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Mapona Volume 1

The Truth about Negroes and Vanilla Bean Milkshakes

by Montle Giovanni Moorosi / 03.11.2010

Black men are guilty for 95% of all crimes and sins in the world (except for the creation of sickle cell disease and aids), but what makes the black male so sinister in his crimes is that he owns up and even languishes in his crimes we have come to characterise him by, these crimes include his absurd love for fast food chicken, gay European deep house music, True Religion Jeans, white women, DVD box sets of Top Gear and Obama hype. But never ever will the average black man admit to having at least masturbated once in his life. Never, not even indirectly which means wet dreams are also a no go as well.

Most black men say that they have never masturbated because they have such big cocks that they don’t need to wank. Women are always available. But a gay man once told me that, “black boys dont always have big dicks like everyone believes, it’s the Inuits who have big penises. But they also have cold hearts,” he added as an afterthought. Alas like all hidden truths and STDs, this was one herpes pimple that couldn’t be hidden with a scarf in the summer, because in 2008 an a porn site called Sondeza.com, which showcases black amateur porn ,was born, and within the matter of a year and a half the site now has over a million hits and has spun off a full length feauture film called Mapona Volume 1, which is a clear indication that “monkeys” do spank their monkeys.

Tau Morena (yes, his name is Lion King), the creator of Sondeza, is not what you would imagine a smut peddler would look like. He is a black man, of average height with un-groomed facial hair and slightly chubby cheeks like a puppy Bull Mastiff. On the day of our interview Tau is dressed in blue jeans, sporty beach sandals, a white golf shirt and a black New York Yankees fitted hat. At first I thought he was a stoner who wanted to ask me for a sip of my lemon and mint granita until he threw his keys on the table and said, “lets get into this”.

“So what happened with that Loyiso Gola interview?” I ask. “I was really looking foward to that?”
“That was a last minute fuck on part of E-TV, beurocratic stuff, they only told me 30 minutes before the show aired.” He explains.
“The interview ended with you just about to explain how you came about with Sondeza, can you tell me?”
“Well it started growing up when as young guys at university we were all staying in these small spaces together, you know a cramped student digs with like 4 guys sharing a room, and obviously, girls would come around and some of us would have to sit and watch while the other guys did their thing…”
Suddenly, out of nowhere my line of questioning is interrupted when a burlesque looking middle age black guy dressed in formal work gear joined our table and promptly asked Tau if he was hungry or had breakfast. The man never introduced himself but he sat at our table throughout our whole interview grunting his approval on whatever Tau said and sometimes adding his 10 cents to the charity collection. I just assumed that ever since Lolly Jackson died every smut peddler needs some sort of muscle, even if the guy looks like Tokyo Sexwhale’s driver.

Tao Morena says that his little diversion into porn has now become a fulltime business, and that even his family is aware of what he does but contends that it has not been an easy journey. Most South African black porn enthusiasts will remember that Sondeza has been shut down on numerous occasions. Tau attributes these setbacks mainly to the almost unmanageable flux of unsuitable content uploaded by viewers, which sometimes bordered on paedophilia, which he could not fully control because the site relies mainly on user generated content. But he is adamant that every single complaint that has been lodged against him has been taken care off.

“Its not an easy job” he laments, I could get 10 years in jail for bootlegging my own porn movie or even selling porn illegally from hand to hand, it has to be strictly retailed in a reserved area such as a porn shop.”

After a couple of disturbing “mmhhhs” and “ahhhs” from Tau’s corporate bodyguard to most everything Tau had to say, he then asks Tau if he has seen the article on the South African porn business in the copy of the Mail and Guardian I have on the table. Feeling bullied I cut Tau short on his answer and ask him “Did you start Sondeza and Mapona as a business opportunity because you saw there was no black porn being made, thinking it would make a huge profit?”
“I just took an approach to porn that had been neglected.” He says until he is abruptly cut short by the corporate muscle who adds, “everyone has sex”. What a douche. I then order a Vanilla bean milkshake for R39.

To the surprise of anyone who has ever seen a porn film in their lives, Mapona Volume 1 has no cum shots. This is like science fiction to porn fans, because the fucking invariably always ends with a protein shake being spilled on girls’ faces, butts or boobies. But not in Mapona, that and all the male actors wear condoms.
“The cum shot is a foreign concept.” Explains Tau. “Its our first film, in terms of actors, they’re all amateurs, its hard to tell someone ‘skiet on her face’. We also want to show the real world, I mean how many people actually come on their partner’s face?”
Then his apprentice interjects, “It’s not the money shot that sells, it’s the possibility of seeing someone you know.” Very, very progressive stuff, art fag? No! psychotic social deviant? No! Obama art fag maybe?Yes we can! Who is this guy?

“What about the other porn producers in South Africa, what do they think of your stuff? And by that I mean white porn producers.” I ask whilst looking at his bodyguard out of the corner of my eye like a jealous boyfriend with penis envy… Then it dawns on me that he may be his business partner, fuck it, too late to apologize anyway.
“Not much, porn in South Africa is a green field, the Afrikaans industry is much more established but there are only a maximum of 3 to 4 porn film titles a year being produced in South Africa, so I don’t expect them to have much to say about what we do.”

While he’s talking my mind wanders to a scene from Marci X a low budget comedy starring Damon Wayans as a sleazy rapper and Lisa Kudrow as the middle aged, high society white woman who is secretly in love with him. She asks him, “is there are difference when black people make love and when white people make love?” He pauses then answers, “yes, with black people it’s better”. This little comical tangent may possess a shard of truth seeing that Mapona Volume 1 is sold out in most porn shops (even without the cum shots) and has even led men of stature and Godliness into its enticing morally suspect wet pussy grip. Tau tell’s me that a priest once called onto Khaya FM, a station which is generally only listened to by the likes of Jackie Selebi and Desmond Dube. During a discussion about the launch of the DVD he said he was going to buy a copy of Mapona Volume 1 because, “first and foremost before he is a priest, he is a man, and it could fix his problems in the bedroom.”

Rumours have circulated that even National Prosecuting authority chief Menzi Simelane has ordered a copy, but I seriously doubt this judging by his Brooks Brothers looking suits which indicate a tendency towards white women. Eish, those white tendencies.
And speaking of white and other races of women, Tau tells me that his next film is going to embrace a diversity of South African vaginas and will also have a much bigger budget, which led me to my final question.
“Why are so many black men in denial about enjoying porn?”
“African’s are too quick to judge.” Tau answers expertly. “When a girl has slept with ten niggas she’s a waste, you know, a ho, but when a guy does it he’s a hero. It’s bullshit. I’m not trying to be Lolly Jackson or Larry Flynt, I’m just trying to make a platform where sexuality can be enjoyed and discussed.”

Tau and his man get up and leave as abruptly as they had arrived. As for me I left Melrose Arch trying to figure out what I had learnt from the whole experience; a porn aficionado such as myself having just met a legend in the making. But as I got in my car all I could think was that I shouldn’t have ordered a vanilla milkshake for R39 bucks after having a 1 hour conversation with a porn king about cum shots.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Very interesting. Enjoyed it.

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  2. vuyo seripe says:

    i like. porn is vile, to me, most of the time because it’s got stupid shit in it like cum shots. I don’t see how I’m supposed to find that sexy. i don’t really know about watching darkies or anyone for that matter shagging for erotic or entertainment reasons… Ndi grand, jo. My imagination works full time.

    but yeah, i’m glad SA is opening up to these things – i like Lion King’s comment – “…I’m just trying to make a platform where sexuality can be enjoyed and discussed.” if he looks at his more than just porn but as what he says, he’d help a lot of men improve their skills when it comes to sex. There is a lot that goes unsaid about sex, the reasons why we have sex are selfish and many african men need to know it’s a two way thing.

    And, and, and… not just African men are in denial about watching porn and masturbation – women too!

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  3. Khulu Manqele says:


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  4. K says:

    The article in itself is cool and addresses something not often talked about, but I’m uneasy about the title, is it ok to call Black Africans, Negros? Last time calling someone something to the effect of Asian cunt was edited out the script (& rightly so) Mahala should be consistent. Either you’re cool with using these terms across the board or just no outright.

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  5. K says:

    Actually I don’t know any more, maybe this has artistic merit, so take my comment above as a knee jerk reaction. I’m not a race cop.

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  6. JD says:

    Cool lil article… It is really weird that black dudes are so quick to talk bout sex and promiscuity in a lot of ways, but never when it comes to porn and masturbation… I’ve had white mates say “I’m bored, gonna go wank”, no big deal.
    Anyway, bout time someone shook the tree to see what’s gonna fall out.

    The song *when i think about you, i touch myself* is now stuck in your head

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  7. Blackie says:

    ” ‘Monkeys’ also spank their monkeys?”
    Fucked up, man…

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  8. OusP says:

    This article actual put a smile on my face! So true about the masturbation part, we all know black guys do it, and gals aswell. I really want see the mapona vol.1 tho, ppl be saying its just in ur face! Go black ppl porn(hehehe)

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  9. George Bacon bits says:

    “African’s are too quick to judge.” Tau answers expertly. “When a girl has slept with ten niggas she’s a waste, you know, a ho, but when a guy does it he’s a hero. It’s bullshit. –

    A Key that opens many locks is a master key.
    A Lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty Lock.
    The Truth: soak it in.

    Hurr Hurr Derp!

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  10. Icedoctor says:


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  11. Nick says:

    I enjoyed the article. Some of it may have been pushing the boundaries just a little too far just for the sake of being brazen or controversial or whatever you wanna call it. That I don’t mind; your editing however, is bloody atrocious. Come on now, doesn’t Mahala have an editor?

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  12. PAT RIOT says:

    The subliminal racism prevented me from enjoying what would have otherwise been a great article. Actually, it’s not even subliminal. Who is the editor? There are a few grammatical errors that are NOT cool even in street speak. “is there are difference when black people make love and when white people make love?”. Doesn’t work.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    Fucked up, man…

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  14. Andy says:

    Pat that’s not racism. You’re just getting caught up in Montle’s provocative post-race-post-irony-futurism. Thanks for pointing out that TYPO – i’m a fix it now

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  15. Dennis says:

    lol@racist. That’s so fucking old.

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  16. Truth says:

    Thanks for the link Sondeza.com I didn’t know this existed till today.

    It’s definitely better to masturbate to South African women that those Int. porn stars (speaking as a South African) because of that “possibility of seeing someone you know.” There’s just more adrenalin.

    Love it..it’s bit racist, yes.. but true!

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  17. Urk says:

    Read an excelletn review of the industry (american, mostly) a few years back. The author pointed out how expressions of pain are specifically not edited out – it seems the audience either wants to see pain and degradation (the old moneyshot thing). That has ruined most porn for me, as I cannot get that reasonable prespective out of my head, and cannot help but see the subtle inclusion of pain and degradation. It seems that Sondeza has soemhow picked up on the bull that characterises the industry and seeks to create a new standard that is a little more authentic. i shall have to delve a little deeper….

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  18. Pixi says:

    The topic of this is really interesting and could have made for a fascinating read, but the writing itself sucks: besides needing a very good edit just for grammar, spelling, the actual meaning of some words used out of context etc, the writer is very much up his own arse. When you’re trying too hard to be cutting edge and ironic and a smartass and controversial you actually detract from what you’re writing about… Journos hold a mirror up to society, they don’t paint themselves into the picture. Unless you’re Hunter S Thompson – but you’re not…

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  19. Anonymous says:

    who taught you to hate each other?. what is this so called ‘truth’? kak!!!!! i find this article too naive!!!!!!!! who did this research anyway? do u notice that its aim is to undermine thina Abantu. fear is what produces racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would a pig just wake up one morning and decide to kick ass?

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  20. Khulu Manqele says:

    this is a fun look at reality! someone please realize!

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  21. sleaze says:

    Mahala, this is the shit, not sure I get it, not sure I am meant to, but it has grabbed me in a way that so many of the admittedly well written articles Mahala has become typecast in,erudite all knowing, ironic, seen it all before, this shit however is real! i don’t particularly identify with the writer, though certainly sure I am not supposed too, sneaking suspicion that he does not either. He vacillates between social commentary, new journalism and observation in a way that would make Tom Wolfe come in his pants, On first time reading it makes no sense what so ever, but it is so real in the obtuse way that the surrealists could have built a manifesto around. The juxtapositions with social economy and gender perceptions are made real by the pure absurdity of the exchange and the content as it wavers and reasserts and leaves it all up to you. I bet that more than 90% of the readers of the piece went to the site. Make your own motive understand your own rationale, this is why I read. Me I like a little exhibitionism., I can take the odd slur. For taking the balls by the horn, Montle first round is on me!

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  22. Anonymous says:

    utter nonsense and rubbish.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    bunch of whores

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  24. Mabel says:

    Bull shirt,I think you guys can cover staff that empower the youth,what is it that this article is suppossed to do?I’m not entertained infact I’m disgusted.we have serious issues that we ,can concentrate on for an example Eskom need 300 matriculants to apply for their busaries for 2011,find staff that can help the people.

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  25. NickG says:

    What a pity that such an interesting area for journalism has been spurned by sending an openly racist, egoistic moron. Could you not put your ego and self-observations aside long enough to get the scoop? Jassis.

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  26. dudie says:

    Half the comments here are as conservative as what the writer is trying to tackle. The other idiot (pixi) who thinks that Hunter Thompson is the only journalist who is allowed to paint himself into the picture, should stop giving the great American journalist so much credit; Hemingway did it many years before and so did Mark Twain – and even Socrates. Just because they have made a film about gonzo journalism (two actually) through Thompson’s experiences, it does not mean that this sort of writing can be reserved exclusively to him. The writer of this article is good – perhaps concentrated too much on the ‘other guy’, but a fun read nonetheless. I love the fact that he using the word Negroes because I too believe that hushing up specific words internalizes the truth. It is also a way to get our attention. I myself have an idea – I want to elevate the word Kaffir to other races as well, instead of eradicating it. For example: “There was this white Kaffir who ran a red robot on monday and killed my dog.”
    The grammar is ok – I dont know what all of you are bitching about. Maybe you should go read The Citizen and listen to 94.7 rather?

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  27. giovanni says:

    i want to link up with the guy buying drinks…but i wont let you fuck me..that will cost extra

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  28. dudie says:

    So i went to this guy’s site and it sucks! half of it doesnt work – its a lame excuse for a porn site.

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  29. Anonymous says:

    seriously those women are whores!!!

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  30. Kropotkin says:

    Ahoy Lion King ahoy!

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  31. Mr fan says:

    Very late comment but, as a black i felt obliged to comment. Yes black men don’t admit to wanking truth of the matter they do[single or dating, even married oaks] tau is doing a fantastic job. All you haters are just virgins.just visit the site and you will be impressed. It has it’s downfalls though, dirty ladies for instance

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  34. […] The Truth about Negroes and Vanilla Bean Milkshakes by Montle Giovanni […]

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  35. D says:

    Monkeys? Did u say monkeys? Fuck u pig.

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  79. […] Sondeza | The Truth about Negroes and Vanilla Bean … – Interview with South African porn entrepreneur Tau Morena who launched the infamous Sondeza.com, South Africa’s first black amateur porn site, and the spin off… […]

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