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Don't Party TV Launch

Don’t Party TV Launch at The Assembly


So Don’t Party are launching Don’t Party T.V and we’re all excited about it. To celebrate we’re giving away a set of tickets to the event happening this Friday at The Assembly. Here’s what to do: Go to Don’t Party.TV Launch event page. Click ‘Attending’. Then tag the event page on Mahala’s Facebook page and make it special. Winners will be chosen on Friday afternoon. Go for it!

Dont Party, that cheeky little entity that pops up, slaps you in the face and goes ‘Hey, we do like sandwiches!’ is coming in swinging again, and this time our haymaker is: .TV…

.TV is the yin to .co.za’s yang, the visual to your visceral.

Our goal is to bring you the core, fundamental youth lifestyle choices, experiences and activities in fully fledged motion picture… 25 frames per second and in full HD.

To celebrate our official launch we are having a serious shindig where some of the Dont Party friends and fam are joining together to get crazy and kick off this, our latest initiative…

»» The Friends That Will Be On Stage:

» Niskerone
» P.H. Fat
» Haezer
» Bruce Willis??
» Liver
» Kennedy

»» Second Floor

» Tommy Gun
» Riot Squad
» Mysterion

»» Third Floor??

There will be lights. There will be flashes. There will be fun. This is .TV, come play with us…

Tickets – R60 [Pre-Sale] | R70 Door

Pre-Sale: http://www.webtickets.co.z​a/assembly

»» For Updates and Ticket Competitions

»Join The Dont Party fanpage:

»Follow The Dont Party on twitter:

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  1. sergio says:

    Keen bean. This will definitely leave some people traumatized :P… 😀

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  2. Tau Morena says:

    Bring this to JHB! ASAP…

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  3. BenThereDoneThat McCabe says:

    im keen to win me some tickets for this party!!
    its my friends birthday tonight and she is celebrating at assembly!!
    it will also be my first time going to assembly if i win these tickets tonight
    so help me out please

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  4. Liliepyankcllu says:

    it may be my inner domestic houiewsfe speaking but I cannot wait to own #1! My bf had to pull me away from them at the store the other night and is hinting at getting me one for my bday But there’s no way i’m gonna let him spend that much on me for my bday when we’ve been dating 6 months!

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