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Slacker To-Do List | Monday 05 December

by Brendan Jack / 05.12.2011

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  1. boring! says:

    this is more like the to-do list of a semi-funny ad-game sellout whose real to-do list involves “pow-wows about content” but is trying really hard to still be down with the rebels. Yawny Yawn.

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  2. feed the trolls says:

    venom on monday – boring!

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  3. Lizzy says:

    this reminds me of the hairpin a little. and that’s not a bad thing 🙂

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  4. perspective says:

    Just because someone gave this guy some money to make shitty movies doesn’t mean that he’s actually funny, or even vaguely amusing. Enough already!

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  5. boring! says:

    yes please, ENOUGH!

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  6. cnut says:

    what movie did Brendan Jack make?

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  7. Turks says:

    Mahala’s disaffected hipsters storm the comment board on the least important story of the day. Give yourselves a hand (job).

    Brendan, if it’s any consolation, I thought this was pretty funny. Maybe this cut a little too close to the bone for the commentators above. Don’t forget to “make it happen today” kids!

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  8. Mary Sibande says:

    Hey Brendan this was pretty good, you cracked a smile and soft chuckle. Not bad for a monday morning.

    And I just want you to know, I forgive you for CRazy Monkey and Footskating. We’ll scratch those off to the learning curve,ne?!

    Oh and cnut, does that answer your question?

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  9. cnut says:

    I thought Crazy Monkey was pretty good. Better than this crap. More proof that readers of Mahala have no taste

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  10. perspective says:

    Slacker culture dates back a good couple of decades. Anything worthwhile or amusing that could have been said of it was exhausted ages ago.

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  11. Andy says:

    slackerism is the dominant youth culture.. so when did this cease to be relevant?

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  12. boring! says:

    god davis, its like you dont know anything.

    slackerism/slacker culture

    dazed and confused
    pauly shore
    beavis and butthead
    pauly shore

    youth culture today is all about DOING SHIT (via documentation)… and getting a cool sneaker sponsorship while you’re at it. slacker culture seemed kinda like an authentic response to what was going on at the time. Sort of anti-establishment and rebellious. I guess that was when youth culture still existed as a sub-culture (it was an adults world back then). Now youth culture is pop culture (via global demographic with most buying/selling cred). get the kids on your side, and youll be writing unfunny to-do lists all the way to the bank.

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  13. Andy says:

    Jesus boring! Does this mean we’re post-apathy?

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  14. Jesus Christ! says:

    What is Andy’s fixation with slapping “post” in front of everything? Post-race, post-apathy…

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  15. dudie says:

    just go over the comments here and see how pathetic you all are. what have you all got against brendan jack? the guy is a good comedian, cut him some slack.

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  16. perspective says:

    “slackerism is the dominant youth culture”…

    Every dog in my neighbourhood howled with laughter when I read that aloud.

    Correction Davis, it WAS a dominant youth culture when you were still a kid. While you were out networking with fortysomethings and busy recruiting equally jaded over-35’s to write for this site the kids have moved on. This will also explain why Brendon Jack’s films have been such utter failures and a source of embarrassment for any half-serious South African movie lover.

    Should we have expected anything different from someone who thinks that “Don’t Worry Be Happy” was a pivotal moment in pop music?

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  17. Andy says:

    oh perspective… sorry to have derailed you into this little sideshow of jaded nostalgia for over 35s… I guess you’re looking for the Deadmau5 review and pics over at DiaryofWard or the news of Justin Bieber experimenting with Dubstep over there on DontParty, or maybe you just want to cruise the galleries at WAA and The Ass? Enjoy!

    My only point is that, apathy abounds. Didn’t mean to get into a pissing contest about “slacker culture” as a social meme for the late 90s or some shit like that.

    And as for not digging “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, who you calling cynical?

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  18. Keitu says:

    don’t feed the trolls Davis. Either you like Jack, or you don’t. As a comedian he’s much better than his movies. And his new book is genuinely funny. Surprised you guys haven’t done a review…

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  19. cnut says:

    I see there is an imposter in the midst!

    There can be only one CNUT!

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  20. Kyptonite says:

    I see perspective took special umbrage to the list. Must resonate like banging a gong! Don’t sweat it big guy. One day you’ll make it happen (11am).

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  21. Slackerly Scott says:

    I found Straight Outta Benoni funny. But maybe that’s because I went to school next to Benoni and get the characters in the flick, which aren’t that far from real life. Straight Outta Benoni had the same deadpan humour as the all time Aussie classic The Castle. But hey, I’m on the wrong side of 30, so what the fuck do I know – to me current youth culture seems to be about getting gonorrhea by the age of 12, divorcing your parents and wiping out the Middle East on Call of Duty – all via mxit..

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  22. Brendan Jack says:

    Hey Andy, I think it’s going really well so far – a delight. What do you think?

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  23. Andy says:

    Loving it! Fuck these post-post-hipsters

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  24. Brendan Jack says:

    Please send them my warmest regards – even the ones giving themselves cancer from troll rage.

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  25. wax says:

    Wow – there is so much resentment in some of these comments.
    Enjoy your poison!

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  26. perspective says:

    Resentment surfaces when mind-numbing mediocrity takes up space that could be dedicated to something more worthwhile.

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  27. Andy says:

    or when your mind-numbing corporate job gets quiet?

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  28. Gallo says:

    Perspective – what a sad, bitter cunt.
    Have a wank and get a job, you’ll feel better.

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  29. Doella Ma Lekker says:

    i love mahala for things like this. its just, so, real. loving it. people like ‘perspective’ makes me laugh my ass off. how can you be so bitter? andy you should let him write a piece for mahala, it looks like he has a lot to say.

    one love to all ma niggas.

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  30. anton says:

    i thought this was pretty funny…man i have to keep reminding myself not to read these comments…so many miserable people out there…

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