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Space Balls

Space Balls

by Nathan Zeno / 28.11.2009

Marketing is a thankless job. Often you have to take a product that is so similar to the product launched by the same company a month or two before and try to create some kind of quantifiable excitement. To this end the geniuses over at Sony Ericson marketing dept have come up with this brilliant ploy.

“Sony Ericsson is inviting consumers to pump up Space Hoppers via Twitter, creating a unique interaction between the online community and the offline, physical world. This is the first time such a concept has been realized on a large scale with hundreds of Space Hoppers being physically inflated via Twitter. Whilst the Space Hoppers are being pumped up, consumers can submit ideas, sharing what they would like to do with them if given the opportunity. The winning idea will then be brought to life!”

Witness the above picture. This is the warehouse in which the hoppers, the “hundreds” of hoppers are being inflated. Problem is, we know nothing about the phones they’re trying to market because the campaign is about rubber balls slowly inflating and people coming up with lame ass idea’s of what to do with them with the hope of winning the opportunity to make said lameness come true. A random sampling of the tweets reveals the level of seriousness with which the campaign is being taken. “Send them into space”, “Ride them off a waterfall” or “Play football on them”, either these are very bored people or they were written by very bored people in marketing.

What exactly is this meant to inspire? Well it’s simple, tweets are quantifiable, so much more so than quantifying the correlation between any other form of advertising and engagement. This is really just a lazy marketing company who, in order to prove that people are getting the message (buy this phone, which phone, I dunno) has hired a small room, bought some hoppers and created a hash tag, well here’s one for them, #pfffft

To be fair they also had a hundred or so hoppers in a square in Spain somewhere with a whole lot of perhaps hired people bouncing around as some sort of staged invasion, somehow hoping that this will inspire hopper flash mobs, I’m sure.

Side Note: Monkey Dust has an excellent recurring segment where a serial killer is inspired to murder by his talking space hopper. Maybe that should be a tweeted suggestion, ”I would like to take a hundred hoppers and release them into the marketing dept at Sony Ericsson so that they can inspire the idiots who work there to kill each other.”

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  1. Miss Sarah Dee says:

    So many Mr Hoppies!
    Hope they’re all off the junk now.

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