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Too Old To Disco

by Themba Kriger / 23.11.2011

Discotheque is one of those nights at the Assembly where the majority of the crowd was born in the 90s. You go there expecting to be shoved out of the way unapologetically, by some kid in a Hurley cap and a Wife-Beater, who proceeds to spill his drink on your shoes and give you a ‘What the fuck?’ look. They like their electro hard and their dubstep harder. This is par for the course and you put up with it because of the great sound system, the interesting visuals and because. It was a pleasant surprise then, that despite a solid line-up featuring Sibot, Hyphen, Richard the Third and Bteam, amongst others, Assembly was only at half capacity. Pleasant is the operative word here, because it seems all those unpleasantries noted above are at a minimum when the club isn’t packed to the maximum. At half capacity, the dance floor is full enough for the more self-conscious amongst us to dance freely, while giving the more adventurous some room for expression. Meanwhile at the bar, the wait time is reasonable and there is plenty of room around the Foosball tables.

Discotheque doesn’t get started till late, like everything in Cape Town, and so although Cause A Culture was the official opener, the task of warming up the dance floor lay with Richard The Third, who always manages to keep things interesting by playing a variety of genres alongside his own remixes. Keeping the feet on the dance floor at Discotheque isn’t easy. The crowd can be picky, dancing to what they know and heading out for a smoke when something new and different crosses their paths. Richard the Third however knows how to please a crowd. He drops some BroStep, some Complextro, a bit of House. The kids eat it up.

Too Old To Disco - Line-up

In the Annex the guys from Brick City have lined-up four guys you’ve never heard before, but that is the whole point. LG Fritz is rinsing the Drum & Bass, kids are jumping up and down. It’s much tighter in here and somebody remarks “How did we end up in Mercury?” Next up is a guy called Gluttony. Later you will hear that he “absolutely killed it”, but at the time watching Sibot on the main stage seems more pressing. You wonder briefly why the line-up times of the Annex coincide with that of the main stage, but the thought passes as soon as Sibot starts to play.

SIbot is a legend amongst his and a wizard to his fans. Sibot isn’t a DJ. He is a producer that plays live. Not that it matters to the kids shaking it to his tracks up front. They just enjoy his productions, the beats that he makes, the feeling they get from dancing to his music. At the back, behind the A/V booth, stand a few guys carefully watching his performance, marvelling in his synth-scratching and finger drumming. Some move to the side of the stage to catch a close look, trying to decipher his little tricks. Sibot, as many of his peers in the Cape Bass scene, produces genre spanning music that is hard to nail down, but impossible to ignore. The emphasis is on bass and breaks, but other elements are also brought into the mix. It is this refusal to be boxed into one category that gives Sibot such a wide appeal, as his sound is truly original.

Too Old To Disco - Opening Image

Hyphen came on next and you could tell he was having a good time. Mixing with a smile on his face, he took the crowd on a trip through his Drum & Bass box. At the same time George Daniel was doing his thing in the Annex, but you end up dancing through the entire Hyphen set and forget to check him out. The next hour goes by quickly, too quickly you think, as Kennedy takes over. Farewell breaks, hello four-on-the-floor. Kennedy likes his electro, the way sluts like their cock. Hard. The kids eat it up and you’re left wondering if you’re too sober or just channelling Roger “I’m too old for this shit!” Murtaugh.

Too Old To Disco - Hyphen

Although Bteam were coming up at 2:30 and you know they always play a quality set, at 2am you call it quits. You just finished downloading the latest episode of House M.D. Season 8 and your girlfriend has that “let’s go already” look on her face, which usually crops up around this time. “What a great night out”, you think on your way down the stairs. As you reach the bottom, some little punk pushes his way passed you. “But I’m really getting too old for this shit!”.

Too Old To Disco - Punks

Too Old To Disco - Born In The 90s

Too Old To Disco - DJs DJs DJs

Too Old To Disco - Air Humping

Too Old To Disco - Party Fiends

Too Old To Disco - Hipster Hipster

Too Old To Disco - She Likes It Hard

Too Old To Disco - Hard Beats And Breaks

Too Old To Disco - Go Get It

*All images © Themba Kriger

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