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Send this man to Ibiza!

by Mahala High Five Brigade / 22.11.2012

Everyone loves a litte bribe. That’s how you get the shit you want done! And the sad truth about this media game is that brands would rather have us write about them and their campaigns than pay us to advertise the same stuff. Worse yet, a lot of bloggers (online magazines like Mahala included) do this for free instead of charging the long dollar we deserve to promote these campaigns as culture. So when the customised package arrived, luring us in with the promise of sending one of our writers and one of our fans on a four day all expenses paid trip to Ibiza, what did you think we would do?

Yip, we jumped on board and swallowed that bait, hook, line and sinker. Burp. So what if you can’t connect the dots between chocolate milk and a 4 day all expenses paid (airline ticket, hotel, spending money) trip to Ibiza? Not everything has to, like, make sense man!

In our customised little goodie bag, we received: one nasty t-shirt, a pack of glowsticks, a pair of white Havaiana plakkies, a whistle, some earplugs, a big bottle of Super M chocolate milk and a sick little pair of Dave de Witt’s Sk8 Shades (made in Durban, by hand, from recycled skateboard decks) which came crushed by the courier company. We always weep when the swag arrives broken 🙁

All Super M want is a “top notch blogger to cover a four night party in Ibiza. Better yet, we get to send our biggest fan along for the ride. It could be you! Who are we to stand in their way? But this begs the question, who should we send? Maximus Davis is always first in line for such free lunches, but he’s old and bald and doesn’t even like house music anyway. Nah, a trip like this belongs to a truly original and uncompromising voice. Mahala’s most wanted. A man with a deep love for electronic music, a DJ and producer with a special gift for saying the nastiest shit, damn the consequences. Here of course we’re talking about none other than Montle Giovanni Moorosi. Just imagine what he’d do with a 4 day trip to Ibiza…

So do the right thing. Click this link and tell the world why you think Montle is the man for the job. Then help us choose the biggest Mahala fan to join him on this 4 day jaunt to the balearic island of Ibiza.

And if you’re not sure Montle is the right man for the job, allow us to convince you. Just take a look at what he did to AfrikaBurn, STR CRD, Pop Bottles and that time he got caught by the cops and forced to eat his weed.

Do the right thing!

Push the button!

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