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Freebie - 340ml at Cool Runnings

340ml at Cool Runnings


So 340ml will be jamming out at Cool Runnings this Friday and we’ve got tickets and bar tabs to hand out. Score yourself a double ticket and a R100 bar tab by tagging Cool Runnings on the Mahala Facebook page and telling us what you love about Cool Runnings. Winners announced on Friday. Get on it!

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  1. morne says:

    coolrunnings is the place to be ,ive been there every weekend and i won`t get tired of the place ,reason for being there is ive worked there and now my girlfriend works there ,im a true fan of coolrunnings ,and now its 340ml ,ive allways wanted to see them live. leave me smiling afta midnight driving.

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  2. Tumi says:

    Which cool runnings is it at???

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  3. rob says:

    love cool runnings the funk, the flare, the anything goes attitude! would love to see 340ml live and drink into oblivion! nuff said hopefully

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