    i need them shoes,
    to wear around the city.
    i gots the blues,
    ’cause my feet ain’t pretty.

    i can’t afford
    them supreme kicks,
    fallen helps me get back up –
    it’s my rep i gotta fix.

    so come on mahala,
    give a girl a pair,
    i’m walkin’ barefoot
    ’cause the shoes ain’t there.
    my soul’s got holes
    there’s this empty place,
    give me a hamper,
    put a smile on face.


    (i’ve never been a very good rapper, but for fallen, i’ll embarrass myself. sick merch)

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  14. E says:

    Just tell me where I can buy a pair, damnit!

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  15. Ben says:

    Text me store names?

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  16. Andrea Aroomoogam says:


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