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Bring your grandmother’s rocking chair and pull in for a day of craft beer alongside some skirt lifting, shoulder popping tunes. Hidden in the forests of Irene, is a little koppie on which a great big house is perched. What was once the residence of General Jan Smuts will be the home of the Big House Craft Beer Fest. If you want the freebies just mail us your details and we’ll dish out 2 tickets.

Date: Saturday, 19 October 2013

Venue: Jan Smuts Museum, Irene – Pretoria

Tickets: R110 on Webtickets

Time: 10AM – 6PM



10h00-11h00 Playlist- The Grind Radio – Heinrich – For Folk Sakes

11h00-12h00 Playlist- The Grind Radio – Jarryd – The Morning Grind

12h00-13h00 Playlist – The Grind Radio – Jade – Bitta This Bitta That

13h00-14h00 Playlist – The Grind Radio – Nikita – The Tallest Girl Alive

14h00 – 15h00 The December Streets

15h00 – 17h30 Oliver Twisted (CT)

17h30 – 18h00 The Grind Radio – The Wind Down

Boston Breweries
Chemeleon Brewhouse
Darling Brew
The Cockpit Brewhouse
Jack Black Beer
Clarens Brewery
Cape Brewing Co.
Copperlake Breweries
Three Skulls Brew
Draymans Brewery
Dragon Ginger Beer
Everson’s Cider


  • No Under18’s will be allowed on the premises. Bring a VALID form of ID please. Beards and boobs are not age determining mechanisms.’
  • You will be purchasing tokens that will be exchanged for beer. Please do not purchase more tokens than you will be needing as they are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Don’t bring weapons – we’re peace-loving creatures, so we don’t want to have to prosecute you. We’re beering not brawling.
  • Drugs are bad m’kay. Beer is good. Leave that stuff at home. Once again, prosecution if caught
  • You get a sweet ol’ Big House CBF branded mug with your ticket as you enter the venue. Look after the thing – it’s your goblet for the day.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BighouseBF


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