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Vote Tanga!

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 06.12.2012

It all started with the dismantling of Pop Bottles. Then the JHB fashion week. And this is what happened when we sent our man Montle Moorosi to cover AfrikaBurn. Then he took on the gentrification of Woodstock, got caught with some weed by the po-po and hit up STR CRD. What can we say, the man has a gift.

So now we want to send him to Ibiza on this Super M jaunt so he can report on the belly of a blogging contest, for a milk drink, on an island known for both hedonism and house music. Oh yes and he’s promised to rock his tanga on the beach. And he’s taking this kid Thando along for the ride, as some kind of edu-ma-cation! So do the right thing, click this link and vote for Montle, vote for tanga, and let’s do something proper.

And even though we’ve explained this already, bear in mind, if you don’t VOTE FOR TANGA, they’ll probably send Seth Rotherham or some other dimwitted corporate blogger who will write average vanilla crap about bikinis and vespas and being fabulous or and the whole media circle jerk continues…

This is your opportunity to punk the system and witness the results, right here, on Mahala. It’s good vs evil, baba! No pressure. VOTE FOR TANGA!

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