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aKing - The Red-blooded Years

aKing Freebie


Big aKing fan? We’re giving away a double ticket to their album launch in Cape Town tomorrow night, along with 2 albums. Just belt out your favourite aKing lyric here or on our Facebook to win.

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  1. cassie says:

    damn..this is hard, all the lyrics of the band is so damn good..but here we go!

    Shine Your Light

    Beware of the wolves my baby
    They’re spying for love from the porch tonight
    As the light begins to dim they’ll start the skinning of your innocent body naked in the night
    So come and shine your light
    They’ll undress you with their eyes my baby
    Craving for the taste you choose to hide
    If they whip you with their tongues
    Don’t look, don’t listen
    Just swallow your wounds and lick your pride
    So you can shine your light

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  2. james says:

    No. Not at all.

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  3. Brian says:

    “anything too dumb to be spoken should be sung
    a song is never finished only abandoned
    sing if you’ve got nothing to say” – epic

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  4. chiptoon says:

    So dissappointed.

    had seen this symbol up around Cape Town and had hoped it was somethign to do with the 20th aniversary of the Legend of Zelda.


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