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Eita Joburg! Your City is Burning


We’re giving away free tickets to Joburg Burning, which takes place on 29th August. Yes, that’s this Saturday coming. Basically how it works is they take over Melville and a shit load of bands play in several different venues. And there are busses between the venues, so you can get drunk. Yay! It starts at about four in the afternoon at Bohemian and goes late, at Back2Basix, Roxy’s, Cool Runnings, VIP room and Racasse. Some (And I mean some, I’m not listing all 31) of the bands playing are Isochronous, The Black Hotels, Ashtray Electric, Black Pimpin Jesus, Holly and The Woods, Jane Rademeyer, Dear Reader and Wrestlerish.

So we’ve got two sets of double tickets to give away. Tell us your favorite band and when and where they’re playing and we’ll give them to you, first come, first served (Hint: It’s Wrestlerish, Racasse, 11:15)

Email Roger to win.

And check the Joburg Burning Facebook group for more info.

Wrestlerish pic courtesy and © Kevin Goss Ross

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