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Toffie Pops

by Roger Young / 18.03.2010

Let’s get involved! The Toffie Pop Culture Festival is happening from the 26th to the 28th March in Cape Town. It’s a celebration of non-mainstream design, marketing and general quirkiness. It’s not the Design Indaba that’s for sure, it actually has interesting shit going on and nothing about cup cakes and prison. You won’t be surrounded by corporate cyborgs clutching notepads and trying to look hip. From a rocking dress up party where the theme is Disease, to workshops on circuit bending by Manta Reya, an Argentinean electro band. There will be exhibitions by illustration wizards Kronk, Disturbance Studio, Them and Us plus a magazine publishing workshop by Peet Pienaar from The President, the guys who do MK Bruce Lee. There’ll also be a frank chat with Wynand from VCK and Fokof on rock and roll marketing and talks by Sean Saylor, Vice President of Creative for MTV International and Shawn Carboy, who designs sneakers for Nike. Toffie is going to be an orgy of earnest hipsters who want to push their creative shit to the next level.

Which is why we at Mahala, the self appointed conscience of South African Pop Culture (for the next two weeks at least) are going to be there. Come find us and tell us what you think is Kif or Kak about Toffie, and South African culture in general, and we’ll form an opinion for you right on the spot that you can package as your very own. We’ll also have a booth where you can feed us fresh story ideas and other nasty gossip, donate surfboards for the Mahala Surf Co., scribble on the spot illustrations and buy exclusive Mahala merchandise. You also get to watch, taunt and poke with sticks real life Mahala journalists as they try and write and upload their stories straight from the fest. Good times!

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