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So What?!

So What?!

by Morrel Shilenge / 20.12.2012

While the nation focused its attention on the ANC leadership bunfight at Mangaung, Kenneth Kunene brought his swag-train to Polokwane. Featuring Culoe de Song, Black Coffee, Thebe and other local artists the gig went down in Mokopane/Mehwelereng Township and mayhem ensued. Kunene, the self-appointed king of skhothane, excited the crowd with his antics, profanity and shenanigans. The message King Kenny Kunene was sending out was that it is okay to be wild and promiscous, so long as you’re rich. He came with 3 girls and while on stage deejaying, called another 4 girls up, then poured Moet on them while he kissed and licked them. He went around greeting most of the girls in the crowd with a kiss and a grope. The fence acted as a barricade, for security and to separate the R250 VIPs from the R100 plebs. The event pulled close to 4000 people. No ID was required. So what?!

*All images © Morrel Shilenge.

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  1. cnut says:

    Kenny the Knut!

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  2. Sista says:

    You just about summed it up Morrel, this “so what” attitude will be the death of what was hard fought for.These days things are just done without thinking of the repercussions.And no body has the guts to stand up and say this is wrong.

    Our society has become so selfish that we don’t even think of what we leave behind for our children and their children. We laud these people yet shun those who are genuine and hardworking, showing our youngsters that the only way to get ahead is to flaunt your wealth.

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  3. dudette says:

    this guy is absolutely nuts. brilliant contrast from the going-ons in the free state

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