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Toffie Pops

Toffie Pops

by Roger Young / 18.03.2010

Let’s get involved! The Toffie Pop Culture Festival is happening from the 26th to the 28th March in Cape Town. It’s a celebration of non-mainstream design, marketing and general quirkiness. It’s not the Design Indaba that’s for sure, it actually has interesting shit going on and nothing about cup cakes and prison. You won’t be surrounded by corporate cyborgs clutching notepads and trying to look hip. From a rocking dress up party where the theme is Disease, to workshops on circuit bending by Manta Reya, an Argentinean electro band. There will be exhibitions by illustration wizards Kronk, Disturbance Studio, Them and Us plus a magazine publishing workshop by Peet Pienaar from The President, the guys who do MK Bruce Lee. There’ll also be a frank chat with Wynand from VCK and Fokof on rock and roll marketing and talks by Sean Saylor, Vice President of Creative for MTV International and Shawn Carboy, who designs sneakers for Nike. Toffie is going to be an orgy of earnest hipsters who want to push their creative shit to the next level.

Which is why we at Mahala, the self appointed conscience of South African Pop Culture (for the next two weeks at least) are going to be there. Come find us and tell us what you think is Kif or Kak about Toffie, and South African culture in general, and we’ll form an opinion for you right on the spot that you can package as your very own. We’ll also have a booth where you can feed us fresh story ideas and other nasty gossip, donate surfboards for the Mahala Surf Co., scribble on the spot illustrations and buy exclusive Mahala merchandise. You also get to watch, taunt and poke with sticks real life Mahala journalists as they try and write and upload their stories straight from the fest. Good times!

La Luz Del Ritmo

Kronk's Dunny

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  1. Oh says:

    if you guys are going, then please remove..”You won’t be surrounded by corporate cyborgs clutching notepads and trying to look hip” from the piece.


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  2. Ali Funkadilishis says:

    Word! Nice one Oh

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  3. podesta says:

    judging by this fest’s lineup there aint no blackness in SA youth culture? Whatsup with that? Bloody out of touch island of Cape Town!

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  4. innocent says:

    it’s not about colour it’s about talent!

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  5. podesta says:

    so there’s no black talent in Sa urban youth culture in graphic design music art photography and fashion puhleeze!? that’s what people who organise such do’s and leave out black people are saying with such ommisions.

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  6. innocent says:

    there are very few locals in the line up and the people who are there, are currently the biggest in their industry, as someone who will be attending the event i really look forward to hearing these people speak and to hear how they got to the top.
    i don’t care which colour they are, it’s about a level of success that they have reached.
    i’m sure if there was anyone of colour who was as succesfull as these speakers they would be on the line up.
    and this festival is about exposing us to other cultures as well, that’s why most of the line up is international.

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  7. Classy says:

    Where is this shit going down? Sorry if it was listed somewhere in the article. Dont hate! Just a bit stoned right now…

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  8. Oh says:


    Sorry man, its already finished. Was last night.

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  9. tara says:

    Oh dont play with Classy.

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  10. so now what? says:

    Hey Podesta, do you know of specific black people in this field that you think should be appearing at the event? If you can mention names and provide some background on their credentials, I’m sure a lot more of us would take you more seriously. Otherwise, how do we know that you’re not playing the race card purely for the sake of convenience?

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  11. Brian Green says:

    Brilliant, yet another celebration of all things Fokofpolisiekar

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  12. podesta says:

    urban culture in SA is mostly black no? if the local house music is gaining ground abroad is it such a bad idea to include the likes of big nuz tira and mujava and black cofee as well as von coke what what? is ama kip kip not an important movement as other jozi movments like Cool Kid Dirty Parrafin etc, the smarteez dont mean nothing? internationally does the nigerian NY photographer andrew dosunmu have nothing to contribute, what about marc baptiste, clam magazine, trace magazine? or even mtv base’s creator based in jozi alex okosi, yizo yizo’s creator tebogo mahlatsi, what about spoek mathambo from sweat x making an album insiored by SA house? since the toffies do a channel o magazine clearly they think the thandiswas djs sbus and khani mbau’s featured are interesting enuff to be in the mag . i aint hating, but its a problem going to a thing like this and everyones white, its just boring we live in such a rich country…and so why only talk of one kind of urban culture.

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  13. Andy says:

    Podesta raises interesting points. I reckon we should get someone from Toffie up in here to explain their choices… but also reckon it’s going to be a kif festival even if not the most representative of SA culture…

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  14. sd3000 says:

    I have to agree with Podesta. I’m white and into pop culture but people like Wynand from Fokof does nothing for me. Van Coke Cartell? Please! The whole thing smacks of a Cape Town in-crowd.

    Where is OkMalume Koolkat or Jumble Rumble or Thesis, why aren’t they putting up a jam at the festival. How about the Smarteez, the Peppermints the Dirty 80s, Reeburth, or what about the Slush Puppie Kids, why aren’t they performing. They’re good enough for Berlin but not for SA? Or Pop Africana, the Nigerian arts and fashion magazine? Where is Lolo Veleko? Or Culoe De Song that rocked Sonar last year? Get with the program.

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  15. griffin says:

    “Toffie is going to be an orgy of earnest hipsters who want to push their creative shit to the next level”

    This is what you can expect:


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  16. griffin says:

    Kwani Experience
    Tidal Waves
    Desmond & The Tutus
    Tumih (formerly Tumi and the volume)
    etc etc.

    Well, this is what a German dude from a popular magzine is interested anyway.

    From his mail:

    “it’s problably interesting to get somewhat of an overview about the
    different scenes…(me as an old punk just knows powerage :-)…)
    anyways if you could help out it’d be great (I’d love to have a mix of
    soul/funk and wild electronic stuff…) all the best andreas”

    They are here for the run up to the world cup and interested in the local scene, so I would recommend to him to go to Toffie if he for instance wants to sit on Wynand’s lecture on how to be a poes to other musicians becasue you are a god who rocks 4 strings on a guitar.

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  17. John says:

    I think its not Anglo enough, I would like to see the “Parletones”, “Zebra and Giraffe” and “Dirty Skirts”. They are good enough to win major awards and play internationally but not good enough for this event

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  18. Andy says:

    ha ha… John you’re kidding right?

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  19. happy says:

    Fucking well done guys for doing something! All these wankers sit in front of their pc’s and do nothing but bitch. Why is this a debate about who is part and who not? Lets have fun and hats off for people doing something. If you don’t like the line-up don’t go, stop making other people’s lives sour or are you just sour for not being on stage.

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  20. sd3000 says:

    @happy Again another assumption. We are constantly busy. 1st Sunday of every month Thesis has one of the best parties in SA in Mafolo Village, Soweto. Once a month Jumble Rumble gets some of the best kasi fashion designers to display their threadz in Jozi. It’s great that they’re doing something but it’s a major oversight of the organisers to exclude some major SA talent and then end up settling for fokof hasbeens.

    @innocent “there are very few locals in the line up and the people who are there, are currently the biggest in their industry,” my ass.

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  21. innocent says:

    each to their own, if you don’t like it, then don’t attend stay home or go do something else.
    if you don’t like the line up and you don’t dig the people who are in the line up and you don’t think these people are big, then why don’t you go and prove them wrong and beat them, and become huge yourself.
    stop moaning get off your ass and actually do something and put the people on the map who you think should be there.

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  22. happy says:

    Great for you! So why are you upset Thesis is not playing at Toffie? I can think of a million other events they don’t play at.

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  23. sd3000 says:

    I’m not upset. Just asking a question.

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  24. Nkuli says:

    why don’t they have some traditional stuff at this festival, its all American culture, how can you call this culture?

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  25. Stumpy says:

    I reckon the Wynand marketing talk will be pretty interesting, how to make a kak band a money spinning success

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  26. ohhh says:

    stumpy lets hear your band!

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  27. sd3000 says:


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  28. ohhh says:

    sd3000 tell us what you do that is so brilliant

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  29. sd3000 says:

    i charf poef like a pro on mahala

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  30. Fuckface says:

    Comments = lame

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  31. siestog says:

    sd3000 – shame, go blow your nose

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  32. Jack Stein says:

    If it is not mainstream., what will Van Coke Kartel and Fokofpolisiekar be doing there? They’ve become more mainstream than Vernon Koekemoer, and highly overrated. Their so called success is only because of endless hype and selfpromotion.

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  33. hairy palms says:

    pretty pointless debate.

    @ jack “Their so called success is only because of endless hype and selfpromotion.” True. it’s showbizz, baby.

    if the net needs to be wider, let those talented okes from far and wide, from all disciplines and backgrounds work their shit a little in order to be unmissable for such an event. Showing a talent from a range of backgrounds is just what we need in order to inspire and build cross-cultural bridges. far more so than folks moaning about representivity or enclaves trying to stave off growth

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  34. Cynthia Steffe says:

    A little off the subject maybe, but a plea for you to think about the ethics of buying items like designer clothes. Please try and think about, for example, the materials your item is manufactured from, the conditions of the employees where they’re manufactured and the green credentials of retailers. Oh, and endeavour to share rather than discarding. Thanks!!!!

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  35. natkingcole says:

    Whole thing sounds interesting, but I have to know… who the fuck comes up with DISEASE as a dress-up theme? Disease? Disease? Really? Disease? I’m gonna say it again to see if its beginning to sound like a good idea… disease? Nope. Its bad man. You know what’s gonna happen? All the diseased people are gonna think its cool to come out in public now, is that what you want?????!! Yeah… its like another low-grade local zombie music video just waiting to happen. I have African trypanosomiasis actually. Its pretty kak.

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