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Xigalo, my Village

by Morrel Shilenge / 26.06.2013

This is Xigalo, a rural village near the Kruger National Park, Punda Maria Gate in Malamulele, Limpopo. It is a typical rural South African village. Most of the people that I observed and captured here are my family and neighbours. This is a visual memoir of Xigalo, I wanted to capture what I felt, not just what I saw while revisiting the village I grew up in as a young African male.

Villagers in Xigalo still live according to their ancient culture and traditions. It’s been a few years since my grandma (Kokwani Nwa Thomas as she is known by other villagers) has had electricity, but she still prefers cooking the traditional way with fire wood. She often feels electricity is just an intrusion.

Many have migrated to cities in search of a better life; homes are abonded. But in the village people still manage to live simple lives; with gratitude, hope, love and support for each other. They enjoy herding cattle and goats.

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* All images © Morrel Shilenge

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