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The Cape Town Fish Market

by Bianca Fernandes / 21.12.2010

Cape Town – the biggest bunch of gays on the continent, literally. And the epicenter is the gay mother city of Africa. An abstract of everyday living, a parallel universe to the burbs and the breeders. We’re talking here about the female gay community, our very own Cape Town Fish Market, just as fishy and unpredictable as the restaurant.

This is where straight girls come to get away from their narrow lives, with the same intention of everyone here – to explore and be explored. “Fuck me so I forget who I am”. Short-cut, menthol-smoking, black label-loving dykes and their femme counterparts gather in the pink strip with the same intention. To fuck any girl that gives them the right look. It’s a scouting ground for the lesbos of Cape Town to meet, drink and make sexy eyes with the nearest girl. The Fish Market – named fittingly for its aggressive approach and notorious sexual happenings (like that one time when a girl pushed me down to the dirt floor and fucked me for all to see. Quickly, arrogantly, then done).

The default look of leather jackets, skinny jeans and sneakers. Dressing for success determines what’ll end up in your bed or backseat. Green Point Main Road is where it all happens on a Friday night. Wonderfully colourful personalities sparkle with passion and egomania. Intimidation is a game that never stops. Relentless. Sex is a core component of this life, loneliness being the motivation for it all.

Devoted, straight or commitment-phobic, they’ll look you up and down no matter what your relationship status. These are the true wild ones, and they love their label. The ease of picking up a fuck for the night and a number for the next. It’s raunchy. It’s wild. And it’s so much fun with the right amount of tequila poured down your throat. Shy girls, turn around and run, because you’ll never make it here. In this game, the requirements are attitude, sex appeal, a dirty mind and an open mouth. Not to mention the ability to live without regret… or at least stall it for a while.

The unsettling curiosity they strike in homophobes is not just a stereotype. You should be afraid, because sometimes they even scare themselves with the way they live. Like a rolling stone or their favourite character from The L Word. The pace and carelessness of hook-ups plays out like a badly made amateur porno.

Mimicking the alternative lifestyles they’ve seen on TV, the only thing anyone’s afraid of is being alone for the night, or forever, and it shows. Reacting to the loneliness, people become aggressive, after a while, you get jaded. The more aggressive and jaded you become, the more powerful the player you create. The truth is we all want to be loose and sexy, the best-fuck-out-there, smooth-as-butter-Shane (from The L Word). But really there is a one in a million chance you are that person without it leading to some sort of breakdown or complete loss of control and self. We all admire a successful slut, and once or twice, we put it all on the line to be them for a night. Sometimes it changes everything, mostly it makes us wish we were dead from the utter dirty feeling that comes along with using something that isn’t you to get pleasure that really wasn’t worth it all it.

Once you’ve learnt the game, and played it well, the time to settle down beckons, rapidly and eagerly. Ego no longer is the centre of your universe, commitment is needed. Long term happiness hits hard along with a rising sense of self-respect that was never involved before. Then true love hits you hard, almost 3 times a year. So does heart-break. The heteros deal with these issues, we all relate, but multiply hetero issues by 3 and you’ll get the full length and breadth of the homo experience.

We do what we do, not because we are trying to fit in with the social scene, but rather, the activities we use to achieve this lifestyle have become popular and trendy because they get us what we want. For that reason alone we act the way we do, drawing all kinds of attention and connotations that really don’t matter in our world. So be free to make your judgements, stand up and tell us how much we annoy you and how disgusting you think we are, but quite honestly, no one is paying any attention – we are too busy sleeping around.

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