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Snoop Lion

A Whole lot of Snoop Lion


Yo, we have a lion sized helping of Snoop tickets up for grabs. Yep, we have 10 doubles to the MTV Africa All Stars gig featuring Snoop Lion and 10 of Africa’s finest at Moses Madhiba Stadium, this Saturday 18th May! And just 1 set of doubles for the Cape Town gig (yeah what did you expect?) at the Grand Arena on the 21st May.

For Durban, hit us up ASAP and the tickets are yours! For Cape Town you’re gonna have to try a lickle harder. Surprise us with your Snoop love and the tickets are yours!

Snoop Dogg chillin

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  1. Kieron says:

    Jissus Mahala

    T’will be the least kak of birthday gifts to in these tickets to Snoopy, Snooper, Snope Dizzle Lizzle Fizzle




    If i’m the lucky one, I shall do my best to make some kind of epic 4:20 mass mission,
    as the Lion himself would want it to be so.
    Just pimps, no ho’s.

    I may not have the most creative comment. But it’s 10:35 am and I’m too stoned.
    as the Lion himself would want it to be so.
    Just pimps, no ho’s.


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  2. Lulubam says:

    I honestly just wanna experience the Dog-to-Lion transformation #WhyLie?

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  3. Marcia says:

    Seriously, I have a nickname Gin & Juice because of my tendency to sip this fine, fine drink.

    And once, I was almost mortally offended when I posted that I like Gin & Tonic which is a pity since I’m much more of a Gin & Juice girl and NONE of my friends got the reference.

    Also, I seem to be the only one who actually likes his new album! It’s been playing in my car for over a week now and many capetonians have been lucky to catch me at a traffic light rastaing it up.

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  4. Bianca says:

    Cause I’m hoping Miley Cyrus and her sweet ass make an appearance!

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  5. lisa says:

    @ Kieron, Lulubam and Marcia – we’ve got loads of Durban (not CT sorry) tickets for you all if you want them! Get in touch before 3pm today and they’re yours.

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