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Tunes for Gratis, Free, Mahala

by Zoe Henry / 03.06.2009

In the wise words of Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, “The best things in life are free.” Obviously, at Mahala this is something of a mantra. We will vehemently support all that is in the spirit of Mahala. If it’s awesome and it’s free, big ups!

Music downloads, music blogs, CD burners, and massive hard-drives have become huge contributors to the gift of music. Tunage for nada is becoming more and more expected as we grow more comfortable with our feelings of entitlement. But live music for nada is still a little hard to come by. Especially quality music. Luckily for us live local music lovers, Levi’s Original Music hasn’t stopped delivering awesome live acts from the crème de la crème. The Cape Town leg of Levi’s Vintage Sundays kicks off this weekend at Jade, a spanking new venue, with a killer line-up.

On Sunday 7th June, Gerald Clark, Lonesome Dave Ferguson, and Albert Frost get the party started with their special brands of blues. So if you’re after face-melting guitar drama for your koochi koochi mama, then this week’s gig is the one. But if hearing the blues gives you the blues, don’t despair. The rest of June’s line-up is sure to hold a little something for everyone.

If the upbeat sounds of Hot Water’s tourist jive is what gets you to boiling point, Sunday 14th June is the date for you. They’ll be joined by the radio-friendly vibes of Flat Stanley. For those that get the hippity hops for hip-hop and afro-jazz, Jitsvinger and Under the Poetree are there for your entertainment on Sunday 21st June. And the smooth, seductive, sultry sounds of Tine Schouw, Farryl Purkiss, and Simon van Gend bring the month to a close on Sunday 28th June.

Jade Lounge is located at 49 Main Road, Greenpoint (Above Mano’s, where Buddha Bar used to be). Of course, the admission fee is mahala. Shows start at 7:30pm.

*Image used courtesy Levi’s® Original Music © Liam Lynch

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