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Thin Skin of the Cape Town Music Industry

Thin Skin of the Cape Town Music Industry

by Max Barashenkov / 07.09.2010

From the bowels of other South African music magazines, presumably from around the vicinity of the large intestine, comes a hissing gurgling, a mantra of the hopelessly sold: “Mahala is bad for the music industry, Mahala is bad for the music industry”. Poor, blind bastards, they are so deep down the rabbit hole that they’ve forgotten the simple truth of its existence – the music industry is bad for good M-U-S-I-C. The mainstream will always tend towards mediocrity. Sure, if you want to be the same kind of suit-wearing scum that has been selling out artists since Elvis, then yes, the presence of a critical voice, not bound by the straight-jacket of media ownership and without the corporate-dollar-cock living up its ass, is indeed “bad”. As in “bad for business”. But if you have slightly more idealistic ideas about what a creative and vibrant music scene should look like, then we urge you to turn to this Cape Town music industry monstrosity, this geriatric, over-weight beast, and ask it some questions:

Where is the band variety? Why is it that eighty percent of current Mother City acts deal vaguely in the same pop-rock, post-indie realm? What ever happened to all ages shows? Oh wait, we can’t let those snotty brats actually develop their own music tastes, the travesty! Because then they won’t come to the clubs and sheep it out to the latest slab of shit being promoted. Keep them dumb and sweaty, pocket those easy Rands. Where are the punk bands? What is this – a metal scene? No, a pathetic swamp of deathcore scenesters and once-good bands now going soft and limp, chasing a non-existent audience. Why is it that when you take a deep trawl through alternative music blogs from South America, or Russia, or Europe, or anywhere else, you can find full length downloads by the dozen of bands from countries that you didn’t even know existed, but the total amount of South African bands represented is a monumental ONE? We have loadtheshow, a good effort on its own, but terribly un-supported, hosting only a few tracks by the artists. Such poverty is surely telling of the general state of affairs? Where is the understanding that bands don’t make cash from physical records? So why are they so fucking scared of giving up their material for downloads? What the hell happened to the DIY spirit from around five years back? What the fuck happened to the balls? Annoying questions, oh music industry.

Any thesis needs a narrowing of parameters to hold any credence, so yes, we are mostly dealing with the vanishing of the heavier, rougher bands here. No one is raising bayonets against the mighty jazz scene, the kwaito or the gospel. Look at how well the electro fiends are doing, but is their success and quality perhaps hinged on the fact that they do not have to rely so much on you, music industry? On the fact that they don’t have to dumb down their sound to get onto your stages, that they are just some doped-up kids in a bedroom studio making what they want to make? Why, you could say, should we give a shit about punk or metal bands? The simple thing is that a healthy punk/hardcore presence is like the immune system of the larger scene – it both educates the young, weeds out the posers and keeps an eye on the elusive concept of honesty in music. The musicians that play in metal-ish bands generally move onto something more creative, more elaborate, but in their time playing tiny venues to small crowds, they learn something, they are tempered. And now, how can we expect something new to emerge from Cape Town when the kids are just making the jump into indie-trendiness? What will they produce if that is all they are served up? Vicious circles all around. Sadly, hardcore and punk bands don’t make money, so to you, music industry, this is an unwanted train of thought, cast it out, erase, cover up with a snazzy New Holland poster.

We used to have great bands, not five years ago Cape Town boasted a decent hardcore scene, some brilliantly dirty punk bands. Bands that sang about something, that were much more about the music than gaining fans. Take Not For Sale’s “Freedom“, take the blistering crust of False Pretense’s “Leader Of The Pack“, take Sleeping At The Popes’ “Raped By The Law” which is still the most original thing to come out of the South African gutters. Have you ever been to those shows? Do you remember that drive, that over-whelming power? Have you ever seen Neshamah, whose “Weary Of Consciousness” is a hardcore tour-de-force from about 45 seconds in, annihilate their set? Have you heard Aftertaste’s “Selfless Act” and the record it comes off, which, by the way, is the best heavy album produced on these shores. Even in the now-fouled screamo genre we had the magnificent “Icarus Theory” by Armour For Nightmares and the destructively complex “The Silence That Kills Us” by ManInSuit. Where did all of that go? How did that spirit get sold? Where is the fucking music?

The problem is that bands are too far up their own asses these days, both in terms of the way they carry themselves and their music. The internet floodgates opened and with that came the quest for international sound, the dire need to be on the same level of production. This need has overshadowed the soul of the music. Bands play for a year before they gather enough cash to cut a record and, in that year, whatever was there gets fucked out of them in the chase for better venues, better appeal, better selling power. DIY is so not hip right now, and, in this town, if you aren’t hip you are as good as dead. This all leads to a rather thin skin on the Cape Town music industry, a frail and insecure creature that reacts with violence anytime any criticism surfaces. You can almost bet that there are no mirrors in its house. It’s surprising, with all the zealous international ambitions, how sensitive bands are to a few unkind words. Guess what, if you were from the States or the UK, where you all seem to want to be, you would be showered with shit on a weekly basis. How do you aim to gain respect and recognition on the world circuit when all we put out is a stream of bad photocopies? Remember that old picture: “this is a chord, this is another, now start a band, record in a garage, hang it on the web”? We need that back. We need our soul back.

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  1. irony bru says:

    Tell it like it is. Fuck the leeching hangers-on and let’s get back to real, here-and-now music.

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  2. Sarah says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to recognise the trendy lameness of the cape town music scene. Thank you for speaking out!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The so called Cape Town “music scene” is like watching a dog eat its own shit. completely unentertaining and disgusting. ive seen more talent produced in one of my stools. this article deserves to be preached from rooftops to get hipsters and electro indie fuck ups off their higher than thou arses and realise what real music is about. the thought of watching a fruitful hardcore/punk/metal scene die like this is like watching a relative get raped or murdered.you want to kill the talentless ass fuck responisble for the crime.show me a proper blood and guts purple turtle show today and i will perform a miracle. eat my dick

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  4. David says:

    Awesome article. You’re absolutely right. It’s the same in JHB. Shit seemed a lot more exciting five years ago, maybe it’s just me.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me sir, you couldn’t help me could you? I left my balls back in 2005.

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  6. Brian Green says:

    Max, how can you invoke the name Neshamah as anything other than horribly narrow-sighted and counter-productive to creating a decent punk scene in Cape Town? Come on, bru.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Sup shot for the mention, i think the cape town music scene sucks dick now, so after popes i just got fucking high, wat else was a musician to do, battle to find open minded ppl to work with…soon my pretties, the bureau are coming, and we are ging to shit all over your post hardcore screamo whatevr the fuck you assholes are doing that sux so greatly…

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  8. Max says:

    Brian, yes Neshamah did not earn themselves a good name, especially towards the end of their existence. But that is more because of their militant sXe/christian stance. One cannot deny their contribution to the hardcore movement OR their explosive live shows.

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  9. damndemons says:

    why didn’t you just say ‘LMG’ in the intro instead of ‘other music bla bla’…politically correct and shit. Did you read that article they wrote about u, wannabe journo?

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  10. Luke says:

    whoa whoa whoa. let’s cut down on the neshamah bashing. i mean, at least matt hoyle proved you can indeed make money from hardcore.

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  11. Rob says:

    Nice one Maximus!

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  12. Anonymous says:

    the only thing gayer than this article is an all male bukake party

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  13. Luke says:

    seriously though, solid article and solid point from max . thumbs up.

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  14. fuck yeah says:

    so true bru,i really thought it was just me dwelling away from the music scene,but instead the music scene died..or atleast the kiff music scene that i used to support.where r the school gigs?boogaloos shows?awesome talented bands?they all faded with time.and jt FUCKING sucks. i remember a day when i used to be so FUCKING amped up to go to a gig,getting wasted before we left and moshing till i couldnt FUCKING move my neck.now…those are stories i will have to tell me children oneday…when the.music scene still had a heart.

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  15. dan says:

    i haven’t watched a punk band recently that doesn’t sound exactly the same as the ones i watched ten years ago during the inevitable punk stage at high school. and most of them seem to be made up of the sad kids who didn’t manage to grow out of that… perhaps the indie scene has replaced punk as the school for ‘educating the young’ before they move onto something ‘more creative, more elaborate’? perhaps you are just suffering from a generational gap and an overdose of nostalgia? maybe?

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  16. Jonny Luck says:

    *slow clap*
    *full blown round of applause*

    Max, this is gold.

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  17. guzzler says:

    @Dan, can you tell us what are these punk bands that you are watching these days?

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  18. beyondthebackdoor says:

    Max, its time to grow up…not everyone wants to relive your “glory days” time to pull the pacifier out your arse and explore beyond the fence surrounding your noise/grind/sludge penthouse in hout bay.

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  19. papa bear says:

    well said, backdoor-person, Max is a fucking retard

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  20. hXc says:

    @dan Just because your balls shriveled away and you gave into some timid might as well be listening to Sade music, doesnt mean the rest of us should.long live poor distortion and a breakdown or 2

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  21. Anonymous says:


    Someone, please just fucking DO something about it instead of fighting on a god damn blog

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  22. Max says:

    this IS sort of doing something. no?

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  23. hXc says:

    who used to scream for armour for nightmares? that dude was a little too high and mighty for me Brett wasn’t far behind to be honest.only good band mentioned – Neshamah

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  24. Dr Finkelstein says:

    Maxy has some good stuff to say, but still too much of the same old wah-wah-nostalgia-for-the-good-times-better-in-my-day bitching, hey.

    An half the time feels like you okes are just reacting to the kak-for-brains commenters.

    It’s not you vs the world, Mahala, you’ve got kif shit to say, ignore the naaiers trying to provoke you in the arse, o.k.?

    Stop fighting with the commenters, o.k, you’re just making it worse. Write what makes you happy, ne? Fuck the bitchy bitches or you’re just gonna turn into em. Peace out.

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  25. Anonymous says:


    pardon my french, but do you have a cunt for a brain? your slang is beyond retarded.ne

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  26. Lilitha says:

    I dug that Oppikoppi article more – the one where Max poked his head out from being his usual self-styled controvert badass persona bravada for a second and dared to have a good time and actually LIKED some of the bands he saw.

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  27. her says:

    Max, this is really really good.

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  28. tamara says:

    is the only platform to have a voice seen and commented on mahala?


    psssssh. im starting to think the only reason there are so many hits here is because its trendy to make a comment.

    fok it. the capetonians in cape town make me frown. and the dwellers from other cities seem to be more authentic.
    max, i enjoy your writing, but as a writer, maybe you should read other peoples stuff.
    we all want some input on our writing. not just on mahala, but all south african publications.

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  29. Anonymous says:


    Advertising your sokkie-jol blog.i love the stench of desperation in finding readers.haha

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  30. hXc says:


    I dnt think you will get many cape town readers if your articles go something like this “Cape Town…..desperate need of a laxative. An identity laxative…..cope if their skinny jeans were torn in the skank pit, or deal well with beer in their face and hair. However my rescue will happen in the hometown of the Vale, Joburg’s grungy sector of metal and punk.”

    this has turned from a music war to an area war.

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  31. tamara says:

    thank you

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  32. hXc says:

    Thank you? pull the studded belt that you’ve been masturbating with from between your legs and smell the coffee. stick to your inbred jo’burg fuck fest and we will keep it legit down south

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  33. Duran says:

    hit the nail on the head max. i miss the days of punk rock filled fun shows…

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  34. tamara says:

    shall we meet for a debate?

    i find this tedious. it is only words after all.

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  35. sheep says:

    woah, old school what a trip 🙂

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  36. hXc says:

    I’ve said my piece.
    Gotta stay faithful to Cape Town. dnt bad mouth our ways.

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  37. dylan says:

    the prolific commentary that you provoke has made me hate you all over again, max.

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  38. Blinkers says:

    I have to agree here, where the fuck is the soul of music in S.A.??? Not just Cape Town! JHB, and Durban are just as cuck! We need bands to realize that building their brand is more about heart and love for music, and learning their instruments and practising day in day out, and playing with others, and commending other bands they like, and building a family of an industry… We have ten million fuckheads trying to promote their own brand as if its a toothpaste, and sponsorships and company partnerships have developed into a sick peice of shit in S.A. Parlotones on a KFC box? What the fuck on earth was that!!!!! Where’s the soul, the COOL. The vibe. ??? Overexposed was a good song of theirs it was 100% true, the fuckos are totally overexposd, and cant rock to back it enough. New underground bands have the cool but no cash, they battle in a world of false shit. It pisses me off… I like the idea of bands freeing their music for download, one band that has just done that 100% is Merseystate from Cape Town. Finally some band giving away their shit and deciding to gig their butts off to get more real. Another band – Just Jinjer may be old and played out, but they gig all the time and keep it totally real, and have become more easy in person as people over the years… Then there’s ZTF from Cape town, if you havent heard them, get a load of that! They fucken rock! and theyre putting it all on the line for fuck all… Production is a secondary thing in this industry, the band must rock already before the producer arrives!!! GET IT RIGHT S.A>!! Songs have to work before the band even rehearses them… There’s no industry here, because everyone thinks theyre a fucken producer…whatever…. hope is on my mind…

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  39. Andy says:

    Nice bit of self promo there Tamara

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  40. joburg tom says:

    Blinkers, what you say is the truth! I’ve benn saying for years that S.A. needs to open up this fucking crap music industry. why is it so hard for new bands to hit the scene and become popular? because S.A. needs the fame before they’ll listen to the music, and how will tbands get the fame, if no one listens to the music? a fucking catch-22. What this music industry needs is free downloads of all bands: open-up the music industry. let anyone who has the internet listen to all the awesome music S.A. has to offer, and if we have a forum for new bands to spread their music, we’ll finally open up this crushing blackhole vibeless nothing that is the music industry. maybe the new kids in the bands should step up and d something about it, after all it is their dream to live in this world no?

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  41. Blinkers says:

    I’ve heard that Merseystate are also building a full scale International quality recording studio and are offering bands fully “FREE” recordings with production, mixing and mastering, and they’ll split GIG moneys with the bands to make up for the albums, so young &/or poorer bands with less money can still have the opportunity to get out there with full potential. Now thats what I call a great S.A. band! Willing to develop the industruy and help other bands go to the top. The guys have gone on bank loans to build the place and are putting themselves on the line for Cape Town and South Africa. They see bands like “CIVIL TWILIGHT” and “SEETHER” cracking it and want to see more, so they are getting involved and DOING IT! There is hope after all!!

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  42. josh says:

    solid article man. false pretense for the motherfucking win!

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  43. JimmySawFinger says:

    Dude your links are not working, cool article though, i miss the days when going to the purple turtle on a Saturday night usually meant head banging till 3 in the morning.

    Pls make them links work again, would love to hear that stuff you posted.

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  44. Anonymous says:

    A lot of fucking talk, talk, talk on here, with a lot of stupid answers to stupid questions. The Cape Town scene has always been shit. No romanticised reminiscing can gloss over that fact. Anyone one who’s done their time in London will tell you that most nameless support bands there will rape the shit out of our hometown heroes. To refer to it as a ‘movement’ is a fucking deluded joke

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  45. Atari master says:

    First off, really good article max. A good point, said pretty damn well.

    @Anonymous.. As much as i love Cape Town, do you really think that you can compare it to one of the major epicentres of culture in the world? The answer is no.
    London has grown over many centuries to be where its at today, and in comparison Cape Town is a mere fraction of its age.
    Max is saying a completely valid point. At a time when we should be experimenting and testing the boundries, we’re cashing in on any band that plays ‘rock’, sings vaguely about love and has half an inch of sex appeal.
    Comparisons with the london music industry are dumb and should be reconsidered.

    Just a few thoughts from my end. And this is from someone who has ‘done their time’ in the London music scene.

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  46. ryan/geoff says says:

    fuck the indie/trance/hipster kids! let the hardcore reign!

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  47. Max says:

    Indeed, apologies for the non-functioning links…don’t know what happened, fucking mediafire. Will try get them fixed up.

    Atari Master – you are right, comparing London and CT is stupid, but I don’t think I did that that much, a mere allusion to Cape Town bands’ desire to BE in London.

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  48. yup says:

    The feeling of dishonesty people have surrounding bands who love to suck the shameless self promotion cock in this country seems to be culminating.

    Those of us who truly love music for music who scream ,”Ah jesus for fucksakes!” every time we see another parlotones advert need to remember that for every piece of shit band on MK or in KFC there might just be something honest, intriguing and exceptional happening right under our noses. So let’s not write ourselves off just yet…

    …but I guess if you’re looking for that elusive scene with the DIY ethics and the R10 shows and the hardcore a la Washington DC circa 1981…good fucking luck?

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  49. Anonymous says:

    Punk rock in this country at the moment, and for the last few years (including the glory days mentioned above) is just as much of an empty trend as all the rest. If not even more empty cause it proudly displays it’s ideals on it’s chest, and yet spends more time being drunk and belligerent, and doing so proudly. It’s stupid. You get one idiot in the bathroom ranting about seal clubbing, and the rest of the punters brandishing flaming imported fuck-the-system ideals that they’re cool imported bands tried to make sound important. Raging against the first world system of government! Oh man! Health taxes! This is PUNK ROCK! TITTIES! BEER! THATS HONESTY MAN!

    Fuck that shit.
    Most of the SA punk rock bands, even the ‘thinking’ ones (if we even have such a thing) steer their ships away from actual relevant content and just hype up the ‘FUCK THE MAN, LETS GET DRUNK’ ethos.
    Stupid. Shallow.

    I think what Max mostly wrote about is his own lost youth, where he could find some chords of relation and expression with these bands. I dont think any of them where particularly good, I think they just happened to feature at a time when the scene hadn’t adopted and coughed up all these cliches. Basic things seemed original and important. And I suppose, in that context, they were far more important then.

    But yeah. Basically: punk rock sucks, there is no future of savior for our music scene in that mess. But there is hope. I just highly doubt it’ll come from the punk rock of hXc movement.

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  50. Bob says:

    Couldn’t give a fuck about the comments, good or bad, this is the best article I’ve read all year. Thank you.

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  51. Anonymous says:

    Max, max, he’s our man. If he can write then anyone can.

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  52. misterthomnus says:

    wouldnt it be hilarious if “anonymous” was actually one person all along?

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  53. Anonymous says:

    One man, many opinions. A common theme, here.

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  54. Brett says:

    “who used to scream for armour for nightmares? that dude was a little too high and mighty for me Brett wasn’t far behind to be honest.only good band mentioned – Neshamah”

    You must know me quite well to pass such judgement.

    It’s strange though… you’ll use a pseudonym to diss me by my own name?

    That’s some courageous hardcore pride you’ve got right there dude.

    Here’s an open invitation… come share words with me sometime, the BtE gig tomorrow night would be good.

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  55. Nic says:

    This was a great article, I harbour similar feelings. You could argue that maybe the only reason you feel this way is because of your youth and nostalgia always being sweeter (but I’m just playing the devils advocate).

    Obviously Sleeping at the Popes ended, the next in thing to do was start a metalcore band.

    Haha, love you guys.

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  56. Angela says:

    Why are we harping on Max’s “lost youth”, he is 23, or is that considered old age just for the sake of derision?

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  57. Id says:

    i really liked this

    The so called Cape Town “music scene” is like watching a dog eat its own shit. completely unentertaining and disgusting. ive seen more talent produced in one of my stools. this article deserves to be preached from rooftops to get hipsters and electro indie fuck ups off their higher than thou arses and realise what real music is about. the thought of watching a fruitful hardcore/punk/metal scene die like this is like watching a relative get raped or murdered.you want to kill the talentless ass fuck responisble for the crime.show me a proper blood and guts purple turtle show today and i will perform a miracle. eat my dick

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  58. vuvu lady says:

    To all you freedom-of-opinion-bashing Nazis out there: this is an OPINION piece. If you don’t like what you’re reading here, or what Mahala and its writers have to say on a regular basis – then stop fucking reading! (Where DID you all learn to read anyway?)

    It’s NOT Mahala that’s bad for the Cape Town that’s bad for the Cape Town music scene. How could it be? The scene does enough of a good job obliterating its own credibility by allowing constant nonsense to prevail. If someone wants to write about the festering scab that is ‘the scene’, and about its money-grabbing, judgement-lacking, couldn’t-survive-anywhere-else protectors, trust me, many of us are all ears. It’s about time that someone went about revealing the simple fact that spandex, eyeliner and badly-executed hand jobs cannot smother a basic truth. And it is this: The scene is shit, and it really, really doesn’t have to be.

    Work a bit harder. Practice a bit of humility. And don’t get up on stage if you’re not prepared to be criticised.

    Nice one, Max. Nobody could have said it better.

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  59. Wicked Mike says:

    Hear hear! There are exceptions like Cape Town’s Machineri, Durban’s Habit To and Knysna’s Brent Kozak but the general, music masses suck on themselves…hell knows i don’t want to know what that tastes like.

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  60. naren says:

    That’s right ! it’s all about soul! ! sadly lacking at the moment especially if the parlotones want to sound like coldplay and still end up sounding like a bad cold on stage

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  61. Anonymous says:

    Find the exceptions and support them, find the original acts and support them. Even if its not entirely your flavour – support them. It starts with going to shows – showing up on that shitty wednesday evening and thus, by your attendance and support, convincing the venues to push originality as opposed to what is currently trendy. When we support the artists that arent following trends we support originality in any genre. But it has to start with the punter going to the show. This will drive musicians towards individuality too, trying to be fresh and trying finding their own voice – because originality is what is prized by the audience.

    Bands also need time to develop, so if you see rough potential support it!

    There are original acts in Cape Town, truly talented musicians, find them and support them.

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  62. Max says:

    @Anon, oh don’t worry, we shall, take the Great Apes for example – great fucking band, I will do my best to make sure they are known and respected. This is general comment on the scene as a whole – sure great acts exist, but they are few and far far faaaaar between.

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  63. eddie-gone-by-bye says:

    Try hard, get barred
    Get back, write braille
    “Get jailed, jump bail
    Join the army, if you fail
    Look out kid
    You’re gonna get hit
    But users, cheaters
    Six-time losers
    Hang around the theaters
    Girl by the whirlpool
    Lookin’ for a new fool
    Don’t follow leaders
    Watch the parkin’ meters”

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  64. Anonymous says:

    Who cares…

    The Black Angels – Phosphene Dream

    September 2010…Fuck…Yeah

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  65. Kay says:

    YES WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! FUCKIN FINALLY!!!!!! Thank-you Max!!!!!!!

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  66. Ian James Watson says:

    Don’t worry Max. Your favourite band Throatball is leading the charge, in the name of the underground. Old f*cks who still play music like the last 20 years never happened. Childish, pointless, unbridled, scene-less sh%t! You will be proud of us one day. Thanks for the motivation! Your super harsh review was vitriolic tonic.

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  67. frog says:

    can we get a new multigenre music venue in cape town-THE MAHALA STAGE

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  68. xdoomx says:

    Definitely also an age/scene thing.
    At 18 you think a lot of stuff is cool that a 25year old is sick of seeing for the last 7 years of his life.

    South African music revolves around this age group. Not many people over 25 still go to shows or stay in bands unfortunately, so the gigs and the bands consist of people of that age and younger (shock).. and its all just about the party.

    So essentially we just end up with a very juvenile music scene. A lot of good stuff comes through sometimes, but an easy way to ignore the kak is to pay attention to the bands or people in bands that have been around awhile. Therein lies the passion and heart that your article talks about being missing.

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  69. ShlongDong says:

    United Nations – The Shape Of Punk That Never Came

    Living, loving, searching for nothing.
    If all the classics go out of fashion,
    what will we do with all of the passion?

    Because the shape of punk to come
    never came and will never come.

    Dennis, are you listening?
    Is there something that I’m missing?
    Where is the passion?
    Was it just fiction?
    If that’s the best that we can do,
    well, I’d rather be dead.

    Because the shape of punk to come
    never came and will never come.

    Sometimes false hope is better than nothing at all.
    Sometimes a dying breath can make true words.
    Sometimes false hope is better than nothing at all.
    Sometimes a dying breath can make true words.

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  70. byron says:

    above all i really miss all-age shows happening as regularly as they did , that show Ian organised – War at the Warehouse had the sickest vibe i’ve experienced at a show in cpt in years ….

    it really comes down to how bad people want change , if people love it enough and want something enough – then we’ll see change .

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  71. Anonymous says:

    are you guys all metal heads?

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  72. Pieter says:

    Great article.

    Pretty much the same shit going on in JHB and even more so in PTA. I think the cycle of indie/pop/bellviller’s rock has done great things in terms of making more people take a serious look at local music, but we’re now kind of at this stage where alot of things are getting repetitive, stagnant, and frankly, shit.

    Its all good though, all the arguing is obviously a sign that some people feel the need for change. Guess its just a matter of time.

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  73. Anonymous says:

    Sadly it’s not just the CT music industry but the industry at large that is seeing bands sell out and compromise their authenticity in order to make money. We’ve gone from the ‘music business’ to ‘music vs the business’. The problem also lies with radio – a story in itself.

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  74. Anonymous says:

    strangest thing I ever read ..
    what the fuck constitutes a music scene?
    and who cares anyway?
    where does this guy think he is?

    cape town is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
    and its a goddam battle ground.
    thus- its absolutely impossible that the music “scene” in CT is bollocks.

    this bro has a fundamental misunderstanding of what music actually is, and definately doesnt know where to find it.

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  75. martyparty420 says:

    Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and download the new Conqueror EP.
    What this band does in 2.5mins is beyond words.
    It makes me amped to go to a show again.
    It makes me amped to be a part of something again.

    If you love hxc or anything heavy, you’ll probably dig this.
    If you don’t then i encourage you to post a link to something local you like that i may have not heard yet.
    Instead of bitching, why don’t we all just post links to awesome music, it’s what we all love, it’s why we ever gave a shit in the first place.

    I’ll start:

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  76. Balls Van Helsing says:

    Part of the problem is that we expected teenagers to fall in love with punk rock (broad use of the word) whereas most got into trance, indie rock, electro (nothing wrong with those genres) etc. after school because being cool and accepted is a lot nicer than being a rejected loser and those were what became popular.

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