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T-Shirts for Afrika

T- Shirts for Afrika


The T-shirt is a utilitarian canvas for self expression. Hipsters like you can’t just stretch any old polyester-cotton blend, no name brand across your chest and expect to feel good. Nuh-uh. You need a comfy organic cotton, hemp or bamboo blend with a print that expresses your quirky sense of humour, or keen sense of style. A social signifier of exactly how dialed in you are. T-shirts are an extension of how we see ourselves. So you’ll be glad to hear that one of South Africa’s preeminent illustration and design studio’s, The Am I Collective, have hooked up with Muti, a small T-shirt label, to produce a limited edition series of tees inspired by the dark continent upon which we live, with which we have a love/hate relationship, Afrika.

“We wanted to make some stylish tees with a local flavour as an alternative to the international brands found on most of our shelves,” says Muti founder Clint Campbell. “The garments are 100% South African made. We have sourced the materials and had the tees manufactured ourselves to provide a high quality garments.”

There are 13 different styles and we can attest that they are sick. The shirts launch this Friday, 4 December at 18:30 at the Am I Collective project space “The Garage” on 8 Kloof St, Cape Town and they’re going to cost R200 bucks each. There will be beers and some African beats from DJ Remy Gold. And if you can’t make it, you can score some of these tees next week for MAHALA as a Freebie! So watch this space…

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  1. Giac says:

    Kif! I may well look you fellers up – got some ideas for tees myself and would love to learn a little more about shirts and printing etc.

    And the free tees? Frankly i’d love to buy but am unable to put my money where my mouth is at present…

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  2. Ana says:

    i was surfing the next and came to your post. snorg is ok. i lvoe tseradlehs tees, they have some of the best graphic tees on the web.i alos enjoy the tees on when i saw this one, i knew i had to get it:

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