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Some hot ear candy that is gonna tease your summer yearning soul, Blues Meets Rock 5 & 6 October. Hands up who wants these 4 tickets for the full shebang weekend pass? You know the score, just have a little rant on facebook as to why we should give them to you, then email your full name and cell number.

Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville
Saturday 5 October 12:30-20:30
Tombstone Pete, Jesse Jordan, Wayne Pauli, Ann Jangle, Basson Loubscher & The Violent Free Peace, Pebbleman, Mark Haze

Sunday 6 October 12:30-18:00
Tombstone Pete, Gerald Clark Acoustic, Natasha Mesiter Trio, Crimson House Blues, Boulevard Blues with Dan Shout, Paul Campbell and Mad Mouth Mike

Terms and conditions apply. Last entries 2pm Wed 2nd October.


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