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The Wrong Idea

by Andrei Van Wyk / Images by Paris Brummer / 31.01.2012

Between 2006 and 2008 Fokofpolisiekar was probably the most influential rock band in South Africa. People of every race have listened to, and enjoyed their music. Their lines were powerful, filled with depth, challenging conventions within traditional Afrikaans culture, and South African culture at large. They took a critical look at concepts such as Tradition, Angst, Despair and the Christian Faith. But more importantly, their lyrics supported the idea that Afrikaaners, and whites in general, are “African”. Being African transcends race or culture. Fokof lyrics called for a kind of unity, poetically pushing Afrikaans culture off it’s pedestal, arguing that the Afrikaans people aren’t the perfect race, the way many conservatives have tried to make it seem. In the documentary film Forgive them for they know not what they do Hunter Kennedy, Fokof’s primary lyricist, states:

“…And I think after a while we just realized that no one really knows… you know… and we were pissed off that people actually acted like they have answers, when no one actually has. So I think that’s how we felt cheated… like… ‘Fuck you for putting us through this, why didn’t you tell us that you didn’t know either.'”

This was Fokof’s Zenith. The rejection of Afrikaans culture as an ‘ultimate’, or objective, truth which everyone follows blindly. The urge for people to question the post-apartheid Afrikaans suburban norm; to poke, prod and provoke in the search for a common reality.

Fokof - Band Heroes

But today I’m an alien at Fokofpolisiekar gigs. It used to be a place where a sense of acceptance ran freely, where thought was rational and just. Now I find myself eavesdropping on conversations that have the word “kaffir” peppering the badly structured sentences, cut short every time my presence is felt. There’s a feeling of detestation and fear within the voices of these kids. This fuels an anger running through a revived backward ideology. Somewhere along the road of massive commercial success, the band’s message seems to have been misconstrued. A reactionary audience that misses the “question everything” nuance and the rejection of failed ideologies and rather inteprprets Fokof as an exercise in reinvigorated Afrikaans nationalism.

The band sought to open a new mindset for Afrikaaners, but that has been taken and abused by a generation willing to capitalize on the dated ideas of Anarchism and ‘necessary’ self-destruction. Before, their lyrics have been seen as criticisms of Afrikaaner Conservatism, but lines have been bent and twisted. Like:

“Ek’s net ‘n toeris; in my geboorteland;’n gekwesde dier in ‘n hok op antibiotika”

Fokof - God

The poetry has morphed from displays of dissatisfaction with personal circumstances to a call to arms against an enemy that doesn’t exist. These lyrics are interpreted by many as a call to build a pride within one another. And the most dangerous thing that could arise in our country, now, is ‘pride’. When pride is brought into the interactions between the individuals of a particular race, the ability to sincerely critique one’s own circumstances and beliefs is lost and reduces the chances to move forward inclusively. It most often leads to a violent hatred towards everyone who holds views which are considered different, or foreign, to your own belief system, caste or culture. When something is ‘foreign’ it is clearly an indication of one’s ignorance. And, in that, the band has fuelled a new breed of Afrikaans conservatism. This sense of ignorance is evident in the beliefs of many who interpret Fokofpolisiekar as an expression of Afrikaans nationalism.

Insecurities about the ‘new South Africa’ has been a defining characteristic in the development of the post-apartheid Afrikaaner youth. Concepts such as BEE and land reform and the threat of dispossession have left many disillusioned with the new social order. A sense of pervasive alienation lingers where nationbuilding was supposed to happen. Fokofpolisiekar’s lyrics that engage so directly with this post-apartheid Afrikaans malaise, from a personal perspective, can easily be twisted into a polemic for a new Afrikaaner struggle in a South Africa run by a post-liberation black government. And in doing so, they have completely lost the point.

Fokof - Francois

But there has been a crack in the wall of the bands influence. In 2006 Wynand Myburgh wrote ‘Fok God’ on the wallet of Afrikaans singer Bobby van Jaarsveld during a drunken, barroom debate about relgion. This caused a massive uproar amongst the conservative Christian community and, in turn, propelled the band’s name to a much wider audience.
Today the band’s main audience are young Afrikaaners in suburbs and small towns dotted around South Africa. And although this makes up a large and bankable constituency, the fact remains – their following does not even make up a quarter of the country’s population. Coloured people, native Afrikaans speakers, are excluded from the Afrikaans national identity and do not, for lack of a better phrase, give a fuck about Fokofpolisiekar. There are very few coloured people who actually see Fokofpolisiekar as influential or groundbreaking. Nor do they see the significance behind their music. And while some have realized the true artistic merit in Fokofpolisiekar’s music, the band is frequently categorised on the shelf with other best selling Afrikaans treffer musicians like Steve Hofmeyr and Nicholas Louw.

And yet, despite it’s true revolutionary intent, the music of Fokofpolisiekar has little to no influence over the majority of South Africans and seems increasingly misconstrued by their own constituency. And in the absence of a truly inclusive national identity, many have lost faith. A generation of youths, across the colour line, living in radically different and divided environments, drag their feet with a similar bitterness. Those in the suburbs and the townships share similar feelings of nihilism and apathy. Worlds apart they search for something different. Something they haven’t found yet.

Fokof - Opening Image

Fokof - Fokof Follwers

*All images © Paris Brummer.

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  1. Roger says:

    Afrikaaners need to stop being so damn insecure, anyway Fokof is probably one of the most over rated bands in South Africa. See you at JoziFest losers.

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  2. Ched says:

    Do not misconstrue false and immature notions of Anarchism for a true sense and understanding of what Anarchism actually is distilled to: The elimination of human greed. A facile notion, but hey, one can only dream. Anyway.

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  3. Jc says:

    C’mon I think fokof realise the power afrikaans nationalism has when it comes to selling music (think De la rey) and they are pandering to this demographic a little with “personal” songs like antibiotika that can be interpreted as racially charged (the music video was them fighting an enormous black mass in the desert). The band is smart enough to know that this is the only way to unite their tiny target market of white afrikaans speakers behind them.

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  4. Pascal says:

    Sham 69 styles.

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  5. KOL says:

    early Fokof was just an Afrikaans version of AT THE DRIVE-IN

    English rockers were getting their punk rock on long before the Afrikaners sodimized that bands music

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  6. Liz(zard) says:

    Andrei, you begin with the fans are kak and end with the band is kak. Which one of the two is the article suppose to be about?

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  7. Jono says:

    Was it not Bobby’s brother’s wallet? I think the whole thing is detailed in the film. Just for the sake of clarity.

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  8. Wrong idea says:

    I lost a lot, if not all respect for Fokof when my band opened up for them last year at a massive show with easily 1000+ people. The show was awesome and went well. Fokof weren’t willing to give us a 100bucks bar tab let alone some of the door money. You were once a struggling band battling to make ends meet. At a show were you cleared 40k just from door money, you cant give another band a cent…? Im sorry but fuck you guys.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    For fuck sakes, its spelled “Afrikaner”

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  10. Luke says:

    oh this old yarn.

    really though, does anyone with actual sense care about this band or ‘movement’ anymore? oh so you’re white and upset with the government? that’s nice.

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  11. Luke says:

    @Wrong Idea

    musicians are assholes. big surprise that one.

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  12. Johan Swarts says:

    In a way, I agree with you. I too lost faith.

    IMO, Fokof’s biggest problem is that they failed to follow up their questions with answers. They had Afrikaans youths’ (and Afrikaners in general) full attention. They questioned the Oranje Blanje Blou bullshit that was fed to us in classrooms and church halls even well into the early nineties and they got us angry about it. They questioned Afrikaner authority. They questioned Christianity. This was excellent.

    They gave their followers a cathartic experience, but it never went further than that. They never really lyrically explored what it means to be an Afrikaner (or a South African, for that matter) after 1994. They didn’t deal with AIDS, xenophobia, poverty, current politics or the entrenched power structures of white capital. They didn’t help the white kids deal with their own blindness to their own privilege.

    They murdered the conservative Afrikaans identity, but failed to suggest what should replace it.

    Dis maklik om te kritiseer. Dis veel moeiliker om ‘n oplossing aan te bied. They never even tried.

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  13. skoppensboer says:

    get what you’re saying in the sense that there are a lot of diknek jocks at their gigs, who say the k-word a lot, and such as and etc. and this doesn’t correspond with what their gigs were initially like and supposed to be like. yes it sucks.

    but your article is really not thought-through properly, it sounds like the kind of essay you write at university when you have too much time left during an exam and are using this time to write random crap to fill the pages that sounds and feels genius to you at the time, but isn’t.
    these often lead to contradictions such as :
    ” People of every race have listened to, and enjoyed their music. ” (first paragraph)


    “Coloured people, native Afrikaans speakers, are excluded from the Afrikaans national identity and do not, for lack of a better phrase, give a fuck about Fokofpolisiekar” (second last paragraph)

    so if you want to win people over with your argument, stop writing out of your arse.

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  14. Fokkof Fan says:

    Yes they have their stance on religion and if you dont agree dont listen to it who’s forcing you!? They may not be a revolutionary band to all of south africa but who is? Nicholas Louw? Fokkof was to me and thats why I love them and always will, let them be, if there is a following who completely miss the point and conjure a want to start anarchy Im not worried, what are a bunch of pasty kids who still live at home going to do thats so terrible that previous misconstruded kids havent already? Break down schools that were given for free? Burn shit in streets becuase they arent getting what they want? Krap op skoolbanke? Im quivering in my skinnies! And the guy who commented on how fokkof didnt give them shit when your band opened for them, nobody gave them shit and look were they are, instead of wanting charity from guys who made it why dont you set that goal for yourself and work man, those guys have bills too!

    BTW isnt just a little fun typing FOKKOF the whole time heehee

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  15. Fokkof Fan says:

    Easy too say they didnt give answers, who says they have them, they are still figuring it out for themselves, maybe one will find a few answers if you’re lucky but thats the beauty of it all, its up to the individual to ponder about this and seek his own answers. A fuckload of musicians have only questioned certain things in their lives and left the people listening to work it out for themselves, you sound lazy.

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  16. Nanna says:

    Dear Mahala. Are you now just scraping at the bottom of the journalistic barrel? Andrei is an over opiniated teenager who’s favourite albums of 2011 included lady gaga and RHCP. He was, like, 12 when fokof started, so any allusions to “how things have changed” are pretend. he couldn’t even get into the shows long after they went on hiatus. Anybody who’s spoken to Andrei also knows that he has a massive chip on his shoulder about being mixed race. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but one so misinformed and unsubstantiated, appallingly written and by a kid with his chops is downright embarrassing for you guys.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    @Wrong idea – Andrei, is that you?

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  18. Buks says:

    The question is who really cares, the band are dying faster than their receding hairlines.

    The fact that they are in numerous side-projects means they know they are dying faster than than their newby followings are growing hence milking it while they can and following the Parlodrones machine and cashing in whilst the proverbial iron is lukewarm.

    So yes the were once the all glorious voice for the lost youth, but now as with all bands that make their mark need to pay for weddings etc and babies on the way, which leads to that other all encompassing question- who cares?

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  19. nrvs says:

    Johan Swarts – dude you’re expecting too much from a bunch of musicians.

    These are songwriters and performers, not publicly elected officials who have some kind of responsibility to their followers.

    Just because they’re culturally significant they now have to propose solutions to “AIDS, xenophobia, poverty, current politics or the entrenched power structures of white capital”.

    There’s only room on this earth for one Midnight Oil.

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  20. Johan Swarts says:

    @nrvs – “These are songwriters and performers, not publicly elected officials who have some kind of responsibility to their followers.”

    True. But it would have be nice.

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  21. Johan Swarts says:

    One could also argue that *someone* had to kick conservative Afrikaner identity in the nuts (in the mainstream – it has been done countless times in the decades before, but it remained on the fringes) and that them doing it was actually rather praiseworthy. Maybe that was their only job.

    Maybe the problem isn’t Fokof, but the myriad of brainless Afrikaans bands trying to emulate them who thus far were unable to further the conversation.

    “Kyk, ek is fokken cool – ek hou ‘n kitaar vas en ek’s op MK!”

    Uh huh – en hoe dink jy het jou pa vir daai kitaar betaal?

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  22. FPK fan says:

    there is always some fuckball whiter who has nothing better to white about, if you are bored with life, go have a shit or wash someone’s car, don’t bring up old news that everyone already knows, i mean really for fuck sakes

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  23. Prawn says:

    Written by a laaitie. Commented on by English chops who didn’t get it.

    “Fokof’s biggest problem is that they failed to follow up their questions with answers”

    These questions aren’t meant to be answered. Questions asked in Fokof songs are to inspire thought and question further.

    Their glory days are over, but jirre, they brought something fresh and next level when they “arrived” in 2004

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  24. Clifford says:

    This is an exaggerated, overly opinionated diary entry about something that happened too long ago to be of interest, by a person who can not even spell one of his central themes, ‘Afrikaner’. Why Mahala?

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  25. donnie says:

    @Johan Swarts

    Most bands won’t deal with AIDS or xenophobia because it doesn’t sell records. In this case it wouldn’t suit the tastes of the crowd and their brandy-fuelled angst.
    The questioning of South African/Afrikaans identity was very important.
    I don’t think anyone could expect more from Fokof.
    Good luck finding bands with ideas on improving things in South Africa, or really looking at identity issues.
    Nice comment on MK, too many kak bands getting airtime

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  26. Andy says:

    Here’s an idea: Listen to it if you like it and dont press play if you don’t like it. No need to go and over think it in a thousand words. Not everyone write songs (sorry, I mean lyrics) about pomping bitches or tjoklits coming out of babies.

    How many of these Mahala writers are are failed musicians or artists? Hands up… don’t be skaam.

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  27. Rebel Man says:

    Politically charged music always gets absorbed by the mainstream, and so dissolves it’s influence. Opposite to the intended effect. The truth is that the status quo is so ingrained in society that the bell curve levels all…

    When I was younger I would put on Rage Against The Machine’s “Wake Up!” to motivate myself out of bed and off to technikon. The irony was lost on me at the time.

    I think that Fokof may have had an intention with their lyrics, but one cannot deny the possibility that there fame had nothing to do with what they were saying. People could sense that they were pissed off, and the were pissed off in Afrikaans! Now that was cool…

    A similar thing happened to white South Africans when apartheid was lifted and SA music boomed.

    Racism is rife in SA, in all cultures. If fact, we are hard wired to notice difference in everything, so difference in skin color is a default setting. And even if we move beyond racism when we all turn chinese, we still have to deal with the myriad religions that plague this world.

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  28. Andy says:

    @Johan – they don’t have to give an answer to any of the problems. It is not their job, is it? Think of the DA – as opposition party, they just oppose most what the ANC is saying and in some cases come up with a workable solution.

    I think it would be lame for a band to sing about stuff they don’t have to sing about. You want them to write a song about AIDS and an imagenery cure? You want them to sing about xenophobia? Why? They (and don’t take this wrong) are white kids from the subburbs, not people from townships dealing with migrant workers “stealing” their jobs.

    If you want to prescribe to bands, then scrutinise al the black musicians and see what solutions they came up with.

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  29. Neil says:

    Ek’s Afrikaans. Toevallig. In jou eksposisie meld jy dat Fokof geweet het niemand actually iets weet nie. Hierdie skrywe perpetuate daai sentiment. Kan jy moontlik help? Ek wil graag weet waar is die ander stemme van misnoeë? Waar is die ekwivalent van onder meer die “sestiger” skrywers binne vandag se status quo? Waar is die aktiewe kunstenaars wat geen feil daarin het om om ons aan die dink te sit oor die ondraaglikheid van “life as it were” nie. Ek sien hulle – Vrydagaande dronk in hulle BEE karre by The Black op Ferreira straat. Ek weet want ek woon hier. Tussen hulle. Ironies dat dit nooit die Black Civil Rights movement van Dokter King was nie, maar bloot “Die Civil Rights Movement”. Wat sing Nina Simone van die Backlash Blues? Ai, die lotsbestemming. Ek kan praat oor die psigiese implikasies van my en my soort se vergrype, teleurstellings en wandade. Ek kan jou selfs help my broer om nie daai selle paadjie te stap nie. Probleem is dat jy weet van beter, en jou onaantasbaarheid van die morele hoëgrond waarin jy leef met ‘n smile en ‘n plettervat uitleef. Ek’s happy vir jou my broer, maar ek huil ook, want jy’t gedink die “liberation” was die einde, pleks van die begin. Jy lyk mooi in jou nuwe baadjie. Dit sou vir my nice wees as jy dit in jou geskiedenisboeke so aanteken – dat ek dit vrywillig vir jou gegee het, maar al wat ek tot dusver kon raaklees is hoe heldhaftig jy en jou kamerade in die naam van geregtigheid volhard het. Nuwe baadjies, nuwe polisiekarre, maar die lywe bly maar dieselfde. Fokof. Hoe durf mens hul uitdaag tot oplossings? Ons self moet die oplossings vind, hulle het bloot die spieel opgehou. Nou laaik ons nie wat ons sien nie. Ek digress. En ek weet ook actually min, maar ek hoop jy’t voor eie deur gevee, ek sal bitterlik ongelukkig wees as daar stof op daai baadjie kom.

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  30. nrvs says:

    The fact that most of the comments here are only made to belittle the writer and do nothing to debate the points in a meaningful way probably says more about the average Mahala reader than it says about Mahala.

    Keep up the good work. There are many here who don’t view your analyses with this kind of disdain and bitterness. Kinda sad if you think about it.

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  31. Filipa says:

    wow this is an incredibly well written article! Thanks Andrei!

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  32. Daniel Neville says:

    What @nrvs said…

    The pure fact the the majority of people who comment on here can’t engage in a meaningful debate devalues the writing and analysis itself – infact its the worst thing about Mahala….

    Andy – starting to think you really do need to moderate these comments or at the very least force people to put a real name to them.

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    our new van coke kartel video shows how relevant we really are and what kak taste you all have!!!

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  34. nrvs says:

    Moderation will be a pain in the neck for site admin.
    The community must moderate itself.
    Does the ‘kak’ vote count towards removing a comment like with some other sites?
    If so, we should just start getting into the habit of voting against overwhelmingly stupid comments like some of these above.

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  35. Format says:

    Wow; a whole lot of debate ignited by what seems to be a pointless article.
    I’ve been keeping tabs on these boys since the days of New World Inside – and even if I don’t agree with a lot of the things they say and do since they’ve started Polisiekar, I don’t see the relevance in slamming them from your personal point of view. And I say personal, because I don’t see you having done any research other than reading lyrics and going to a gig. Maybe talk to kids, teenagers, 20-something year old’s and maybe a couple of 30+ers of different races, that has their pulse on the heartbeat of SA – this might just do this debate good.
    Andrei, why don’t you have a sit down with the band and ask them the questions that so obviously bothers you? Maybe that’s not a bad place to start – seeing as you are a bit young to have actually been around when the band formed an identity…

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  36. misinterpreted says:

    @format…you need to read the article again – its not at all about dissing fokof the band, its a mere opinion of the fokofpolisiekar audience is like…

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  37. nrvs says:

    Hey Format.
    Why don’t you do us a favour and quote the sections out of the article where the writer ‘slammed’ the band. I suspect you either didn’t read it at all, or you have some serious comprehension challenges.

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  38. misinterpreted says:


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  39. Kian says:

    It is so fashionable on Mahala for English writers to write Afrikaner bashing reviews on Afrikaans culture. The writers usually revert back to stereotypical notions of what the Afrikaner is.They simply cannot deconstruct and get over this creation of theirs. I guess its a lot of fun to review and bash the other all the time. But is also very colonial and as inappropriate as a British accent in Langa. The fact is that the Afrikaner is actually creating some of the most thought provoking things on the South African cultural scene: Die Antwoord, Conrad Botes, Wim Botha, Lien Botha, Zander Blom, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Marthinus Basson, Anton Kannemeyer, Pieter Hugo, Hendrik Hofmeyer, Antjie Krog, Breyten Breytenbach. Why always select Steve Hofmeyer with his fascist views as if he represents the everyday Afrikaner. He simply doesn’t and its a lie that these English writers just love to perpetuate. Stop patronising the Afrikaner with the stereotype that you fucking cling to so desperately.

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  40. Luke says:

    not even 40 comments in and we have the word colonial thrown around. that chip, it just never, ever goes away it seems.

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  41. misinterpreted says:

    @kian – Andrei isn’t English….

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  42. camelass says:

    Awesome article Andrei! Leave the gig reviews and write more about this kind of stuff.

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  43. White non-Afrikaner says:

    So this post is about a guy who is clearly pissed at the people who come to Fokofpolisiekar shows and use the word “kaffir”. I think Andrei has a bit of a chip on his shoulder.

    “This fuels an anger running through a revived backward ideology. Somewhere along the road of massive commercial success, the band’s message seems to have been misconstrued.” So now it is the bands fault that morons have misconstrued the lyrics? For fuck sake, I though Mahala was smarter than this.

    My friends hate the fact that I refuse to be called an Afrikaner (note the spelling Andrei). Just because I’m white, born in South Africa and my first language doesn’t make me fit nice and snugly in to the “Afrikaner” box.

    Also, it kinda feels one sided here. Once again it makes it seem that only white people can be racist. But I know there are loads of black people out there that hate white people just because they are white. It’s a two way street you (and by you I mean all racist people) fucks.

    This whole article reeks of someone that is angry at the culture clash in South Africa, who am I to say for what reason? Simply put, this is the biggest load of shit that has ever come from Mahala and I really expected more from you guys. Andrei deserves a lashing for posting such rubbish on the net. maybe he should get over his own issues before he writes something for Mahala again.

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  44. nrvs says:

    Wow I’m astonished at people’s reaction to this article. Been reading people’s opinions on the web for almost two fucking decades and never seen a bunch of readers further up their own arses than the miserable shits on this page. No idea how to debate without trying to bring the writer down. Mahala’s readership very unique in this regard.

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  45. you're wrong says:

    @white non-afrikaner – that’s your opinion, and the article is Andrei’s opinion….
    and in my personal opinion he speaks some truth…. so who is wrong and who is right? we all have different experiences which shape different opinions, and if you’re not wise enough to know that then maybe mahala is a bit too advanced for you…
    please go have your fanny wobble somewhere else where someone actually gives a shit you non -afrikaaner white doos

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  46. White non-Afrikaner says:

    @you’re wrong yeah calling me a doos just showed how smart you are and how perfectly you fit the advanced site that Mahala is. Ha.

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  47. nero says:

    Maybe I’m not reading the article correctly but I can’t find the point where he really criticizes the band or Afrikaners. To me it seems like a critique of some fans who have taken a certain kind of meaning out of the music. The article goes further to say that lots of non-Afrikaans people don’t really get the band even though they have the same sense of anger at the system that the music expressed. What’s so controversial about that?

    I think it’s quite an interesting angle to take by saying that Fokof’s music is actually quite representative of the feelings of people who DON’T listen to the band, whereas some of the people that DO listen to it, miss the point completely (just as many people have missed the point of this article).

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  48. you're wrong says:

    @non afrikaaner white – thats the lamest come back i’ve ever read..

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  49. nrvs says:

    And Nero wins the Voice Of Reason award!
    NOWHERE in the article is the band or the vast majority of their fans criticised.

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  50. stephan says:

    Ek weet hoe die skrywer voel, ek het net so teleurgesteld gevoel toe ek onlangs by die Roxette konsert was. Ja toe ek in die learskool was , was hulle die kaas, maar nou ontbreek iets. Ag ek dink ‘n mens ontgroei maar sekers dinge. So toe ek al my Roxette albums by die vlooimark verkoop het, het ek vir my die nuwe Manie Jackson cd aangeskaf. Nou is ek weer ‘n afrikaanse aanhanger. Die “afrikaaner” is beslis veilig in sy ferm hande. Mag ek dalk net verder vra hoekom die poeslike spel check elke afrikaanse woord met rooi onderstreep. Fok jou spel check, daar doen hy dit weer, behalwe met die woord check. Hou op om my fokken woorde te onderstreep. ag ek gee op.

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  51. you're wrong says:

    @nero you are totally right!!!!!!

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  52. Anonymous says:

    i couldnt finish reading this due to the utter bullshit that has been said, talking kak is not your strong point. who has not heard of fokof, whether they like them or not, then my question to you, authour, is this; who the fuck are you??

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  53. Worsie says:

    Fokofpolisiekar is nothing more and nothing less than Steve Hofmeyer with extra guitars and percussion. They cater for racist audience,cling to the past and make insipid music. If they sang in english nobody would give a fuck about them.

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  54. jojo says:

    Saying that you feel like a tourist in your own country does not imply racism. Nor can the band be held responsible for the words their fans use. But I guess you will see what you want to see.

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  55. Jeeves says:

    @Anonymous, it baffles me to hear you ask ‘who has not heard of fokof’, almost 90 percent of the country do not know them, mainly blacks and coloureds. So maybe leave your little white suburban setting and look around you before you ask such a stupid question.

    And don’t ask ‘who the fuck are you?’ We can all ask you the same question, seeing that you’re hiding behind a poorly thought up pseudonym trashing everyone’s articles like you actually matter. The article is okay, not great, but the kid makes some good points, and try see it like that rather than just get ‘the gist’ of it.

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  56. Fuckface says:

    Fokofpolisiekar suig donkiehol. Most overrated and hyped band ever. Nad now Van Coke Kartel does fashion shoots for Rolling Stone magazine — it says everything.

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  57. Fokkof Fan says:

    Is it not a bit peculiar that the reply name can be changed to what ever? I think in total its like types of people arguing in a circle here, the author, the fan and those who agree with the afrikaans Andrei. Fokkof for life!!

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  58. Andy says:

    Hey, Mahala, if you hurry up, you can tune how kak the new video of Die Antwoord is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw&feature=player_embedded

    Sorry that the story has to break in you comments section.

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  59. flux says:

    Or should I say chad?
    When you coming out the closet already?

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  60. cnut says:

    @Jeeves… 90% of this country do not have internet… so what is your point?

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  61. cnut says:

    @Andy… that’s awesome (in their own way) and no doubt well timed for their Australian tour in the ‘dance-tents…’

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  62. Jeeves says:

    @cnut…you just proved my point.

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  63. frida says:

    no-one can even hear lyrics anyway in SA venues .. they could me mouthing watermelon watermelon

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  64. Alibaba says:

    Rock band giving answers and solutions. Give me a break!

    Why do some English people insist on spelling Afrikaans words wrong? It is “Afrikaners”.

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  65. Abraham says:

    Off the back I’m asking myself whether or not you’re Afrikaans speaking yourself. Maybe you’re just quirky but seriously, it’s spelled “Afrikaner” and not “Afrikaaner”. You speak about Afrikaner nationalism, not Afrikaans nationalism. Speaking about Afrikaans nationalism doesn’t make sense, that would mean a nationalism built by all Afrikaans speaking people around the idea of Afrikaans as the core binding force. At a later stage you say “Coloured people… are excluded from Afrikaans national identity”, this really doesn’t make sense when you think about it. Are they excluded from it or are they simply not interested?

    Initially I was into the idea of criticising a segment of the white Afrikaans speaking population that are backward and attend Fokofpolisiekar gigs but after reading the whole thing I think criticising you, the writer, is more appropriate. In the end it comes over as an outsider thinking she understands the inside and that she’s capable of making a generalisation. You speak about big ideas such as Afrikaner nationalism but you don’t make an argument for why you call it that, you simply accept that because a few backward Afrikaners are saying the word kaffir that they are nationalist. Did you actually have a conversation about why they are saying words such as that? There’s definitely something to it but whether it’s nationalism is questionable. They can easily also be delinquents who have no future, who dropped out of school and are now scraping a living together – when they come to gigs like this they expressive their deprivation and their inability to integrate into the economy.

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  66. Random bra says:

    Vir my is dit altyd so snaaks dat mense kritiek moet lewer. Ek glo dat jy net n wise ass doos is wat ‘n lewe kort, as jy iemand kritiseer.
    Fokofpolisiekar is ‘n groep ouens wat net ‘n fok gevoel het nie. Hulle sal nie eers ‘n opinie hê nie, want hulle mors nie hulle tyd met kak praat nie.

    Julle wou he Fokof moes antwoorde gee. Wat hulle waar moes kry??
    Is nie asof enige-iets op aarde regtig die waarheid van goed weet nie.
    Ons almal spekuleer net. Om te dink jy weet alles is net ‘n fase wat jy deurgaan. ‘n Ouderdom waar jy maar net dink jy is dik-tril.

    Ons is almal net deurmekaar- So what !!!

    Lewe jou lewe en hou op so vokken baie haat uitstraal. Ons almal se lewens is kak- of meestal van ons. ” Stop being such a cynical asshole ”
    Voel jy goed om mense af te breek ??

    Soos ek dan se in afrikaans- is jy net plain…… ‘n doos.

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  67. Coloured-Fokof-Fan says:

    Really, whoever thinks Fokof is dying as a band must be doing drugs. The Parlotones are vastly inferior to Fokof. As for racism and stuff, I don’t know and don’t care. Die Heuwels fantasties for example as well as Van Coke Kartel are awsome. I like the music, I think they’re epic and yeah I’m a coloured teenager. I listen to metal btw, and I think its retarded to insult the band with such a contradictory essay.

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  68. […] article earlier this year expressed the idea that the band posed questions about being white and Afrikaans […]

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  69. Such. says:

    god you people cant read

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  70. yuk says:

    and nanna…. you’re a whore and no one gives a shit that you’re just standing up for you brother cos he’s in the band

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  71. Stellies says:

    Ah, the columnist trying to be a real journalist. It always boils down to race, doesn’t it? Hilarious how people are so anti-racism, yet subtle racial remarks are present throughout what they say. Yes, I am referring to you. Pride is dangerous? Is pride not necessary for culture to exist? If we were not proud of who we are, why would we make an effort to preserve where we come from? Funny how apartheid is all people see when they refer to white culture and Afrikanerism. But singing struggle songs about fighting the white nationalist machine is fine, because we are proud of that struggle?

    I find this article entertaining at the most. If the points made had to be followed, we’d have to be cultureless with no pride, be gods with answers to all of our questions, while at the same time making allowance for someone to judge an entire group on the two or three idiots at the bottom making racist remarks while drunk.

    If I had R1 for everytime a drunk drifter begging for money on the street spewed racist remarks at me… does that make everyone on that street part of some anti-white movement?

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  72. POES_WEG says:

    FOKOF… hou op vir kak soek en los die best band ever……. Go get a fucking job or go listen to your common kak music….

    YOU ALL judge so does that make you better… dont think so …. up yours
    ,.l..(>_<) ..l.,

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  73. Frans van der merwe says:

    Die artiekel verdraai ‘n liefde vir volk en vaderland, uitgeleef deur die woorde van fokofpolisiekar. Hulle musiek praat nog met die massas oor “bevraagteken als” maar hulle het die nut vir eenheid en nasie trots meer begin besef. Die neerhalende verewysing na grond herforming, BEE en die stadige maar ooglopende poging deur die ANC om ons kultuur uit te wis in die artiekel is skokkend. J moet net rond om jou kyk om die angwekkende werwikkelinge te sien. Fokofpolisiekar was die mense wat afrikaners ‘n stem gegee het na 94 en maak steeds so. Hulle is afrikaners, hulle speel vir afrikaners en het geen rede om jammer te se daarvoor nie. Net soos ons wat na hulle luister ook nie hoef jammer te se vir nasie trots nie. Wat maak dit saak of kleurlinge of swart mense en engelse van hulle hou. Hulle speel afrikaans vir afrikaners. Alle ander groepe mag nasie trots he houkom nie afrikaners nie? Andei van Wyk maak oop jou oe en ore. Haal daardie chip van jou skouer af Andrei jy’s nie ‘n sneeu vlokkie nie.

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  74. Anonymous says:

    Fuck all that they are a befokte band and that’s where it ends stop over analysing

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