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Wrong Waves

by Craig Jarvis / 14.07.2012

Shane Thorne – competitor

This has been an incredible event so far. I think that we should keep it as an SP star event and not a WCT event. Give the local boys a chance, the support for the South Africans has been amazing. As for me, I fucked up and chose the wrong waves. After all the years that I have surfed Supers, you’d think I would know better.

Wok – Billabong Webcast commentator

I’m very good at what I do. I have no need to worry about what I sound like on the webcast because I’m very good. People have complimented me. A lot.

Nelson – Billabong Pro Security Guard

It’s been very exciting working at the Billabong Pro. These guys that go surfing are very professional. I can’t believe some of the things that they do.

Russel – Billabong Sales Manager

This has been the best Billabong event that I can remember. We’re all stoked with the way it turned out.

Frankie – South Africa’s first free surfer

Hey I had a kak heat out there. I didn’t get the right waves and I didn’t do the right moves. But it’s all cool. Got to surf Supers with min ous out.

Lenny – Billabong Pro event coordinator

Its been a great event so far. Lucky I don’t feel the cold.

Laura – Billabong media and communications

Been a busy event. Loads of fun, but we have been busy. Now onwards to the music festival.

Greg – ex WCT pro surfer

The waves have been pumping. I was feeling a bit sick for my heat. Not that there’s any excuses, but I wasn’t feeling hundreds and I definitely didn’t go as hard as I should have.

Brenton – Kouga Counciller

This has been a cool event. Good waves and a good vibe. I haven’t been down that much, but whenever I came down the waves were firing.

Nathan – Australian professional surfer

When I was in the final a few years ago Andy Irons (former world champ, now deceased) needed a 10 point ride to beat me, and he got it. I reckon AI sent me that 10-point ride this year.

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