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Yolandi Visser Die Antwoord

Yolandi Blows Up?



So Die Antwoord just released the first video of their first single from their upcoming big budget global album SOS on Pitchfork. And we can’t stop looking at Yolandi’s boobs. “Evil Boy” is a high octane dose of cheesy house synth, some kwaito vibe, hard rhymes and provocative, dark and deranged imagery that draws equally from traditional African mythology (tokoloshes) and Kaapse gang culture. But what we can’t help wondering, pausing the video frequently and digging through old photographs, if Yolandi Visser has had a boob job? Is this what they meant by “blowing up all over the interweb”?. And if she did go under the surgeon’s kn-kn-kn-knife is that KIF, KAK or just what it takes to keep up with all those teen boners on MTV?

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  1. Mick says:

    yollieAndi can have two teeny intergalactic receptor-chips for lady lumps and she’ll still shudder the beast.

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  2. Brett says:

    If the new dude (Wanga I think?), doesn’t have an erection when he’s flailing that beast around in his pants, then I am absolutely terrified and suggest he’s fed copper sulphate or whatever the military uses to keep men docile in the naughty bits.

    There’s something magical about fake boobs with blinking eyelids. Now someone needs tentacles for a mouth and bat wings.

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  3. Cat says:

    I was at their Bassline show last Saturday night, front row. When she pulled up her shirt during her “page drie van die Son” part, it was obvious, even though she wore the obligatory black bra, that her breasts have not been augmented.

    She’s the same perky petite creature she’s always been. The ‘chest effect’ has probably been done just for the video.

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  4. Andy says:

    thanks for the clarification Cat… collective sighs of relief ripple through the Mahala bureau

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  5. griffin says:

    Andy, go work for Sondag or Heat. You guys are heading in that direction…

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  6. Mick says:

    Griffin you have no knob. It is entirely natural for non-reptilian souls to become distraught/apoplectic/gonzo regarding the tactile health of certain ladies’ certain bits. Continents have quaked in this regard, stars have cometed, geniuses howled. All out of concern for the health of the wobbly and the hiney..

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  7. Chrisco says:


    About time someone prominent actually said something (even if not spelt out in corporate english) about the ridiculous state of Coming of Age ceremonies and circumcisions in this country (or E Cape at least).

    And who better to state the case than a girl with talking jugs and two guys in boxers and penile prosthetics.

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  8. GZ says:

    die antwoord played at the dream factory in CT on friday eve for the production house terraplane… who i think did their video…
    mind blowing taking traditional south afrikan xhosa abakhwetha and fucking it hard against the conservative powerhouse of the new afrikaner “voice”… its beautiful to see into NINJA’s vision with a big backing… naai BBC (big black cock)

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  9. why? says:

    that is one bad boob job. there was nothing wrong with her tits before. how utterly predictable..

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  10. Katoey says:

    Like it or lump it.. I doubt Lady Gogga cares anyway

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  11. *ROOIKAPPIE says:

    Yawn. Die Antwoord? Really? Again? Um, yawn.

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  12. Andy says:

    So Grif… why go work there? If we’re heading there, we might as well create it and then I’m still the boss, ne?

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  13. sun boy says:

    Seriously, is this Heat magazine or something?

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  14. Mary-Anne says:

    I was also at the Baseline show and, to me, it definitely looked like Yolandi has had a bit of breast augmentation… “just what it takes to keep up with all those teen boners on MTV?” LOL. As Fiddy would say, “that’s the game”

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  15. Don Dada says:

    Green screen tittays!

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  16. […] What do you think? And don’t tell me about Yolandi’s boobs – you can go over to Mahala for that. This was written by Roxzy Lok. Posted on Saturday, October 23, 2010, at 4:45 pm. […]

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  17. […] tidligere  – har egentlig ikke anmeldt utgivelsen i det hele tatt, men er mest opptatt av om hvorvidt Yolandi har fått gjort en boob-job, samt tolkninger av den nye “Evil Boy”-videoen, som eksponerer et unormalt høyt antall […]

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  18. Anonymous says:

    You can always tell fake boobs by the top of them. Normal human titties arent so round at the top. Hers are for sure fake. The top of them is always a dead give away.

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  19. troy says:

    i think it just looks a bit like that because of those black circles on the shirt. They make them look bigger.

    anyway…there is probably more improtant things to be worrying about…bless em.

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  20. Travis says:

    The Evil Boy video makes it obvious when she pulls her shirt up with no bra. They don’t hang at all. They are perfect hemispheres, with a top bulge. It will take some time for them to settle in and stretch the skin so they look a bit more natural. But someone with her build shouldn’t have got such big implants. She should have gone smaller, and maybe traded up later.

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