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Suicide Girl

Selfmoord Meisie

by Yusuf Laher / 11.09.2009

Suicide Girls. The name alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. Recently, South African audiences got an introduction to the world of “Beautiful naked punk rock goth and emo girls with tattoos and piercings” (shit, now there’s a slogan) with the launch of a local Facebook group. That’s all it took. Then the Girls started showing up all over Jo’burg, at events like Seasons Wither, Rockford Indie Fest IV and Dark_Noise’s recent Red Carpet Grave fetish party.

So far, all four official South African Suicide Girls are from Jo’burg. When she’s not in Suicide Girl mode, Lynx, South Africa’s first ever official Suicide Girl, moonlights at a private Catholic school, teaching 16 year old boys athletics and hockey. Shit, my hockey coach looked more like Ving Rhames. Oh well, here’s what Lynx Suicide had to say for herself…

Why’d you choose the name Lynx?

Actually, I sent in another name and it was already taken. So I went on to a baby name site and, believe it or not, Lynx was one of the baby names. I sent in 10 and they (SuicideGirls.com) chose Lynx for me.

And what was the original name, the one that was taken?


Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?

No, not really. I’m actually quite a shy person. When it comes to photography, I love being nude, not nude in front of my friends, or in front of my parents, or even my boyfriend.


The thing is, if I’m naked, it says to me, “I’m gonna have sex.” Say I’m climbing into the bath, he can’t watch me while I’m bathing, that’s just weird.

That’s weird?

Ja, he’s gonna get used to me and then he’s not gonna find me attractive anymore.

Couldn’t he just check you out on the site?

No, he doesn’t have a subscription and I’m not allowing him one. Ha ha… That’s my private life. I will show my body to the whole world, ‘cos I’m proud of it, but I’m not gonna walk around the streets naked.

Makes sense. Your SG profile lists Hugh Hefner in your Makes Me Happy list, so if Hugh offered you an all expenses paid life at the Playboy Mansion in exchange for being one of his new girlfriends, would you say yes?

Obviously, I would give anything. Anything, anything, anything…

But you’d have to be his “proper” girlfriend?

I would be his proper girlfriend. I really find Hugh Hefner attractive. He’s an attractive old man and he’s really clever and so super sweet. I would definitely live there and walk around naked all day.

Suicide Girl 2

Your top 10 music list includes Paris Hilton and Children of Bodom, that’s quite a variety?

Ja, I’m a Children of Bodom fan but not really. I don’t listen to every single album they’ve ever made. That’s more of the ex-boyfriend stuff. It’s alright…

Your kink factor says you’re saving yourself for Jesus, is that a joke or are you religious?

No, I’m not religious at all. That’s actually one of the options, you can’t write anything there. I just chose the most ridiculous one, ha ha…

How many official local Suicide Girls are there now?

Four. I was the first, and then there’s Diaz, Tarion and Hadess.

Are you all pretty close?

Yes, they’re closer though, ‘cos I stay out of Jo’burg. It’s easier for them to get together.

Are you enjoying all the parties and stuff?

Ja, I really love it. The attention you get is amazing. People think you’re a celebrity and you’re actually not.

Doesn’t it feel weird though, standing on display in a room full of gawkers?

The first time, but I like it. It’s different. The weirdest people aren’t the ones that stare at you and take photos of you at the party. If you reply to a member on the site, they can’t believe it. They’re like, “Wow, nobody’s ever done that.” No one takes the time to talk to members. If a member gives you a compliment, you tell them thank you.

So you interact with your fans quite a lot then?

Sometimes I do. It all depends how much time I have.

And if someone leaves you a nastier comment, do you ignore it or go and tune them?

I usually go and tune them… ha ha. I’m a mean person. When someone’s mean to me I will be mean back. If someone’s very nice to me I will be really super nice back.

Lamest pickup line as a Suicide Girl?

Wow… Someone asked me did my tattoo hurt. My Hello Kitty tattoo. I said, “No, it didn’t.” Then the guy next to him asked me, “Did it hurt?” And I was like, “No, it didn’t, I just told you that.” And he said, “No, did it hurt when you fell from heaven.” That’s the WORST pickup line ever.

Ja, I think that’s the official worst one.

That’s the official worst one. Someone tried that on me and it was really one of the bad ones.

Any creeps?

The Suicide Girls site is fine. Sometimes there’s a freaky message but you just ignore it. On Facebook, I keep my Suicide Girl profile separate from my personal life one, so people don’t find out where I live and stuff. ‘Cos on Facebook, you get FREAKY people! I can’t even tell you how many messages I’ve got with people saying weird, odd stuff. Ja, I’m not even going to tell you what they say. It’s a little bit R Rated… ha ha.

And why a Hello Kitty tattoo? Is your bedroom a Hello Kitty shrine?

I love Hello Kitty. I have drips and drabs of Hello Kitty stuff, ‘cos it’s not that popular in South Africa. If you do find it, it’s damn expensive. Ja, drips and drabs of Hello Kitty.

Do you have any more tattoos?

This is the only one… so far.

Suicide Girl 3

What does being a Suicide Girl mean to you?

Freedom to express yourself and just put yourself out there.

Do you get lots of messages from young girls interested in becoming a Suicide Girl?

Yes, I do. I usually point them in the right direction.

What do you do when you’re not a Suicide Girl? Or is that a secret?

No, it’s not a secret. I can tell you. I’m a sports coach. I’m a hockey and athletics coach at a private catholic school. I coach the under 16 boys. I’m also studying to become a chef, part-time.

Don’t you think some of your students might have “discovered” you on Facebook?

No. Maybe. I don’t know. Hopefully not.

Images © Alison Tu

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  1. Dame Judy says:

    Maxim/Mahala, hitting red on the wankometer and taking it to the next (crotch) level. Awesome guys. This is starting to feel super-inclusive.

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    we hear you

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    Don’t you have more pictures?

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    you are hot

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  7. dardel says:

    elloi there …. i find your story very interesting and i would like to take the time in getting to know you guys much better ……..you guys can email me to get in contact ………….. dardel4eva@gmail.com
    i just love the gothic scene and environment …………….. truly i am really interested

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  8. Jakes says:

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