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Cosi-cosi Pop-up Cinema


Durban, next week the Cosi-cosi Pop-up Cinema hits your city and we’ve got three double tickets to giveaway. Here’s what to do: Join the event page on Facebook, then comment on their wall with your favourite movie quote of all time. Remember to tag Mahala in your entry. Sharp!

Coolab Creative Collective in association with the Tri-continental film festival bring you the first edition of The Cosi-Cosi Pop-up Cinema.

This one of a kind cinematic event will take place at Colombo Coffee and tea in Glenwood, the heart of Durban’s emerging creative precinct.

Conceptually this is an event that will merge an irreverent lifestyle ethos with unique cinematic expletives to bring you immense viewing experience. For this first edition we have decided to screen three of the most creatively compelling films to come out of South Africa in recent memory.

A small town called decent
Directed by Jahmil XT Qubeka A Small Town Called Descent is a riveting cop drama from South African writer-director Jahmil XT Qubeka. The film follows three Scorpion agents in their investigation of a heinous crime that took place in a small, remote town. Against the backdrop of xenophobic riots that have swept across the country, two Zimbabwean brothers along with a local girl (Isidingo’s Hlubi Mboyo), are brutally attacked and one of the brothers is killed. But are the three Scorpions (Vusi Kunene, Paul Buckby, Vuyo Dabula) the right men for the job? Guided by the zealous hand of an eccentric cleric (John Savage) they manoeuvre through the small town’s complex social dynamic to get to the truth. A darkly humorous look at South Africa’s political dynamics from the eyes of civilians, the film features powerful performances from its all-star cast. A Small Town Called Descent showcases a strong, unapologetic voice and an honest but resonant portrait of South African life.

Surfing Soweto
From the director of Othelo Burning (Sara Blecher) This amazing coming of age story follows a group of Soweto teenagers who surf moving trains. Over the course of the last three years, the fi lmmakers followed and documented the lives of three of the most notorious train surfers in Soweto: Bitch Nigga, Lefa and Mzembe. It involved following them onto the top of hurtling trains, into the heroin dens of Hilbrow and into prisons with names like Sun City – all in the hope of understanding their frustrations and documenting the lives of the new generation of youth in Soweto. Two years ago, a version of the story was shown at DIFF and on SABC’s Special Assignment. The footage of young boys riding trains at speed ducking cables with over 3 000 volts of electricity running through them was so dramatic the piece was picked up by CNN. But that was only the beginning of the story. Surfing Soweto tells of a forgotten generation and is filmed with riveting camera work. Think Dogtown and The Z Boys meets Rebel Without A Cause.

Mama Goema: The Cape Town Beat in Five Movements
Directed by: Angela Ramirez, Calum Macnaughton and Sara Gouveia
If you take a pinch of Khoi-San lament, a dash of Malay spice, a bold measure of European orchestral, a splash of Xhosa spiritual, a clash of marching bands, a riff of rock, the pizzazz of the Klopse, some driving primal beat, and a lot of humour and musical virtuosity, what do you get? Goema Goema Goema! Weaving together the ancient, the traditional, and the classical into the contemporary universal sound of Cape Town, Mac MacKenzie, musical mastermind and founder of The Genuines and The Goema Captains of Cape Town, puts together the final touches to the culmination of his life’s work: Goema in Five Movements. Musicians and musical commentators Hilton Schilder, Neo Muyanga, Iain Harris and Graham Arendse, and new kids on the block, Kyle Shepherd and Shane Cooper, add a contemporary context to Goema, while the orchestra rehearses for its premiere performance at the SABC studios.

The daylong event will feature open food stalls and market area that will be in full flight during the intervals. The famous Coffe bar at Colombo will also be open to give you your caffeine rush as the marathon goes on.

Tickets will cost R50 and will be available at the door. Please note that the event will be limited to 250 seats per screening so it is advised that your purchase your tickets before hand.

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