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Strange Beasts

by Craig Jarvis / 12.07.2012

Shaun – Son Surf volunteer working at the Billabong Pro, from California.

“This event has been a really good experience for me. It’s been good working behind the scenes and checking the whole thing out. South Africa has been good for me.”

Strange Beasts - Kate Lovemore

Kate Lovemore – better half of Twiggy Baker, Playboy Playmate.

“I’m just hanging out at the Billabong Pro and supporting all the local surfers. Also looking forward to the 5FM music festival, but it looks like I’m going to have to get some wellies, as there is a bit of rain coming. These days wellies are fashionable, so I’ll be cool.”

Strange Beats - Colin Fitch

Colin Fitch – ASP Africa

“This event has been amazing. The best waves and the best location. To have an event at J-Bay is always an incredible experience.”


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