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Amstel Golden Hour

Amstel Golden Hour Freebie


The Amstel Golden Hour is a year long series of gigs to promote local artists on world class stages in unique settings. The Soweto Sessions continue this Saturday at Chaf-Pozi (at the Orlando Cooling Towers) with Zakes Bantwini and rising star Tumelo, and we dishing out hampers, including 4 tickets. There are 2 ways to enter, either hit us up here and tell us why you’re special or enter on the Mahala Facebook page by commenting on our wall and tagging Amstel Golden Hour. The post with the most likes and most interesting email will each win an Amstel Golden Hour Hamper.

The hamper consists of the following:

1 X Cap
1 X lanyard
1 X T-shirt
1 X AGH sling bag
1 X bottle opener
4 X tickets to the show
2 X six packs of Amstel

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  1. Meme says:

    Please please please pretty please this would really mean a lot to me. I’d really like to enjoy this moment with my sis n friends and it would b the first time for me winning anything ever…… (“;)

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  2. Sindi says:

    Im all behind you,good luck:-))

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  3. Meme says:

    Thanks guys uve made my day……..

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