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These Boobs Are Made For Walking

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 26.08.2011

Every now and again, the opportunity presents itself for the well-meaning among us to come together under the banner of The Greater Good and do something really fucking stupid. Like those Heaven’s Gate cult people. Just everyday folk so concerned with saving our souls, that they thought it essential to go off into the desert and kill themselves en masse …instead of waiting around patiently with the Mormons.

A recent example of well intentioned idiocy, would be the Slutwalk. Now before I get sent a bag of burning bras and a note with a frowny face, let me make it explicitly clear that I think the cause is a good one. I agree: the way a woman dresses does not entitle anyone to violate her in ways beyond her consent. Rather, I take issue with the way the support for, and understanding of the cause is articulated and expressed.

Firstly, one feels compelled to criticise the general tone. Call me old fashioned, but like punishment and crime, I generally like the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of what we say to go hand-in-hand. We abstain from fish for a month in protest of unsustainable fishing practice. We throw blood on a fur coat to highlight the brutal treatment of the fuzzy wuzzies. We sit vigil by candlelight for peace. And just as we wouldn’t attend a June 16th commemoration in fake bullet-wounds, so shouldn’t we slut it up in a bra and a pantie to combat the war waged on women’s bodies. What is this? Book club after 3 bottles of cheap wine? I’m not saying we can’t have fun when we rally together, but in my books the humour should be revealing of wit or insight, not make light (or mockery) of the cause which we highlighting.

Second to consider would be this whole nonsense about ‘reclaiming’ the word ‘slut’. Hmmmm. Slut is in and of itself a gendered and misogynist word – so why we would feel any desire to ‘celebrate’ it is beyond me. Last time I checked, being promiscuous and using one’s sexuality to get attention are not exactly the building blocks of true empowerment. It’s not like taking back a word like nigger, which sought to take something widely perceived as shameful (being black) and turn it into something worth celebrating. And where being black is an identity worthy of pride, what exactly is so great about identifying with being a slut? That’s to say that this whole idea around reclaiming words is even laudable. One could question just how “empowering” this reclaiming of “nigger” was, when popular definition now pegs nigga as the rough sum of guns + bitches + swag + yo.


Another issue with the way in which Slutwalk articulates its take on activism is the matter of exclusion. The whole “put your bra and walk the streets” thing smacks of educated white, middle class privilege. It only makes sense in an environment where both women’s rights and showing skin are generally accepted practice. What about women in communities where promiscuity is stigmatised? Or the areas where corrective rape happens? What effects would it have there? And even among the urban and educated, what about the shy and conservative among us? Or those whose religious beliefs make them feel uncomfortable parading about with their – or others – bodies on show? What room for participation does Slutwalk give them?

Finally, there is the issue of the slightly confused comment Slutwalk makes on the relationship between sex and rape. As we all know, rape is not about sex or sexiness. It’s not about how short your skirt is or how much boob you can see. Men get raped, as do children, grannies and babies. The psychological insight into those who rape, teaches us that rape isn’t something that is invited or provoked. Rapists rape for power and dominance over their victims. Hence the outrage that a cop would ask a woman what she was wearing when her assault occurred. So one hand Slutwalk is saying that sexual provocation is not something that can invite rape, but yet it uses sexual provocation to make its point, thereby still acknowledging a relationship between the two. If Slutwalk is truly for all things women’s lib, why must it use cheap Hiltonian tactics to get and hold our attention? It’s simply not enough to sex up stereotype. Surely, there’s a better way to make that point? A way that challenges prejudice instead of putting it on proud parade? It’s like having an anti-semitism rally where everyone wears a shirt that says “I’m gonna take y’all money LOL”. In short, just because we acknowledge stereotype, doesn’t mean we necessarily combat it.

And if you don’t believe me ask Public Enterprises Minister, Malusi Gigaba. Upon hearing about Slutwalk, he tweeted:

“@Derek_Hanekom No, let’s talk about the slut walk. Now, I wanna attend as an observer. Might get lucky.”

His spokesperson, Makhosini Nkhosi, later admitted that the comment was made “in jest” and “as a result of a misunderstanding”. Which, I guess, says it all.

*Opening image hack by Danni Diana and Bryan Little.

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  1. Megan says:

    Yup. Exactly how I feel too. Thanks for saying it.

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  2. AWE Cape Town says:


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  3. Dan says:

    Another opinion similar to your expressed here – http://dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2011-08-23-a-boy-named-sue-and-a-victim-named-slut

    All in all I agree with what you are saying and thankful that you are not the only one saying it!

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  4. whiteguy108 says:

    you dropped the N bomb, twice.

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  5. Sindy-lou says:

    Equating the activities of SlutWalk with cult suicide is fucking stupid. Picking on the Mormons is childish. Refering to burning bras and frowny faces is patronising. I take issue with the way you articulate and express yourself.

    I don’t know how many times they’ve got to spell it out, but the SlutWalk organisers NEVER demanded that anyone come out in their bras and panties; they called on anyone and everyone, wearing whatever the fuck pleased them, to join them in protest. There was no “‘put your bra and walk the streets’ thing”.

    Are you saying “women’s rights and showing skin” are not accepted practice in South Africa? Is SlutWalk not protesting against those communities where promiscuity is stigmatised? Being shy and conservative means you participate fully-clothed.
    In my opinion, those shy, conservative, religious beliefs should always be trumped by the freedom of choice to wear whatever we please. People should never make their beliefs a burden to others.

    I agree, using the name SlutWalk was a mistake, but only because it was used out of its Canadian context.

    “Why must it use cheap Hiltonian tactics to get and hold our attention?”
    Because otherwise no-one would be listening.

    “Surely, there’s a better way to make that point?”
    How about making some suggestions then, instead of branding it “well-intentioned idiocy”?

    Derek Hanekom is clearly someone who speaks before he thinks or has any understanding; don’t colour the rest of us with the same fucked up brush.

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  6. Lefty says:

    Slut walk isn’t about rape. That’s where everyone gets it wrong, including you when you say rapist rape about power and not about dress/provocation (and on a side note, what is it you think they’re trying to get power over? c’mon). This is not a a cause protesting rape directly, not the war over women’s bodies you’re referring to.

    Slutwalk is protesting a society that tacitly and often legally uses the victim’s lifestyle to dismiss rape as a crime. Don’t want to dress like a slut? March anyway. I did. I also don’t necessarily think ‘slut’ is a great label or one I want applied to me or one that should be reclaimed. But I do believe that we need to wake up to the fact that women and girls get raped and the rapist justifies it to himself because they were being or seeming promiscuous. And yes “educated white, middle class” women get raped too.

    You brought up corrective rape, would a Dyke-walk have garnered this criticism? Or is it just you don’t like dressing up?

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  7. Danni says:

    Hey Sindz

    Nice to have you back, taking the fun out of everything. Boy, I bet you drown your coco pops in milk till theyre just just krispies again. But anyway, aside from the cheap LOLs, what you miss is this:

    “Isn’t an event that is so open to misinterpretation and confusion not defeating its own ends (to educate and inform)?”

    That’s all I ask Sindz. It’s all I ask.

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  8. mel says:

    the whole parade/ charade smacks of “if you can’t beat them, join them”
    uh…no thanks. not today. not ever.
    (thenks gawd you always get it woman!)

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  9. Lili Radloff says:

    Dear Danni Diana,

    The Slutwalk was held to illustrate that not just nice, morally upstanding girls like yourself need to be protected from rape but that girls who choose “being promiscuous and using one’s sexuality to get attention” as a lifestyle also have a right not to be sexually violated. Although after reading this column I’m not so sure about your moral high horse. Good luck with the dismount there.

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  10. brett FISH anderson says:

    hee hee to “I bet you drown your coco pops in milk till theyre just just krispies again.” – excellent post megan – articulated what i am not able to at the moment with my blogging sabbattical. made so many good points.

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  11. Sarah Dee says:

    Nice Danni. I have a bra-burning memory that involves you… 🙂

    Marcuse writes about repressive desublimation. This is the process by which a human drive (like that of female sexuality) is transformed into something socially acceptable, only to find itself subject to the unspoken rules and regulations of the social context of the moment. It seems to me that this explains exactly what is going on with Slutwalk in the age of Capitalism – a feminist campaign whose primary focus is on freedom as expressed in material representation is on step forward and twenty steps back in terms of true liberation of the feminine body.

    Let’s not forget that women are not raped only by strangers when they’re wearing short skirts. Lesbians are raped as punishment, wives are raped by their husbands, little girls are raped by their fathers. The impetus behind rape is not simply unchecked desire by men, its far more complex. It’s about power, it’s about confused masculinities, its about assertion of social hierarchies. Staking your claim on a doubtful term doesn’t do anything to work against this, fellow women-folk. It’s more likely that it does quite the opposite.

    We don’t need to hide behind fishnets – lets get on the streets in our ordinary daily, attire (or in nothing at all!) and defend our right to be what we choose to be – a little chubby, slutty, lesbian, mother, transexual, christian, black, white whatever. Let’s not turn our femininity into farce. We’re so much more than sluts.

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  12. Sarah Dee says:

    How about we reclaim that dirty F word – “Feminist”?

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  13. Danni says:

    Lili: since when did “Slut” become a lifestyle choice? Is there a Slut Weekly I can buy to find out more about it?

    Also, in the face of HIV, STI’s and the like, is advocating this lifestyle choice wise? Lastly, I don’t say anywhere that choosing to be a “slut” makes one deserving of rape. I just question what about the term is so attractive to identify with.

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  14. Danni says:

    And also what Sarah said.

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  15. Neil says:

    I don’t think anyone would be debating “Upstanding Citizen Walk,” so for that reason alone Slutwalk is a great name.

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  16. JM Koet$ee says:

    Well said, all in all, original article and retorts to your critics.

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  17. @Neil says:

    Totally. I mean, it’s not like we can highlight this issue in any other way except with our boobs. Brains are so 90’s!

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  18. @Lili Radloff says:

    So is what you’re saying then that Slutwalk is about actual sluts out there banding together in celebration of their lifestyle choice? What kind of a cause is that? Should be called Slutpride then, and not masquerade as being backed by any meaningful cause.

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  19. Sarah Dee says:

    It’s not just boobs being used to highlight an issue, its boobs IN SEXY LINGERIE. It’s cleavage. It’s titties. Boobs are great, we have them, and we should use them, and we should show them, but it seems Slutwalks operates utterly within in the mode of fetishism, rather than trying to escape it.

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  20. Nthabi says:

    Malusi Gigaba is the minister of Public Enterprises

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  21. Andy says:

    I think you make some interesting points, that could have perhaps been explained in a less flippant tone. And no, it’s not because I don’t get your sense of humour or I’m a bore or whatever so please don’t throw me some one-liner about rice krispies. I just think this is a serious topic and your approach is a little heavy-handed and unconsidered.

    You say:
    “i[Slutwalk] uses sexual provocation to make its point”. No it doesn’t. Look at that picture of the walk – do you see anything particularly provocative about the way the marchers are dressed? There were children present, and lots of men, for goodness’ sake.

    Also you say: “Slut is in and of itself a gendered and misogynist word – so why we would feel any desire to ‘celebrate’ it is beyond me”.

    Well, obviously, as you point out, the whole reappropriation of derogatory terms is controversial, but the point is that “we” should reclaim a word so that it is no longer an insult, or something stigmatised. In a way, by using ‘slut’ in a new sense, Slutwalk is actually ridding the word of its meaning, and its ability to determine the lives of women. Or at least that’s the radical aim. To completely dismiss that argument with a smug “Hmmm” is a little silly. I’m not saying I’m totally comfortable with that idea – like you say, it can appear to just re-assert the offensiveness of the term, but I think you can at least give more credence to the impulse behind this.

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  22. Lili Radloff says:

    No @Lili Radloff. It is about women standing together to create awareness around the pervasive victim-blaming culture. It’s about saying it’s not okay to blame victims of sexual abuse even if that victim is a slut or a even a sex worker. I actually bothered to attend and there were women from all walks of life. And men. And children. I was there with my husband and we were both dressed perfectly normally. Because I might live a monogamous lifestyle but I do not judge women who don’t. And I don’t think that you should deserve less respect from the police, a judge and society in general just because you choose differently.

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  23. Sarah Dee says:

    Slutwalk calls out for flippancy. It calls itself satire. It should be able to absorb responses like the tone of this article, or even that of Gigaba’s tweet. Sow what you want to reap.

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  24. Andy says:

    OK that Andy is not Andy from Mahala – dude don’t ride on my moniker –

    And apologies for messing the minister’s name and portfolio – all fixed now.


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  25. old grumpypants says:

    Don’t be too quick to condemn someone who works in advertising when they suggest that your idea has been badly packaged.

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  26. Sarah Dee says:

    Anyone who felt delirious and pleasurable release as a result of Slutwalk should go and research the psychological defence of “acting out”.

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  27. Andy B says:

    @Mahala Andy – sorry, I didn’t intend to imitate anyone – was just using my real name 🙂 – apologies for any resulting confusion!

    @SandraDee I think that the origins of SlutWalk are deadly serious – it’s not really intended to be farcical, as far as I can tell (although satire and farce are obviously two different things, too). I don’t actually think they have called themselves satire, although you may view it in that way.

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  28. SupSlutz says:

    Here’s a guy sees a slut:

    Somebody who’s fucking dumb enough to screw him on his terms. At times most men want a bit of no-strings-attached consensual sex with whichever dumbass is there to give it to them. We can’t get pregnant, you can’t try slip it in our poephol and claim it was bad aim, really, for every masochistic fuckhead out there a slut is a dream come true. If you don’t know that you need to get out of your university department and see how guys treat sluts. Or better yet try sluton, and take a march with your three kids of uncertain patrileneage, begging the government for free anti-gonorrhoea drugs, while you do kegel exercises to prevent your vagina from pro-lapsing. The only guy you’ll ever have by your side is opportunists or dickwads who don’t have the ability or confidence to get a woman with a bit more self respect into bed.

    No what guys want in a PARTNER – as opposed to a free-for-hire whore – is somebody with enough self respect to make them wait for sex. Somebody with enough self respect not to hang their tits out at every available opportunity, somebody faithful, who’s not so self-fucked by narcissism that they don’t have a hope in hell of investing in their partner, marriage or children.

    Women who value themselves realise that they have real value, and therefore is extremely selective in terms of whom she shares that value with. The last thing they’d do is go on some dumb-fuck march through town, photos of wish are no doubt being jizzed over by genuine rapists who’re planning to attend the next one for some photo ops and wank-fantasy fodder.

    And the whole double standard thing is feminism at its most retarded. Men do not automatically take on themselves the right to be ‘sluts’ most guys I know who know guys who sleep around think they are diseased fucktards, and most guys I know don’t sleep around. They don’t walk around with their shirts open and gold chains rubbing over their oiled nipples, and curly black chest-pubes. Most guys I know who sleep around suffer from low self esteem, lack of direction, and watching too much television. They’re fuckheads just like their female counterparts.

    Modesty and dignity, self value – those sound like nice values. Sticking your cock or tits in my face, not so much.

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  29. Danni says:

    AndyB: Well that’s precisely my point. The origins of slutwalk ARE serious, which is why i take issue with the “cheeky” and farcical nature of the event. Duh. As for my tone having to be supa-serial just cause the cause is… who ever made that rule? And anyway, if you read the subtext, I make fun of slutwalks ideological disparity, not of its intended cause. In fact, its in acknowlegement of the gravity of the cause, and in support of it, that i challenge slutwalks right to make claims about having any sort of claim on it.

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  30. I really wish says:

    That these Sluts would quit being so damned whoremoanal

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  31. Anonymous says:

    I heard the interview with the actress who brought the slutwalk ‘brand’ to SA. Whenever a difficult question was asked she would just ramble on about ‘the brand’…..bimbo – now reclaim that

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  32. Sarah Dee says:

    @ Anonymous

    I’ve also heard the brand argument quite a lot. In Durban, I heard that the original organiser bailed because she had problems with the name, and wanted to call it “Not a Slut” walk or something along those lines. Many of the objections were along the lines of not transgressing the defnition of the original brand.

    It ties up with my comment above regarding repressive desublimation within a culture of capitalism, but it also ties up with an argument regarding libertarianism and the illusion of freedom in third wave feminism that centres on the exploitation of supposedly liberated feminine sexuality for empowerment, one that is invariably commodified. I found this on another site that had difficulties with Slutwalk:

    “One of SlutWalk’s biggest problems is its active effort to decontextualize patriarchy to a super libertarian wet dream of personal preference, without really seeing that the stubborn I’ll-do-whatever-I-want individualism is one of the primary contradictions women face. In reality, women’s disempowerment is institutional, and no amount of visioning the world as one of doing whatever women want takes away the self-doubt women are taught and the limits on what a society that is still anti-woman places on them.”

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  33. Lili Radloff says:

    Hey @Sarah Dee. Now that is a proper argument unlike the one above. Which website are you quoting from?

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  34. Andy B says:

    @Danni I’d rather you didn’t assume that my comment is motivated by a lack of attention to your article. I get what you’re saying, and I picked up the subtext and your commentary on the ideological disparity which you see as inherent in SlutWalk. I don’t want to get into an argument about the tone of your article – I wasn’t suggesting some universal rule of accordance between subject and tone. I understand the style you were going for, and your motivation for writing the article in this way, even if I don’t find it that effective in this case.

    Mostly though, I’m just wondering whether the walk is actually as farcical and over-the-top as you make it out to be – because as far as I know there is no insistence that people come dressed up in silly or provocative outfits. I think the element of SlutWalk that you are criticising is actually a marginal element of the whole endeavour.

    Perhaps someone who attended one of the events could make more educated comments than mine about the spirit in which the walks are actually carried out.

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  35. CFA says:

    Now please organise a Complete Fucking Asshole Walk so that complete fucking assholes can walk the streets and protest against the high incidence of poes-klaps/grevious bodily harm incidents that they are subjected to, and hey, get schools involved too, bring your mom and dad, vandalize some shit, insult someone you don’t know. Come on – get your asshole on! CFA FTW!!

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  36. Sarah Dee says:


    Interestingly, I have come across a vast amount of critical commentary of Slutwalk on websites focused on lesbian and black communities around the world, who have felt marginalised, and often hurt, by Slutwalk. Despite what people say, I was at the Durban Slutwalk, and it was far from being a diverse, all-inclusive event. There were some men there, but mostly white men dressed grotesquely in drag, in some kind of Commedia dell’Arte performance of feminine sexuality.

    The fact that large chunks of the female population feel excluded by the event should be a flashing red indicator to people about what underpins the movement.

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  37. Boring says:

    Slut walk is not the way.

    I think its like walking into a pride of lions covered in blood and then having a march to say we shouldn’t blame being covered in blood for enticing the lions. Rapists are like animals. Its wrong and its evil. But it exists. Just like theft and murder. Its like walking down a dark alley holding R200 notes in the air and having a march that says “don’t blame me for flashing my cash around muggers, its not my fault!”.


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  38. Danni says:

    AndyB: The point of activism is for the cause to be understood and supported by more than just the participants. It’s silly that I shouldn’t be allowed to make comment based on the fact that I didn’t attend. It’s not like it’s a party i didn’t go to that i’m claiming sucked….

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  39. Johann says:

    Danni Diana is clever and funny. If you don’t ‘get’ her,then you’re not clever and funny.

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  40. Poster says:

    Not happy about the use of the N word, here. Or that even being used as an analogy. Why does everyone have to piggy back on blackness to validate things oppression-wise? We’re still living in Hell, and not quite ready to stand in as the textbook.

    Not quite yet.

    Other than that I see your point.

    In the end, though, let’s be honest. South Africa can use whatever it gets. I appreciate that walk. It’s a step.

    “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it fell in one.”

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  41. Andy says:

    Andy we encourage and salure real name use. Big ups

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  42. The Dreaded Lurgy says:

    Brilliant article. Articulate and on the money.

    My only gripe is the obligatory reference to “white middle class”, but I suppose Mahala article writing guidelines must not be contravined.

    Still, great piece.

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  43. david koresh says:

    The heaven’s gate cult reference doesn’t work. They weren’t an out spoken bunch nor did they few members kill themselves ‘ en masse in the desert’. They did it from the comfort of their own home. You really should do your research when using such niche references, it makes you look like an idiot.

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  44. Danni says:

    Whether they killed themselves in the desert or from the comfort of their own home is irrelevant, it still makes them fucking stupid. Which is was what I was trying to highlight, that people+together+good intentions+missing the point can sometimes equal fucking stupid. I wasn’t equating the HGC with Slutwalk as “causes”. Which is why it’s also a moot point that one is outspoken*, the other isnt. But now that you mention it, I guess Sluwalk does have culty aspects, as it takes advantage of people’s vulnerabilities, refuses to acknowlege or absorb critique and shuns “the nonbelievers”, so to speak

    Also, even if the comparison was in some way garbled, it would hardly unravel the argument… it’s not like it presents a hypothesis on which the rest is based.

    So yeah. You should really work on your comprehension skills before passing snide judgement…your failure to do so is making YOU look like the idiot (despite your clever cryptic nod to how well researched you are by using david koresh as your moniker)

    *this is also debatable. how truly “outspoken” is any cause that starts babbling brand speak when interrogated? That shuts down the forum for debate around the issues it alledges to illluminate? Slutwalk’s message may be loud, but it certainly isn’t clear.

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  45. Anonymous says:

    authors should never engage in the comments section. both author and lilu are idiots, sorry to say this, but the arguments on both sides are weak and forced. as far as im concerned slutwalk is a stupid fucking gathering to start with and i dont think that any possible logic exists to explain why it exists.

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  46. david koresh says:

    You’ve made my day, see you later at the P&G 🙂
    x x x

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  47. onlyopinion says:

    Even if everyone doesn’t completely agree with you, I’m glad you have voiced this opinion. The whole slutwalk has this cheapness to it which has totally missed the point of it’s just intentions. it reminds me of the breast cancer awareness bra-thing on facebook..

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  48. ling-ling says:


    The Misconception: You celebrate diversity and respect others’ points of view.

    The Truth: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe others are wrong just because they are others.

    Just saying.

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  49. Nadia says:

    Wow guys, so much hate!

    Here’s my take on things: there are 50 odd comments to this article. Would that be the case if the walk were called something else?

    Regardless of what you think of the name, it’s working in terms of awareness and debate.

    And in response to @Anonymous… “Whenever a difficult question was asked she would just ramble on about ‘the brand’…..bimbo – now reclaim that”

    The brand of slutwalk is very relevant – perhaps rambling, I didn’t hear it, but the truth is Slutwalk JHB is not the same as Toronto etc. It is using the brand of Slutwalk to create awareness while trying to stop victim blaming. It is a campaign of awareness, not anything else. In terms of reclaiming the word bimbo?

    Anonymous your brave person you, throwing insults with no name and no context. Sounds to me, dear friend, that you are in fact the bimbo and should partake in the walk @CFA mentioned, for Complete Fucking Arseholes.

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  50. anon says:

    Brilliant! Well written!

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  51. Walter says:

    In amongst all the puerile nonsense in some of both the article and many of the comments are some really insightful comments.

    I wonder if those condemning sluts actually realise the irony of it all, that they are demonstrating exactly the slut baiting behaviour that the movement is trying to highlight, in their condemnation is the demonstration of slutwalk success.

    Slutwalk in Johannesburg on Sept 24, will also have people walking dressed in their day to day clothes and they will be of all races, and men and woman and straight and gay, they will be of all ages only some will be provocative.

    On a superficial level its got to do with clothing. But on a deeper level its to do with a society that turns normal behaviour into an insult in order to control that behaviour (innocent virgins have been branded sluts) and to challenge a sexist culture that that tells women NOT TO GET raped rather than telling men NOT TO rape. People really do blame the victims for sexual assault.

    At the moment the organisers are excited that the debate is raging – even if only some is constructive – because its a step in the process – for amongst the readers who read this will be a few – maybe one or two – maybe one or two hundred or one or two thousand who will wonder whether their attitude is part of the problem.

    Because this is about unsettling deep seated societal norms and replacing them to make a world which is just a little safer for everyone.

    Thank you – all of you, for your contribution to Slutwalk’s worldwide success.

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  52. Tarah says:

    Hi all.. I attended the durban Slutwalk… and yes I get and understand the reactions behind all the above comments… believe it or not you all have valid arguments… I wrote the following note after the walk coz lots of people asked why i had attended… now don’t get offended it is MY OPINION and was my own note, just thought i would share (I know I am opening myself up to criticism… but what the hell)

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  53. Al says:

    Well done Danni!

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  54. Brett says:

    The 1 in 9 Campaign’s Silent Protest at Rhodes Univeristy is far more effective example of protesting this issue.
    Check out the links below:

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  55. Natalie says:

    Well said Dannie!

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  56. Grak says:

    wow, thats a lotta response and its a beautiful thing to see so much energy going into discussing such an important topic (the way that rape is dealt with). I’m not too sure if anyone has said this already but I want to say it again any way. I totally agree with your disapproval of the intention behind the use of the word slut. Also I think its great that you noted those people who don’t consider promiscuity as being a thing that they strive for in life. I think that you would have got an even better response to your article if you had linked the fact of the use of the word slut more concretely with this latter point but otherwise, hooorah for stimulating conversation.

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