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Steve’s Wall

by Brandon Edmonds / 21.12.2010

The new white racism is just like the old except its aided and abetted by social media. If a non-racial democracy means holding your tongue about differences, looking the other way under a yolk of tolerance: the wall page invites rage. A sort of shared Jungian whatever – a buried oily morass of archetypal fears and loathing – covertly animating (embattled Afrikaner) whiteness – surfaces online and announces itself without guile or restraint.

Online huddles have quickly materialized around the charismatic figure of Steve Hofmeyr – his Facebook statuses regularly command hundreds of het up comments. The comments are uniformly encouraging (dripping with libidinal admiration) and almost always by Afrikaans women (getting on a bit) who treat our Steve with a remarkable intimacy, born of formative years in his company as a pop and TV star. They are drawn to the ‘better days’ he symbolizes, of course, but lately its his raced demagoguery, his ‘truth-telling’, generating (much needed) late-career buzz.

Besides pointedly attending Eugene’s tense ‘funferal’ (as James Joyce put it in Finnegan’s Wake), Hofmeyer’s supercharged utterances include a harsh letter to Malema for singing that gleefully genocidal struggle song (“after you’ve shot the Boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence”) and a more recent status update in the wake of a horrendous farm family execution (“I don’t know how the world thinks we should transform, integrate and let go of our prejudices and stay nice, tolerant Christians when BLACKS CAN SHOOT A 3-YEAR-OLD CHILD IN THE HEAD?”).

Hofmeyer’s racial logic is quickly punctured. He shifts agency from pathological individuals (criminals) to the ‘shared fiction’ of Race (blacks) – making them equivalent. This is precisely what an Afrikaaner cultural group pleaded with us not to do after seeing the (2008) video of Free State students forcing cleaning staff to eat piss-laden stew: “We cannot allow that individual students brand the Afrikaans community. These students are not typical of the broader Afrikaner community’s values. This is simply not us.” Putting a bullet in the back of a 3-year-old child’s head probably isn’t typical of the broader black community’s values either.

But the outsized response on Steve’s page suggests he’s articulating broadly held racial beliefs bunkering in reaction to violent lawlessness. The uninhibited heat of his ‘outspokenness’ against “blacks” – code for backwardness and a black-run State unable or unwilling to curb criminal violence and political corruption – makes a lot of sense to an embattled Afrikaner middle class. Hofmeyr cannily linked both of its most abiding fears by associating the criminal slaying of the Potgieter family with affirmative action and BEE: “We MUST generalize. Most black people I know are not violent, but they slurp up the PROPAGANDA OF ENTITLEMENT – exactly what gives young killers what they need to justify their brutality.”

Steve Hofmeyr

The chutzpah is staggering! Hofmeyr made his name and fortune during Apartheid – a system of exclusion and entitlement tilted overwhelmingly in his favour. Has he forgotten? Apartheid acts as a ‘vanishing mediator’ in the new racism. It’s the master-narrative providing the co-ordinates of the clash and conspicuously downplayed by Afrikaners exhausted by culpability. Apartheid furnished both the divisive language (‘blacks’/ ’bliksems’/ ’barbare’/ ’bobbejane’) smeared all over Steve’s wall and secured the ongoing spatial separation of life-worlds that makes South Africa’s cities (and economy) such global paradigms of inequality – such incubators of crime. As Annelie Botes, poster girl for the new racism, puts it, “In my daily life, there’s no one else that I feel threatened by except black people.”

So to read Steve’s wall is to be confronted with the embattled white Afrikaaner imaginary in all its wounded glory: vengeful, confused, threatened and angry. It’s noxious stuff but bare in mind this is a community increasingly convinced of a government-orchestrated genocide (with its own theme song in “Kill the Boer”). Farm killings are apparently eight times the national murder rate. These posts are a raw and immediate response to the slaying of a 3-year old child. Or as Truda Redelinghuys puts it: “Jy weet as ‘n wit kindjie doodgaan word hy ‘n engeltjie en as ‘n swartetjie doodgaan word hy vrugtevlermuis!” Yup. Okay. Hold your nose and follow me in.

This’ll set the tone. Taken verbatim from Steve’s Wall. “’n kaffer en ‘n bobbejane se dna dieselfde is en dit meenhulle kan ‘n klein kafferjan maak.” The animal imagery is relentless. Sonette Diedricks writes, “Een keer ‘n aap altyd ‘n aap. Al dra ‘n aap klere bly hy nog steeds aap.” Here’s Liza Erasmus: “Mens noem hul BOS BOBBEJANE jy kan hul uit die bos uithaal en in die beskawing probeer sit! Maar jy sal nooit die bos uit hul kan haal.”
And on it goes: “Die wreedheid van die dier is nou maar eenmaal in hul genes.” Susan Pretorious Maree: “Nee hulle kan nie met honde vergelyk word nie. Dis ‘n beledeging vir elke hond. Hulle is barbaarse diere.”

There’s apocalyptic biological racism. Alta Saunders writes: “Jammer mens kan nie ‘n virus ontwikkel wat net op seker goeters werk nie, ‘n vinnige een sodat die stupid dokters nie tyd kan kry om medisyne en teenmiddels teen dit maak nie.” This deftly mixes religion with hate: “Glo in die Here en laat Aids die res doen!” Short and sweet: “Ek hoop Aids doen sy werk.”

Steve Hofmeyr

There are racist jokes of course. “Integrasie is soos om roomys met kak to meng! Die kak bly dieselfde maar die ice cream is opgevok.” Lol. Not. Here’s Linda Van Zyl: “Die marmite monsters is soos ‘n VW BEATLE – sy breins sit in sy gat.” Thanks Linda.

There are endless demands for the return of the death penalty. Classic racist openings like “Ek is nie ‘n rasis nie, maar…”. Blood River is often invoked. As is a God exclusively devoted to white rights. There’s the deep racism of hyper-sexual ascription: “You never have to rape a black woman – I have been told they never say no having worked with 100s of black men on construction sites.” Utterly sincere (utterly demented) calls for Hofmeyr to start a ‘volksparty’ and become president. “Steve, daar is net een oplossing…sit neer die mikrofoon en tel op die geweer. Dis tyd dat ons opstaan en terug vat wat die swart duiwels van ons gesteel het. Jy kan ons leier wees…Generaal Hofmeyr!”

White unity comes up a lot on Steve’s Wall and it has an insurrectionary ‘race war’ dimension that makes the Freedom of Expression Institute’s ruling that the singer’s utterances ‘might be deemed racist’ (but not hate speech) seem a tad soft-headed. “It only becomes hate speech when it incites violence against a group of people.” What Hofmeyr said has created the impetus and opportunity for not only hate speech to come pouring out but a rallying groundswell urging para-military organisation for racial violence.

“Hoe kom staan ons nie self op en word almal ‘n de la Ray nie? Ons het nodig om op te staan en ‘n groep te vorm.” Marika Pieters writes: “Kry handgrenate, bomme! Rekkies oud Weermag manne en skiet die fokkers dood en brand elke dorp waar hul bly. Parasiete! Aids gemors! Shit in ‘n emmer is beter as hulle!” Wow. “Gewetenlose blikseme barbare. Dis al wat ‘n mens van die kaffers kan se. Hoop dat die tipe ding sal hopelik lei dat ons blankes begin saamstaan om die rubbish op hul plek te sit.”

This is all up on Steve’s Wall. “Hulle beheer Suid Afrika maar wag as die bom bars. WAG maar. Die AWB SLAAP NIE.” Bertha Schoeman chides her volk: “Ons witmense is ‘n spul moffies! Toe Eugene ons wou lei en ons wittes gevra het om by hom te staan het 99% van onse mense agter toe duere gaan wegkruip en wat het dit onse mense gebring?” And this: “Dis miskien tyd dat ons hulle begin vermoor…hulle kinders koelbloedig doodskiet hulle almal sommer aan die brand steek terwyl hulle in hulle shanties le en slaap.” Daleen Booyens: “Bom al die lokasies, onskuldiges gaan sterf maar hoeveel v ons mense het onskuldig gesterf?”

The editor of local techno-culture site Memeburn, Jeremy Daniel, reminds us that Facebook pages are unstable sites, a ‘public platform that anyone can see, read and interact with’ as well as a ‘personal, intimate record’. He suggests “people in the public eye are required to balance the two competing forces every time they engage with their fans using social media.” Balance is hardly what emerges from Steve’s wall.

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  1. maaliq mitchell says:

    well im fuken askin myself whose fuken cunt of a problem dis really is steve hofmeyer is a dom poes of a eterkop naai racist pig but you know this whole debacle lies squarely at the feet of that fuck nut nerd mark zukerberg he is steves best buddy after all hosting him in his house called facebook cum on lets get dis cunt fuk erased im sat of half-bakes and all da wet between da leg tannies and trannies

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  2. Sibongile says:

    wat die fok

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  3. Steve Hofmeyr says:

    The days folk from other tribes will prescribe to me on how to react when me and mine are disproportionately brutalised, raped and murdered, are ever so much OVER, Mahala. I can’t account for every opinion out there, but keep to my quotes and you’ll become a great journalist. Eventually. Recant? Never. Recount? Absolutely.

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  4. Brian Green says:

    Why don’t you return my calls anymore, Steve? I feel used.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    It concerns me that with none of the comments moderated, and shared in a public forum with names and intimate contact details attached to every spit of hatred, which implies a pride about it all, that steve hofmeyr is sitting back with a smug smile on reading these comments, rather than hitting delete.

    I strongly suggest we adopt some of the ‘Anonymous’ internet counter strike tactics and all report his page for inappropriate and hateful content. maybe if it got shut down he’d have to revise his moderation techniques and keep some semblance of rationality to the whole ordeal.

    I for one hope this instigates a Mahala Commenhaters flood of ignorance so that we can respond to the ingrates on a platform that doesn’t accomodate and praise their ideals.

    Man, Steve is loving the call for Presidency. He wears his crown as potential future saviour with pride. I bet he looks in the mirror and says shit like ‘Pa, wat moet ek down, jy suid afrika bleed, ek moet die nasie weer bou’.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, I just reported the site for racial hate speech.
    I implore others to do the same.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    oh man my spell check hates afrikaans too. what a racist.

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  8. Andy says:

    Steve it’s just that your whole paradigm is still stuck in “tribes” and your statements are sweepingly racialised. Your mentality belongs in the bible. An unenlightened time ruled by a jealous God. People are individually responsible for their actions. You can’t lean back to this old concept of “volk” and collective responsibility… it’s total bull shit. The second world war – and subsequents like Vietnam and Angola – pretty much ruled a line under that kind of nationalistic (just another word for “tribal”) thinking and “collective” action.

    And when you express yourself, and fall prey to lazy collective prejudicial thinking, you give people the license to express themselves in the same way. And then you attract the kind of hate speech and racist filth that clutters your Wall – and you become the poster boy of white reactionary post apartheid racism.

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  9. Lizzy says:

    the problem with all this bile and hate and rage is the utter impotence of the millitant types that feel this way – think about bophuthatswana in 1994, and you get the idea.
    i feel very sad when i think of children who are indoctrinated with this racism and anger, when it will just mean they never move on and make a proper life for themselves in this country.
    shit is fucked up, but not just for Afrikaaners.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Ah, William has dreams of jumping in the closet with Steve and visiting Narnia together:

    “William Hollenbach – Steve jou stem is soos rooi wyn elke jaar net beter.Van jou lp desertbounds tot nou het jou stem net beter geword.Weet jy hoekom jy nie meer op Huisgenootskouspel is nie?Die ander musikante kan nie vat dat jy al die trophes vat en hulle meisies se aandag op jou vestig nie.Raai wat? Die bollie en Huisgenoot is een boek.Lekker vakansie hou.B.E.E. CONDOM WISE.”

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  11. Andy says:

    I think there has to be a better way than reporting the Facebook Page… better to freeze it and save it for posterity… to show people that 16 years after apartheid… a huge groundswell of white racists find their voice online… make a museum out of these stuck in the mud motherfuckers

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  12. Mick says:

    Mick Raubenheimer likes this.

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  13. maaliq says:

    steve ou boetie boerseun jy het bloed op jou hande

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Aw, Steve. And what of your own ‘tribe’ ?
    Surely, it’s own life cycle can be used as a metaphor for it’s relevance, and future?
    As your racist ideals have become dilluted, ‘your’ ‘homeland’ lost between your fingers, your nationalism, independence, control, government, ‘safety’, importance and impact on society dwindles.
    Basic evolution (which contradicts with your old man in the sky theorys, so bear with me here for a second) dictates that the weak, old and sick die out first.
    And your tribe has a special kind of disease that will ensure your rightful places in history: in the past.

    Archaic mindset is no way to grow. and without growth you wil bel, and are being, lost.
    The best you can do these days is get behind some luke warm aging afrikaans country pop singer who for the last 23 years has ensured success by depending on the fear of the afrikaans nation to buy your cd’s. Maybe you too have become an icon for their pride in whole other ways i hope you have considered: that by ensuring support for you today, they manage to hold on to beliefs of yesterday before anyone had told the afrikaans that they were de-evolving with their mind sets. That to let you fall now would mean letting go of so much more.
    That a south africa without Stve Hofmeyr is one very big step closer to those many nights of imagined long knives?

    Have you really learnt nothing?
    It was never yours.
    You stole it first.

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  15. Aghaa shame luvie says:

    Sad shit Steve: really feel sorry for you and your people’s pain. No use in debating these wounds out though… as you were brought up to believe that a black persons life ain’t worth shit if it ain’t changing your beautiful babies dippers…

    Heaven forbid: Soon these “entitled” “baboons” will tire of your refusal to make peace with the sins of your fathers: you won’t be the whitey I save…

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  16. Rachel says:

    Section 16(2) of the South African constitution limits the right to freedom of expression. Freedom of expression does not extend to-

    (a) propaganda for war;

    (b) incitement of imminent violence; or

    (c) advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

    I think the Facebook page should remain as evidence to be used against Steve Hofmeyer and his followers in the constitutional court. I, for one, would love to see the expression on his face when judgement is handed down by those ‘monkeys’ he denigrates.

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  17. Anoniem says:

    Steve, ek hoop jy lees my comment.

    Ek wil net graag vir jou laat weet dat dit mense soos jy en jou dom, onopgevoede, dierlike, rassistiese ondersteuners is wat my daartoe gedryf het om myself heeltemal van die “Afrikanervolk” te skei. As sulke gedrag kenmerkend is van ‘n Boer\Afrikaner, dan wil ek nie een wees nie.

    PS: Jou musiek is tos.

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  18. Andy says:

    Anoniem – fokken mooiskoot

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  19. wtf says:

    hey andy i thought that was a photo of you.

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  20. the irony she's lost says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaa ha…nncock.. you look great in the bath andy, hope you used the sunlight

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  21. WordWallah says:

    I would have said great article, only I don’t speak Afrikaans so I missed much of it. I think in this one instance I should be thankful for my ignorance…

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  22. Gerán Herbst says:

    As an Afrikaaner, I’m ashamed to be white. These hardend racists need to get their eyes opened … Black people aren’t the only crminals in the country. I know of way too many WHITE drug abusers and teenage males forcing girls to sleep with them. Frankly, I’m ashamed to be South African. I don’t think Steve is to be blamed for the crap on his wall, I think that he should’ve been more careful with his choice of words and generalisation, though. I just don’t know why race always has to be an issue in this damn country … One of the best and most hard-working people I’ve ever known is black, and he is a fantastic human being … South Africa should just get the hell over race. That’s just my opinion. But, what do I know … I’m fifteen.

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  23. maaliq says:

    someone wit record label connections shud take up dis issue wit EMI who like facebook is basically sheltering a douchebag racist dis hole issue needs to be put ta da fore i phoned EMI-london today but wit no avail da fact dat dis company like facebook doesnt even have a contact email so u can fone all u want and end up gettin a fone slammed in ur ear man if i was home i wud slap a law suit on dis mudafuka

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  24. Grumpy Pants says:

    Thanks for this article Mahala. I am shocked, dismayed and almost disbelieving. I knew there were hardcore conservatives floating as scum on the boiling pot of our nation but this is just too much. Why haven’t these lowlife been disposed of yet. I can now sympathise with ‘Kill the Boer’ usage amongst certain Black South Africans if this is what they perceive Whites attitudes to be. My concern though is that all decent, caring Afrikaners will be branded by the rhetoric of these white barbarian filth.

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  25. Jason says:

    It’s ous like this who give humans a bad name, nevermind colour whatwhat.

    So when we having a follow-up piece on the ‘new’ Black racism?

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  26. Andy says:

    Ha ha… I have less hair and a bigger dog.

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  27. marachas says:

    um, jason, blacks can’t be racist. blacks were a peaceful people before the colonialists showed up. they never killed, they look after the enviroment, they wore afro-chic bracelets. only white people can be racist, haven’t you been to university yet?

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  28. Andy says:

    Oh crap here we go… thanks for the incendiary, racist drivel marachas… gravitate back to steve’s page please

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  29. Andy says:

    Steve… I hope you drop your iPad in the bath

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  30. Jason says:

    What kind of doos has an iPad?

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  31. Roger Young says:

    Who took that photo? Think about it for a second.

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  32. Tomas says:

    His black man-slave.

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  33. manam says:

    maaliq you lost all credibility in this comments section, ha ha. ive never seen a comment disappear from the power of people not liking what you had to say, before. i know you were saying something anti-racist, but this shit is hilarious, ha ha.

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  34. Porcupine says:

    I find it kinda ironic that so many Mahala readers’ response to this is to report Steve’s wall to have it shut down. That kind of flies in the face of freedom of expression (no matter how vile that expression that is) and everything Mahala supposedly stands for, doesn’t it?

    It’s especially ironic that a lot of the bullshit, ignorant, brainless comments I’ve read on Mahala are equally as offensive as some of the comments on Steve’s wall, and could also be construed (or reported) as hate speech if you go by the strict definition of the term.

    Now before someone flies off the handle, let’s make this clear: I’m not supporting Steve’s page, racist comments etc etc, I’m supporting FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Sure, the talk on Steve’s wall is inflammatory and borders on (or sometimes crosses over into) hate speech, but so is a lot of the stuff Mahala readers, ANCYL reps, columnists, bloggers, politicians, etc say or post every day. So why stamp on free speech just because you don’t agree, or are appalled by what Steve and his low-wit, inbred ‘tribe’ are saying? Surely you – as supposedly free and independent thinking individuals – should rise above Steve and co’s bile and still recognise their right to express themselves?

    It’s like the Annelie Botes debate: I don’t agree with her racist and ignorant, sweeping statements, but I will defend her right to say it.

    Would you?

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  35. brandon edmonds says:

    As far as I know there isn’t an active Mahala militia hell bent on murdering mediocrity…yet.

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  36. Pyschboss says:

    Simply psychology – people feel angry when they feel marginalised, silenced, unheard etc. So ‘Kill the boer’ and recitals of ‘Bobbejaan klim die berg’ are both coming from the same place. Facebook gives Afrikaners a forum to vent and express the rage and sense of persecution they feel. At one point the Malema fan page had black South Africans exhorting one another to go rape white women in front of their partners and then murder them both. This is the reality of where our country is, the ugly festering truth beneath the toxic waste spill of a rainbow nation. Now you idiots want to go silence them. That’s precisely what will promote violence. There’s so much hatred of Afrikaners amongst white liberals that they have somehow allowed themselves to descend into the same bigotry they say they detest. Get a life, let the old school Afrikaners shout themselves hoarse online on the wall of a musical non-entity and go stick n chop on the braai. If you don’t like it don’t read it.

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  37. Jason says:

    Like I said, give us a follow up piece – written by a liberal black writer – about what is said on the ANCYL and Malema fan pages, amongst others. Or is that different to the Steve page?

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  38. Pyschboss says:

    Liberal black writers are already way ahead of the pack of white boutique liberals who’re too busy chomping their Woolies snack packs, bantering with their 400+ fellow liberal white backslapper friends on Facebook and bemoaning the lot of the poor that they haven’t realised they’re also becoming irrelevant anachronisms.

    Here are black writers on Botes:

    Problem is the truth is the truth, and sometimes the truth isn’t hip and cool. And that just doesn’t gel so well with the grandstand PC ego wanking of white liberalism.

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  39. Pyschboss says:

    Liberal black writers are already way ahead of the pack of white boutique liberals who’re too busy chomping their Woolies snack packs, bantering with their 400+ fellow liberal white backslapper friends on Facebook and bemoaning the lot of the poor that they haven’t realised they’re also becoming irrelevant anachronisms.

    Here are black writers on Botes:

    Problem is the truth is the truth, and sometimes the truth isn’t hip and cool. And that just doesn’t gel so well with the grandstand PC ego wanking of white liberalism.

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  40. Shame Luvie says:

    @ psychoboss; you do make sense but journalists report… That’s what this piece was. I’d have never known bout the wall. The beauty of our constitution is that all freedoms can be challenged.

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  41. Observer says:

    I think I had a kind of epiphany in the way that I think about this. I had a dream where I time traveled through a taxi in Cape Town and then spent the whole day walking around white areas and the city in apartheid South Africa. Because i was born in the late 80’s, it was my first and only visceral experience of what it must have felt like to live on the right side of apartheid. Everything looked wonderful.

    I’m not sure I can explain it. But I realized that during apartheid the principal thing was that whites and blacks had a completely different experience of South Africa. The former lived in what could have been regarded as a first world country, while the latter lived in squalor and near-slavery. I know this is, of course, obvious, but take a moment to consider, too, that this is all they knew. The spaces were kept apart. The white population might have heard and even sympathized (a minority did), but they did not experience it; they experienced South Africa as a first world country, a Disneyland of almost American proportions. So we’re talking about an entire generation of people here who grew up under a ‘fake’ society–who knew this as home, whose psychology, culture and traditions are informed by by something unreal. And although blacks, because of the demand for their labour, could move through different spaces, they never experienced them; they never experienced the peace nor the power of citizenship in that society. South Africa has always been a dangerous place; a place of struggle. I think the Afrikaaners should maybe take race out of it and come to terms with the fact that the NP fractured this country by ‘founding’ it on violence; and it only begets more violence. It’s less about thinking they’re under attack and more about them realizing that they have never lived in the real South Africa before, and this country isn’t what they thought it was–it never was. I think this is the harder truth that many of them are reluctant to face, because it erases their history and identity, makes who they’ve been brought up to be ephemeral. So it’s easier to victimize themselves and point at an ominous black specter overshadowing their community–a systematic ’caused’ genocide. Much harder to accept not having a culture or history to talk about, when you look at what that culture was based upon.

    They don’t want to lose that.

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  42. Tomas says:

    Claiming that the NP was all about violence is very silly.

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  43. Observer says:

    Did I say that?

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  44. Kurt says:

    Anoniem… Mooi gese. Ek stem… I’ve never liked Steve Hofmeyer, and used to be irritated by him. Then I realised that he and his ilk will not last. They will slip through the fingers of history and be forgotten while the rest of us free, loving folk will thrive and be remembered for building something beautiful out of the ruins of a hateful past.

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  45. Max says:

    Edmonds – there should be. mobilize.

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  46. Hitman says:

    All I have to say is the following :” Either Pres Zuma comes to the party and stop this killing of whites and farmers and bring back the death penalty…..OR…..we gonna do it ourselfs and then my friends it will be to late for tears !!!!!!!!! Taxi’s take how many people ?? How many stay in a “makuku” ?? Makes u think……but as long as the killing of whites go on….eish !!!!!!!!!

    Leave the hate speech and do something very very fast mr Zuma. And shut your “piglet Malema’s” mouth or I will.

    They don’t call me Hitman for nothing bro.

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  47. Shame Luvie says:

    @ hitman : hit or miss? U should know by now that if you hit one of them they multiply :-)… I’d rather do my breathing exercises & start dealing if I were you.

    Zuma ain’t done shit for me & I doubt he’ll answer your calls. Free your heart “my bru”. hate is a heavy kak-bucket to carry

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  48. bahumbuggah says:

    Steve Hofmeyr, musical treasure as he may be, is not equipped for public discourse. The strain of his creative labours appears to exact a heavy toll on the faculty of judgement.

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  49. chris roper says:

    Finnegans Wake, not Finnegan’s Wake. Possibly not important, but since it’s a great book and all….

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  50. Nicky says:

    There is black racism and white racism. Unfortunately, too many of these Mahala ‘liberals’ have fallen into the trap of finding that white racism is awful, black racism is cool. So Steve articulates his rage. So what? He’s got plenty to be angry about. He’s our equivalent of Julius Malema, only a lot more articulate. He is speaking for a disenfranchised and frustrated minority. Interestingly, it appears that only Afrikaners have the honesty to be publicly racist – all the English-speakers I know are extremely racist in private, but hand-wringingly PC in public. And even more interestingly, Afrikaners are a minority of a minority, yet everyone seems to take notice of what they say. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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  51. kian says:

    Steve jy is so last season. Een van die pynlikste dinge om van jou te aanskou is jou desperate pogings om relevant te probeer bly en wees in ‘n post apartheid Suid Afrika. Skat jy misluk liederlik. Jy was ‘n hit in apartheid and it shows. Ons het jou saam met apartheid geerf. Ek is net so suspisieus oor jou as oor die NG Kerk ook afkomstig uit daardie periode. Gaan tree af in Orania en los ons ander uit wat Afrikaans is en werklik verlig is oor die val van jou en jou uitgediende ideologie. Gaan vir berading. Dalk kan dit help om selfinsig te ontwikkel. Jou oorweldigende behoefte om van jouself ‘n gat in die publiek te maak is baie sadomasochisties. Low profile honey. Try it for a change. Indien nie vir jouself nie, doen dit vir ons ander. Dis werklik pynlik om dit te aanskou.

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  52. Lu says:

    Steve, you shouldn’t be allowed to “recount” if you can’t discern – it is the criminal element, not the black person – quite simple really. Job well done, Brandon.

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  53. Odidiva says:

    The reason for a negotiated settlement in South Africa was to stop an all out Civil War.
    The Majority of South Africa did not get the victory the so dearly fought for and still feel cheated by the white minority and the government.
    If stupid White Supremecists decide to light this tinderbox they will do so at all our peril.
    Everything we have and have built in South Africa will burn to the ground like Somalia for the anger and resentment felt by the majority far exceeds that of an Apartheid pampered minority still living in that luxury with all their rights and ill gotten gains, while the majority suffers in squalor.
    Let intelligent and cool heads remain. We live in a country built on negotiation and a very careful balancing act.
    Steve Hofmeyer and his supporters do not want to turn this country into Somalia and we must never let them. I beg you!

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  54. Jirrith says:

    Oh, get your DNA done, everybody, and stop bleating about race. It is as silly as bleating about being 16 or 65.

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  55. R says:

    ‘Andy says:
    December 21, 2010 at 1:35 pm
    ‘… to show people that 16 years after apartheid… a huge groundswell of white racists…’

    Yes Andy, 16 years after Apartheid and what do we have? Black racists. Discrimination. What else is BEE? Employing people based on their skin colour and not skills. Having billboards and special listings for 100% Black owned companies is discrimination. Can you blame white people for being despondent? A hundred years from now, generations onwards black people will still complain about apartheid…

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  56. molla says:

    Watter fokken gay laat homself afneem in die bad… wie het die foto geneem?

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  57. Mike says:

    Resist the temptaion to react personally and understand that racism of all sorts is a a measure of the frustration being felt by people generally, the more frustrated the more racist.
    The emotive response to a 3 year old child being shot in the head is quite understandable and the fact that this emotion is chanelled into racist invective and utterances is also understandable given the lack of any alternative means of expressing the anger and frustration felt by people who to a growing extent feel marginalised and threatened.
    The problem is not the people that express their frustration in a racist manner but rather the authorities who have it within their power to reduce and even change the the issues which cause this frustration and marginalisation.
    Crime and ugly violent crime that without a doubt has been brought to bear for the most part on the farming community because they are seen to be easy targets, the fact that they are generally white and of afrikaaner background is a convieninent excuse for the excesses that are brought to bear on them.
    This government owes the citizens, current and future, a debt that it will never be able to repay, because whilst it plays at trying to govern and all the time enriching themselves personally, they are adding to the frustration of their electorate who are now uncompromising in their demand for entitlement.
    Having been promised it, and it’s evidentto all that many are getting plenty of it, where is my share rightfully they ask? And they have not been given anything like a share of anything, so because they have been led to believe that they are entitled they will take it any way that they can get it even if it means shooting a three year old child in the head.
    I’m afraid that untill we have a leader that has the courage to move on those things that a government must do whilst at the same time re-educating the populace that life is not about entitlement and that there is no free lunch, that you have got to work to make things happen for yourself there is going to be a a continuation and increase in the levels of racist rhetoric from all sides untill eventually it spills over into a war between black and white where even the moderates will join in an effort to protect their own.
    This racist invective is getting worse all the time and leaders like Steve Hofmeyer and Julius Malema owe it to the country to calm things down. But where is the President in all of this? Either getting married to No: 06 or looking for No:7? What an example he is for this nation…..WOW!

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  58. Andy says:

    Molla, hy’s innie bad met sy iPad…

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  59. Kotie says:

    Sincere thanks to Mike (8 January, 08h48) for being responsible for some of the first sober words in almost 3 weeks.

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  60. anothergayboy says:

    This is a well written article…pity (or better) that i too cannot understand the jokes. It is encouraging to read that hoffie does not have much support….certainly not here. I recently taught at a school that was 98% black…one of the topics i have to teach is ‘evolution’. The learners became EXTREMELY suspicious of me, thinking that I was going to compare them to monkeys. In fact i found it IMPOSSIBLE to discuss the topic openly and without a subtext of ‘innuendo’ creeping in, such was the sensitivity of these learners to being called stupid names. They say that sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me. Sadly WORDS CAUSE UNTOLD HARM in our ‘modern world’ to such an extent that I it became IMPOSSIBLE for me to teach them. Looking back I thought it was because of the way the Malema was shooting his mouth off. NOW I see that HOFFIE MUST ALSO TAKE A HUGE portion of that blame.
    As much as the farm murders are SICKENING, as much as VIOLENCE is out of CONTROL, I do not think that HOFFIES stance does much to STOP THE VIOLENCE. If anything it becomes self perpetuating. He needs to be protectedf from himself.

    I shall lodge a complaint against his site forthwith.

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  61. Who cares. says:

    What the fuck is the problem. God you people go on as if he actually kills black people. You have extremists in all racial groups, religions everywhere. The internet allows them to come together, to unite as you say us white people unite. White people are a minority and the masses do cause fear, leave him be black people have malema to sing struggle songs twenty years too late and we have steve, i would prefer that he doesn’t sing. This article is hate speech fuck. Why make a target of someone who feels threatened, why cause shit, these people posting on his wall vent out all their frustrations, they get it out there because you can’t say anything outside from cyberspace. you caught up and seen as the bad guy. I don’t like half of S.A.’s people, even more, i dislike people from all races. The problem comes when you tell another white guy that is where it stays; but if you tell a black man, it’s fucking racism.
    This country is going to go down in flames and no offense to any race now, but have a look at the state of the rest of Africa, it’s inevitable under a black regime dictatorship it’s in their blood it’s their tradition and even their social standings. And no that’s not just rantings it’s how you do charity work in a community. You have to ask permission to have aids test clinics be set up not only from the legal side but also from the community’s leaders and it doesn’t matter what the people want or even need.
    Another thing is that we will never be able to integrate, we are completely different in our ideologies. We don’t like each other we’ve been clashing for years and we won’t ever be able to settle this. And blood river was a nasty episode, but what white people are you listening to? nobody I know has brought up blood river since we learnt of it in fucking st. 4.

    Who wants to hear a racist joke?

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  62. muerte says:

    Always good to hear from Verwoerd’s nephew – ‘have a look at the state of the rest of Africa’ sets history aside (structural adjustment programs, colonialism, slavery) while ‘it’s in their blood’ is less an argument than a self-satisfying projection. Why bother trying to sound reasonable? Just say it out loud: I hate black people.

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  63. WHAT?? says:

    Muerte, if ever I heard an assumption, this is it!
    Are you incapable of debating a point?

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  64. Urk says:

    @who cares: dude, i strongly recommend max du preez’s recent work. the documented history (and well written) proves you very wrong, bud. there are many examples from the first interactions that show that khoi, xhosa and zulu people accepted shipwrecked survivors and had them integrate into their society, in some instances by choice. sure, there has always been conlfict and bad blood, mostly over disrespectful scrapping for resources like water, meat and arrable land.
    if you prefer to stick to that which you were tought in history at school, then preferrably also stick to steve hofmeyr concerts and bloedrivier herdenkings. it’s complex, but also so fucking simple: a little bit of compassion, careful choice of words and constructive direct social action will get us a fuckload further than knee-jerk public verbal diarrhoea

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  65. Tom Wood says:

    Jesus, I feel dirty. I felt mildly aroused by the picture of Steve looking at his iPad in the bath. That was before I decided that he should plug it in and drop it into the vokken bath.

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  66. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Valdemar, Siya Ngcobo. Siya Ngcobo said: Steve Hofmeyer's racist facebook page spread it!! http://www.mahala.co.za/culture/steves-wall/?wpmp_tp=2 […]

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  67. Shan555 says:

    To “Who Cares” – brilliantly said – you are right – we will never ever integrate and yet it gets forced down our throats via TV, Ads, Radio etc. Well said on everything else!!! We can’t stand each other anyway so who are they trying to fool???

    To: “Tom Wood” your comments are as vulgar as your thoughts – get a life!!!!

    To: Mike – well said!!

    To: Maalic Mitchel (take it you are coloured – heyyyy) not doing your “coloured nation” any justice boet…….. you guys are worce off then the blacks, whites and indians all put together. TIme you take a good look at reality (than is now after you have washed your filthy – probably toothless mouth) and see how you can contribute in a positive manner instead of blurping your senseless swearing directed at Steve Hoffmeyr that IS actually doing something about the sad state of our pathetic nation (including idiots like yourself)

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  68. Shan555 says:

    How sad that most South Africans are actually missing the entire point here. We can use our fancy terms and articulated comments, we can slander and insult each other as much as we want but the facts are:
    – Our problem is not exactly with “colour” as with every nation there are the good and the bad and then the “idiots”.
    However, fact is fact:
    1. our country is run by self-indulging, materialistic self centered, living-the-high-live individuals that actually don’t even truly care about their own people
    2.They think that they are above the law and it is okay to sing racist songs, instigating people to go to war (what happened to so-called democracy), It is okay to speed en then insult and charge the traffic officers when they pull you over, it is okay to drive like maniacs in ” a secure convoy” transporting the so-called-always-in-a-hurry-late-for-a-meeting-mpa’s and abuse every other motorist that happens to be in their way
    3. Saudi Arabia built an entire high tech, scky scraping city within a period of 10 years – the ANC can’t built small homes for their people in 17 (because they are too busy blaming apartheid)
    4. Our children are being raped, sodomised and abused at School and Tertiary levels – teachers are smoking pot with the kids – disrespect is at the order of the day
    5. Our Services are almost none existant – our water is not up to standard and our sewerage systems are in tatters
    6. Our Railway System has almost come to a standstill where this could offfer much needed transport and minimize hazardous travelling by taxis, eliminate heavy trucks that are not only causing lethal accidents and damaging our roads.
    7. We are paying fuel taxes and levies that are suppose to cover our road repairs, yet we are now being forced to pay ridiculous Toll Fees which the majority thereof will leave this country as someFAT CATS have found a way to make money – How many fingers are in this PIE???
    8. We are billed hundreds of thousands of rands for the consumption of electricity and water and are then told that we have to first pay it before it gets sorted!!!!
    9. People are employed based on who-they-know-and-the connections-they have rather then selected based on qualifications and skill – most of our call centre “consultants” and employees employed at senior level don’t even know how to communicate, deal with a query or have the basic decency to follow up.
    10. IR Laws are so stringent that Employers that use to provide major employment have now scaled down to the bare minimum simply because of these very same reasons

    The Afrikaner is unfortunatly staring themselves blind against racism and anyone one that dares to voice an opinion aginst the current severely retarded sysem is branded a Racist.

    Trust me if we were anything like the blacks – then we would not be in this position.
    How many of you get out of your comfort zones to fight against what you think is wrong??
    a. Have you bothered to sign the Tollgate Petition – have you added your voice
    b. Do you leave your cozy home to go and vote – or are you one of those that say – we don’t stand a chance , no point voting – forgetting that every single seat in parliament gives us more power. Go and look at the statistics – if every single white person voted, the entire game would change because the ANC only won with 12 Mil votes (we are 45 mil in this country)
    c. Do you teach your kids not to chuck things out the car windows – not to litter

    The majority of you don’t, because you are too busy “arse kreeping” or attacking the ones that do fight against this. The Afrikaner race and every other white person should catch a very serious wake up and see SA through UNTINTED-ROSE-COLOUR-GLASSES as we face a very serious problem when Malema becomes president and the chance are he will!!!
    You will lose your cushy jobs and homes. You have already lost decent public health and education. We are paying the highes prices to have private schooling and private health care and are actually surely but slowly being impoverished without noticing!!!!

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  69. PK says:

    Ja Shan555, so when Malema is in power all the whites will lose their houses and jobs’, oh yes you said ‘cushy job’, are you now siener van rensburg or something. We have been hearing that old story for 25 years. The only cushy jobs are for the gov / big corporate /family jobs, you know the ones where your skin colour / connection get you the job. Nowadays its reserverved for the connected blacks…….

    For any normal hardworking white person a job is not dependant on black people. Black people are in such a racist rut that they mis the boat most of the time, blaming white people for everything that goes wrong in their lives , the same as you are blaming black people. Now there is a lot of opertunities dont you think.

    No I dont need to be assosiated with your white afrikaners. I am afrikaans and I actually like it when you guys mis the boat, that means I can make more money while you are blaming the blacks, and the blacks are blaming the whites and the whites are blaming the blacks etc etc.

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  70. Zii says:

    Steve needs more education.
    It is so ignorant of him to think that some racial group is superior. There should be a law that says u either contribute +ly in the new SA or u leave the country. It’s so not right to watch people sayin irresponsible things. So does Julius Malema
    And by the way what r they hoping to achieve from all of this. They should refrain from using Tata Mandela’s name, they don’t know what he stands for. Jeez, we are trying to raise kids but how do we do that if there are people who keep on uttering nonsense with their mouths. I agree with you PK.

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  71. witwollie says:

    somebody must standup for white people and start a new party steve is a good start and can be a sharp leader.who do you vote for DA is running after blacks and coulardes so
    who do you vote?let the whites stand with steve and start a future for the white race so
    that our children can get jobs again and white people work so that coraption can stop and drugs. somehow we whites must get togeter start a new generation of a pure good GOD loving party;Go afrikaners stand up and unite behind STEVE

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  72. wtf says:


    Not all whites can’t get jobs.
    Not all blacks commit corruption and deal in drugs.
    And not all GOD lovers are pure.

    I can only hope that your children are born less ignorant than you.

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  73. Anonymous says:


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  74. Anonymous says:

    Fuck them ( the fucken kaffers)

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  75. Anonymous says:

    I kinda agree with some of the topics mentioned in this article about Steve and his followers.
    I am proud to be a Caucasian person and if you do not like it then that be you problem.
    Just as you who are out there should be proud of who you are.
    The time is now to stand up against violence between all races.
    We cannot live in a world divided by colour any longer, neither can we have all the great things in life to be enjoyed by only one kind of people.
    I do not agree with people who want to murder innocent people just for giggles or for the satisfaction of proving a point.
    People must wake up and smell the pussy, make peace and not war.
    Kaffers, boere, hotnots, koelies, white trash, black trash, koffie kinders, top decks, caramello bears and ching chongs we all need to stand together and fight for whats right.
    I love all people and I love my country.

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