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Last Sunday

Last Sunday

by Justin McGee / 28.03.2010

Joburg CBD, Last Sunday, 14h30

All images © and courtesy Justin McGee.

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  1. Sara says:

    How about some text? If I wanted to look at pictures without captions, I would make flickr my homepage

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  2. Andy says:

    It’s a new photo series we’re running on sundays – on how different South Africans spend their sundays… try again.

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  3. Stumpy says:

    Sara, I think it’s a bit sad that you need these pictures explained to you.

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  4. Morgaine says:

    Rubbish man, you need to contextualise photo essays, otherwise its less impactive, and detracts from your obvious intent … this is like someone’s FB page, just posting photos up, and well, that’s that, smacks of the ubiquitous SA ‘slacker’ mentality, that is just about laziness, and a lack of finesse … that’s how this particular representation, comes across … up the ante, if you want to be legitimately recognised.

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  5. Bazzoka Tooth says:

    Great Images Yet Again, McGee Continues To Klap The Right Shots….Sara Make Flickr Your Homepage And Stop Being So Fucking Cool

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  6. Roger Young says:


    Here’s the context. It happened Last Sunday in the Jhb CBD at 14:30.

    And here’s a question or two. Why does the intent have to be obvious? Why does there have to be an intent? If this was a print magazine, a picture essay of this nature would be perfectly legit. Why do people who access stuff on the internet need everything dumbed down and explained to them?

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  7. Andy says:

    Just a bit of background for Migraine and Sara – we spend all week working, writing, editing and publishing the written word, augmented by pictures. Our thinking behind the Last Sunday photo series is to just shut up and let the pictures do the talking…

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  8. Sara says:

    Look, I know it’s a Shembe ritual because I am based on Joburg. But does everyone else? And whatI was curious about was its location in the CBD since most of the Shembe rituals take place in sacred spaces like the Melville koppies. Just a few words would have pacified the anthropologist in me. Roger, this has nothing to do with the medium, and print magazines DO put captions and do proffer some explanations; it deepens the experience. You’re the dumbass, go cover a gig or something instead of muttering aloud online.
    I don’t care what the photographer’s “intent” is, but asking your subjects what they are up to is a matter of courtesy and detracts from the voyeurism that is so intrinsic to so much photography.

    Thanks Andy, was not aware of the Sunday series

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  9. Love it. says:

    We love the Last Sunday photo story and concept. Thank you Mahala. No need to explain. Viva McGee.

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  10. liz says:

    i’m sommer homesick now. miss jhb.

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  11. G says:

    So many pedantic cocks in this world…

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  12. John says:

    Caption: “Zulu Christian warriors attack pedestrians in Joburg”

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  13. artofkawaii says:

    Oh Sara the anthropologist… you’re mad because the lack of captions and context have robbed you of your right t0 turn people being regular, going about their business into an anthropological study. This is nothing our of th ordinary. They are just pictures.. Why must we turn everything into an epistemological incursion these days?

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  14. artofkawaii says:

    and you do not have to be in joburg to know this is a Shembe church service. do not doubt the power of human knowledge and interaction beyond your own… then proceed to lay the burden of education on the photographer/editor. I could be wrong, totally wrong and pardon me if I am, but are you one of those people who feel everything about non-mainstream culture has to be explained and classed within a less complicated, appeasing frame of reference for “those of you who may not know or understand their/our weird ways” … sort of like Tyra Banks and Chris Rock? Its not that serious, just asking.

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  15. artofkawaii says:

    By the way, thank you McGee… Im now homesick for Joburg and KZN 🙁 . Wish you could have gotten some of Shembe women dancing. Few things are more beautiful and calming than the stoicism of Shembe women dancing…

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  16. Tsadik says:

    Super tyt pics-keep up the good work.

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  17. syd willow says:

    great shots, but totally agree with sara and morgaine, from a anthropology vibe – its demeaning to not contextualise your subjects, otherwise we all (us photographers who shoot documentary) end up being netted into the eveil photojournalist vulture corner, so on behalf of the rest of us, give documentary photography and the subjects it points its lens at the respect they deserve.

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  18. syd willow says:

    and its not about turning people into an anthropological study, its giving them the right to be represented from their p o v, let the subject shoot back, dont just take take take all the time.

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  19. missmillib says:

    Can everybody stop lambasting Sara? She’s totally right! Anybody in the world has access to these images and every image needs to be contextualised, especially if there is meaning in what the subjects are doing. Imagine some moron in England finding these on the net and assuming that Zulu warriors are dressed up and are practicing their machete war-cry against the whites? Anything could happen. Bloggers like to take images from other people’s sites, and it’s always necessary to put a caption or two.

    Now that that’s said, these are very interesting pictures and I like the Sunday features – I’ll look out for them.

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  20. MissMatlala says:

    i really didn’t know who these people were and the ritual that they were performing if it is a ritual. 1. The pics are cool
    2. the discussion your all having is very interesting
    3. i’m looking forward to the next sunday pics
    4. if your on this site then you know what your in for so if you want something with caption i’m sure you guys can find another site. i like what i see and it is what it is. like art – you have to decide what you want it to be. i mean i would have said it was ‘The Lamondeville Durban Mens Choir’ whatever… does it matter… Justin did you know what this was?

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  21. Harry says:

    Morgaine the ‘slacker’ attitude is Sara wanting to be spoon-fed. Look at the pictures, ask yourself some questions and try to answer them. That is what photography is about. That is what makes it “impactive” – (your word, not mine.)

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  22. popskiet says:

    fabulous ! I love the contrast of animal skin instruments against the concrete and it’s great to see our vibrant culture expressing it self on the street.

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  23. Piesangtjie says:

    Awesomenessssss !!!!

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